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Drum Corps Planet Community Guidelines

(Updated: December 2009)

We welcome your participation in the Drum Corps Planet (DCP) online community, which includes Drum Corps Planet, Marching Band Planet (MBP), and Color Guard Planet (CGP). We try to provide the highest quality community experience for all of our members and following these guidelines is the best way to maintain an appropriate environment for all age groups.

These guidelines apply to all DCP communications, including forum posts, Private Messages and all e-mail sent via DCP directories. These guidelines are very basic and we hope that you read them fully. We reserve the right to update, modify or edit these guidelines at any time and without notice.

We reserve the right to warn, suspend or ban any member - or to edit or remove any post - that violates these guidelines.

Posting Guidelines: Members shall not post --

--personal attacks on other Community members or non-members

--harrassing or threatening posts

--flaming or trolling posts

--profanity, or circumvent the word filters in place

--references or links to to illegal activity

--graphic or suggestive sexual material

--any reference to material considered political or religious in nature

--copyrighted material, links or search instructions to copyrighted material (specifically, music and video)

--emails, private messages, instant messages and anything not written by the person doing the actual posting

--off-topic posts in a thread. (if you want to talk about something else, start a new thread.)

--issues directed at a single member (use our built-in Private Messenger feature for that)

--under multiple screen names (this will get all of your names banned without notice)

--threads or posts dealing with forum rules. (See the e-mail link below to do that.)

--commercial advertisements

--links to competitor websites

Finally, as a reminder - access to this site and your use of it is subject to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, which may be found via the links at the bottom of each forum page.

If you have any questions or feedback about the forums, email: support@drumcorpsplanet.com or PM any member of the Forum Support Team.

Support issues should be reported by opening a thread in the Member Service Center Forum. Be sure to check there FIRST to see if a previous thread has the answer to your question.

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