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  1. Introducing Marching Bands United Kingdom an independent platform helping to promote the banding activity nationally and locally. Connecting thousands of musicians between hundreds of Marching and Brass Bands from across the musical spectrum. Helping to promote community events from other organisations across the activity. Bands are an important part of our cultural heritage and they come in […]

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  2. The performers of the Jersey Surf World Class Drum Corps (www.jerseysurf.org) are holding an athletic shoe drive fundraiser from February 1 through June 15, 2023 to raise money to offset costs of participation in the 2023 Drum Corps International Summer Tour. Jersey Surf members will earn funds based on the total quantity of gently worn, […]

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  3. For 2023, as part of the conditions of membership for both DCUK (& our sister organisation Winter Guard United Kingdom), Member Organisations are now required to attend introductory online sessions on two very important subjects. The first being about Safeguarding and the second about Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. Over the past few weeks four Zoom […]

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  4. The Boston Crusaders are proud to announce a new partnership with 825 powered by B.A.C. Musical Instruments! This summer, the BACBrass will play exclusively on Eight To Five’s breakout line of brass instruments featuring the superior craftsmanship and durability expected from our friends at B.A.C. Music. Read the full announcement on Eight To Five’s website: […]

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