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  1. Vanguard Music And Performing Arts proudly announces a groundbreaking collaboration with Apolla Performance Wear, marking a significant stride in elevating the performance experience for our esteemed corps members and staff. Established in 2014, Apolla Performance Wear has garnered acclaim for its pioneering compression socks, celebrated for their unparalleled support and comfort. As a female-owned start-up, […]

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  2. Vanguard Music And Performing Arts is thrilled to announce a new sponsorship with Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs, ensuring our members can perform at their best while protecting their hearing health. The intensity and power of drum corps performances are central to our art form, but the high decibel levels of our music can pose a risk […]

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  3. Did you know that securing your seats to selected DCI events through Troopers’ ticket block sales supports America’s Corps? The Troopers have ticket blocks for San Antonio, both nights in Allentown and all three days at DCI World Championships in Indianapolis. When you purchase tickets in the Troopers block, you can…. –Receive access to seating […]

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