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  1. 2005 Cadets member jacket and 2005 Cadets world championship ring are posted FS on eBay. Apparently the jackets aren’t even offered anymore because the original maroon material to make them isn’t available.
  2. Who did the brass and percussion arrangements for the Cadets iconic 1984 "West Side Story" show? 35th Anniversary of that show - time flies.
  3. The son just informed me that the Blue Devils has released several sample libraries of their horn line and percussion for the Kontakt sample player. He says it sounds awesome. It looks like Skywalker Sound was involved (must be nice to live close by). Sample Libraries : System Blue
  4. This group features some legendary DCA star performers. Thousands of fans and fellow competitors have seen and/or heard them at shows or on recordings, and many of these individuals went on to teach countless other buglers.
  5. We have a large number of used G Bugles available. Most are in great condition but they are used and could use some polishing. Once again they are all G Bugles... Baritone: 5 - Dynasty 3 valve, silver plate, w/ case, excellent condition $480/each 3 - Kanstul 3 valve silver plate w/ case excellent condition $510/each Melophone: 2 - Dynasty 3 valve, silver plate, w/ case, excellent condition $400/each 1 - Dynasty 2 valve, chrome finish, w/ case, fair condition $230/each Soprano: 1 - Dynasty 3 valve, silver plate, w/ case, *crease in bell* $275/each 4 - Dynasty 3 valve, silver pl
  6. Recent corps announcements introduced Drum Majors for the 2020 season. Many are pursuing music educations which sparked my curiosity about what a drum corps experience would equate to in a career for women. Like many, my experience in drum corps was mostly male with a few female players, but as drum corps has evolved, it seems like there has been an increase in female players. I've recently discovered Rachel Portman who is a cinematic composer and the following clips of some very talented female trumpet players on youtube. I would love to hear comments especially from the
  7. Drum Corps - An Activity To Career In related posts; KeithHall has posted numerous topics in Historical Junior Corps Discussions including How Did You Start in Drum Corps? By KeithHall, February 12 in Historical Junior Corps Discussions Skeletor '96 posted: Why I joined the Cavaliers in the 1990s By Skeletor '96, February 20 in DCI World Class Corps Discussions rpbo
  8. Genesis DBC is selling our remaining 2018/2019 brass and are down to just a few items remaining. All brass is in good to excellent condition. $2200 ea. - Qty = 12 - Tubas - Kanstul 200/3 -5/4 Marching Tuba - $700 ea. - Qty = 4 - Baritones - Kanstul 290S Marching Baritone - $825 ea. - Qty = 7 - Euphoniums - Kanstul 295S Marchin Euphoniu
  9. Hey there DCP friends! I have one of the Commandant's Own contra bugles (2v with the 1/2 step rotor) and I am looking to trade it for a Bb marching tuba. Preference for silver Yamaha/King/Kanstul/Dynasty/System Blue. I don't need a beauty queen but a solid playable horn will be great! Contra is in great playing shape, all valve and slides move perfectly, recently had it cleaned out. Shows some signs of wear and minor dents as should be expected with a well loved contra but it is a great playing horn still. Kanstul did a great job designing these to retain a fantastic tuba sound s
  10. As we know the 5 caption trophies are averages of THUR, FRI, SAT. If there is a tie, the Finals number breaks it. GE: Bloo has a .45 lead, so if BD is announced the Angelica winner, it’s #19 in ‘19. Nobody else is close. Visual: the Brazale is just the 20 pt proficiency caption. I don’t know why they don’t add in analysis, but it is what it is. BD holds a .15 lead over Bloo. It’s conceivable that Bloo can pick that up but not too likely. Guard: BD has a .05 edge over BAC, so whoever gets the top score tonight wins the Zingali. Brass: wow, Crown only has a .15 lead over (edi
  11. My perspective is different than most on this board. I'm a trained musician, but not a professional. I have been a DCI fan since I marched in high school, but I no longer have a dog in this fight. I am writing because I want the corps that I've loved since 1987 to survive and thrive. I have no inside information. I can only applaud the strength of the community to keep the corps alive and thriving through the last five years of narcissism, neglect and predation from one person (and much of it continued for over thirty years, but the organization was so strong, people swallowed the pa
  12. I thought I start a thread of inks to live feeds of the hornline, drumline, front ensemble, and guard warm ups. To keep things kosher, let's stay away from posting live show feeds. Let's keep it to live video from the parking lot.
  13. Boys Play Trumpet and Girls Play Flute, but Why? At first glance, this might seem like the case considering when one views a major symphony orchestra or band, the ranks seem filled with women in the strings, woodwinds, and fute sections. I have noticed there seems to be a growing interest amongst girls and women especially in the Marching Arts to choose a brass instrument to play which prompted me to do some research on the subject and this is what I found. It's difficult to choose a starting point and If I leave someone out Sorry, there are so many. Let's start with the 1977 Garfiel
  14. I am looking for a used g Euphonium to use this summer. Willing to buy/lease/rent one. I prefer a 3 valve but will consider a 2v (must be a silver or nickel finish). Reply here or email me at for faster responses.
  15. Here is the 2019 edition of BCB. Details & explanation here:
  16. I need to buy: 4 used MELLOPHONES (F) 4 used BARITONE (Bb) chrome/silver/nickel finish ASAP, for my youth outreach for at-risk teens in the Ferguson, Missouri area. The program is FREE FOR THE KIDS. I have funded this project "out of pocket" for 4 years now, so DONATIONS or KIND-HEARTED DEALS would be greatly appreciated. Guys, please HELP ME! Thanks! KEITH L. PORTER Lieutenant Colonel, US Army (Ret) Jefferson City Police Department (Ret) Volunteer, Dellwood Recreation Center Volunteer, Ferguson Youth Initiative Di
  17. Hello! I recently purchased a Getzen 1 Piston Valve Baritone Bugle and I was wondering what mouthpeice it used
  18. Due to the impending winter storm, The Skyliners have moved their Open House to Sunday, February 3rd.
  19. SOLD FOR SALE - my Kanstul Powerbore KSB-102/102G Sopraon (with a package) …. The package includes: Powerbore Soprano Protect case – perfect condition Mouthpiece ( if you want one) - your choice 3C or 7C Replacement water key rubber caps, 6-total..2 for each key. Kanstul P/N’s-- 21, B2, E2 Replacement water key corks. Kanstul P/N -- (b) Replacement slide Stop Knob. Kanstul P/N -- E4 (1) 8oz Blue Juice Valve Oil – a $30+ value (1) New tube Yamaha Slide Grease (1) NEW jar HERCO Spitballs Cleaning brushes – MP, Valves and Pipe Snake (1)