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Are you in the NYC /tristate area wanting to march Drum corps? Crimson


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Are you in the NYC/tristate area and want to march Drum Corps? Crimson Kings Drum Corps RECRUITING BRASS, FIFE, DRUMS and COLOR GUARD for Soundsport this summer.

Who we are…

For those of you who may not have heard of us, we are the Crimson Kings Drum Corps. We are a junior corps established in 1953, our history is of award winning competitions, championships and exhibitions, one of the only remaining New York City Drum corps, we march with the classic G bugle sound. Practices are “weekends only” and are conveniently located in NYC Chinatown.

We offer a lighter rehearsal schedule and one of the lowest dues of any competing drum corps. If you want to march but are not sure if you have the time or money, we may be the corps for you!

We have a dedicated, friendly staff and membership that have been involved in the activity at all levels. Some of these corps present and past members and staff have marched/taught include the Cadets, Cadets2, Buccaneers, Caballeros, Norwalk Drum Corps, Cadets of New York. We work hard but also have a great time!

Our 2014 soundsport show includes well known classic drum corps themes and selections from Joe Hisaishi(castles in the sky, Spirited away). Our members are having a great time learning these pieces, which are popular in both the classical and drum corps world, and we know that the audience and judges will love them too!

Come down to our rehearsals, which are Sundays 11:30AM to 3PM. We rehearse at 62 Mott Street, NY. NY. 10013 https://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en

All we ask is that you come down and watch, there is NO obligation…once you see and hear what is going on, you will WANT to join!

We invite you to march with us this year!









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