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🎺✨ Calling all Skyliner Family and Drum Corps Friends! 🌟🥁

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Our beloved Lily Woo, a lifetime member of the New York Skyliners and a true hero, needs our support.  Lily, along with her husband Ron, have been involved with the Skyliners for decades. Lily began her time with the field corps in 1981 and has participated both as a Mellophone player and member of the Honor Guard. She also was assistant drum major in 2005 and 2006.

From our director, Josh Delanuez, "Lily has had an incredible impact to the New York Skyliners and also in her career field of education. Achieving Lifetime Membership status with the Skyliners as well as her many accomplishments to the students of New York add to the awe-inspiring and extraordinary person she is. Her passion for her work and effect on her community makes her so deserving of this life-saving treatment. On behalf of the Skyliners, we want to not only extend our well wishes for her health and healing but also a very happy birthday today. (February 11th)"

She slept at PS 130 in Chinatown for three days until every family picked up their children, breathing in the aftermath dust. President George W. Bush came to her school in 2001 when he made his speech about the attacks and his resolve. In May of 2023, she was lucky enough to receive a donor kidney after a 5 year wait on the transplant list. Unfortunately, that new kidney has not worked out well and now is in dire need of a second donor kidney.


Check if You're a Donor Match: Lily needs a kidney donor.  If you're willing to check if you're a match, please visit https://nkr.org/DTM646 to see if you're eligible.

Spread the Word:  Share this post far and wide. Let's harness the power of our Skyliner and Drum Corps Community to find a match for Lily!

Donate and Support: If you're unable to be a donor but still want to help, consider contributing to Lily's medical expenses or supporting her in any way you can.

Let's rally together and show Lily the strength of our Skyliner family! Your support can make a significant difference.

#SkylinersSupport #LilyWoo #DonateLife #KidneyDonor #SkylinerFamilyStrong

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