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  1. 24" Dynasty Bass for sale

    Like the ad says Used in ONE parade. Black with silver hardware. Has carrier and case. Carrier HAS been used.Asking $350.00 for the lot. In Niagara Falls NY
  2. The NIAGARA MEMORIAL MILITAIRES ALUMNI DRUM CORPS from Niagara Falls Canada recently held their AGM/Election Tuesday January 17. Re elected to their previous positions are. President Tom Garrett Vice President Mary Anne Walton Treasurer John Hunt Business Manager/ Public Relations Rick Allen Elected as the new Quartermaster Jerry Gautreau and Lloyd Hatt as Member at Large. The Militaires who celebrated their 10th Anniversary in 2016 are a Parade-Concert Corps taking part in Parades Community Events Festivals around thebNiagara Region as well as Western NY. They also provide support to any Royal Canadian Legion or Veterans group when called upon to do so.They have members from both sides of the border and some play in both the Militaires and Mighty St. Joes. Their 2017 show will consist of the following. MEADOWLANDS-MARCH MILITAIRE-MUSIC MAN-PHANTOM OF THE OPERA-HOW THE WEST WAS WON-MAG 7-MIGHTY NIAGARA (DRUM SOLO)-YMCA-SWEET CAROLINE-LACHLAN (DRUM SOLO)-HAPPY TOGETHER-O CANADA-ABIDE WITH ME. For more info on the Militaires please go to