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  1. For Open Class, it would look like any day ending in “y.” Mike
  2. I’m sorry for just realizing why I knew Ray’s name! Those ISO recordings were spectacular! Mike
  3. My corps? Yes, everyone is prohibited, even in jurisdictions where it might otherwise be legal. I literally wrote the policy. 🙂 Mike
  4. Exactly. Circuit that fosters exclusivity from admin to promoters to corps to fans now wonders where everyone went. Mike
  5. The last two years for my Texas kiddo she got back from Nats week on Saturday and was in school on Wednesday. (so around the 14th ish) Mike
  6. My first thought was to agree with you on that, but the top costs for a group <in general> are travel, staff and food. None of those would go down with indoor winds, unless you have a smaller corps, I suppose... but then what's to stop you from doing that anyways with an outdoor group? Mike
  7. AFAIK, DCI does require footwear (and has for a long time), but the exact type is up to the corps. I know a few visual folks, and they all take it very seriously as far as foot support and endurance. Mike
  8. Berry Center is the bomb - you could have a whole second show going on in their parking lots, there's so much space. Mike
  9. San Antonio and Atlanta have already drawn 13-15k midseason before; you'd reason they'd likely pull in Indianapolis-type attendance for Finals. Mike
  10. Note: I have zero inside knowledge on this, but it does for me sound like eliminating TEPs. Mike
  11. I'm with you on this. I work with an Open Class corps, and none of us at the org level have *ever* thought Vanguard Cadets or BDB should be restricted for their success. If anything, we're all trying more and more to take best practices from the successful ones and try to get us up to that level too. Mike
  12. Again, depending on the locale, techs may not be employees. (I know you're using the term interchangeably, but rights can vary based on classification.) Easiest way for (Independent Contractor) staff to protect themselves in the future - make sure they actually have a written agreement, and write in a contract clause that specifies a penalty for late payment past x date. Obviously I'm not sure how many recent grads will think of that, though. Mike
  13. No, just pointing out in some jurisdictions the legal remedies for late pay are different depending on the classification. Federal law is pretty explicit for employees: late pay is the same as no pay. Aaaaanyways, for the Cadets, it does suck, but they're not the first drum corps that this has happened to (heck, they're not the first *this year*, nor will they be the last.) Mike
  14. Independent contractors. Depending on the location, there may be a legal difference. Mike