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  1. On the other hand, corps members have *always* been at the mercy of design staffs, even when it was just "do we play Dindi or La Suerte this year?" What are some shows where you think the props went overboard and didn't add anything? Mike
  2. Speaking for my (OC) corps only, our props = .33 hotel housing nights 2.5 *nice* catered meals 5 cheap bought meals Now to be fair, our props were just a bunch of wooden columns. Mike
  3. Saw them last weekend - holy cow. Blew our kids' minds. Mike
  4. MikeN

    2019 Madison Scouts!

    That plate lines won titles, ergo Scouts will not win the title in 2019. It's science - can't be argued with. Mike
  5. Ooof. That was just poor design choices from the beginning. Mike
  6. None of this has anything to do with the Troopers or drum corps at all. Sorry you're angry about it, but maybe DCP isn't the place to throw this out there? Mike
  7. I'm happy Troopers are celebrating this achievement. It's significant, and I'm glad to see them so proud of it! Mike
  8. MikeN

    2019 Madison Scouts!

    Because they don't agree with you? Maybe they prioritize different values than you do. Mike
  9. Nowhere did they say she got it because she's a girl. Nowhere do they even imply that. That she's the first female DM is a hell of an achievement, though, and more power to her, and the corps is proud of it. Heck, *I'm* proud of it and I have no connection whatsoever to the Troopers. (I am, however, the dad of a female DCI DM, so make of that what you will.) Mike
  10. MikeN

    DCI By the Decade - The 2000s

    I'm one of the few, I think, that totally loved that show. It had a frenetic charm to it, and I think the voice guy was absolutely spot-on perfect. Mike
  11. That's actually a pretty cool rebrand. Mike
  12. Considering that this was supposed to be over and done... yes, really. Mike
  13. The tone deafness of that article is ... surprising. Mike
  14. MikeN

    Best Reprise Closer?

    Regiment '03 was the first that came to mind, for sure. Mike
  15. MikeN

    DCI survey

    It does feel like DCI's tacitly admitting that it's easier to prohibit youth than protect them. Which is really weird, you know, for a youth activity. Mike