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  1. I'd checked the court site on Friday, and it didn't have anything since the trial date was set. Mike
  2. It's history at this point, but I thought their 2016-2019 shows were amazing, in that they always had something to *say* in there, and usually something kind of a twist. That was very cool. Mike
  3. I don't see anything at all. 😞 Mike
  4. Still surprised, a decade later, that Cavaliers hired him at all after his exit from Bluecoats. Mike
  5. Not SCV-specific, but I'm waiting for someone to "innovate" us away from sleveless digital bodysuits with arm sleeves. It feels like an insanely short time for that odd little combo to completely overrun the activity. It's not edgy when literally everyone is doing it. Mike
  6. I agree, and not just because I work in San Marcos... Mike
  7. I suspect that might be the case as well (and I'm fairly certain based on anecdotal evidence that the perc caption is the most volatile), but I don't think I have the energy for that much data entry. Mike
  8. Back in the day, I looked at scores for the 2007 / 2008 seasons. Just dug them out again. Didn't get too far in to it, but the first thing I looked at was the ultra macro view - how many times in a season did a corps beat or lose to a corps that eventually finished ahead or behind them? Essentially, how much movement was there for each corps? In 2007, across all of World Class there was a 4% deviation - 96% of the time, the corps didn't beat or lose to a corps that mirrored the final placements in California. (And fully half of that movement was Crown, Bluecoats and Blue Knights trading positions during the summer.) In 2008, Bluecoats (6th) beat a top 5 once all season, and lost to a lower corps twice all season. SCV (7th) won 3 against the top 6 and lost *0*. Cadets, SCV, Vanguard and Spirit were never beaten at any show, all summer, by a corps that finished below them come Finals week. (There was a division-wide 7% deviation that year, of which Phantom/BD and Blue Stars were responsible for almost half.) I wish someday I'd have the patience to look at the subcaptions, where the real judging is reflected (i know looking at total scores doesn't show what's going on underneath), but overall placements do not move much. Mike
  9. I'm a DCI lifer, and a percussionist, and this is the first year I'm wondering if I'm just too out of touch for this anymore. I do absolutely feel the pendulum has swung too far in the exposed battery / pit direction at the expense of brass. I'd also happily welcome an expansion of points for music performance. Mike
  10. I … o_O That’s all I’ve got. Mike
  11. First impressions are that they run and gun really well. Drumline, of course, is awesome. Thematically, it's a bit of a mess at the moment, but it's also <checks notes> show #1. They'll trim where they have to and I think the leaner, meaner product will come across clearer. As I first started watching (video), I thought "it doesn't feel like the programmers understood the assignment very well" but as we went through it, I think if anything they might have been going for too *much* subtlety. Drum Corps does not do nuance well - it's a "broad strokes" sort of vehicle. Anyways, a lot of words to say it's pretty good right out of the gate, but you can see where they can massage and rework and cut and add and make it *really* good. Mike
  12. I have really liked these nouveau-Colts the last few years. I know there's more to it, but it feels like they just woke up one day and were like "what if we just wrote bad-### parts for the brass from start to finish?" * I appreciate them because they just give you great brass, great drums, more marching, <slightly> less choreo and a fun little bow on top. Mike (*I feel like Troopers did the same thing. Colts and Troopers brass leveled by a "night and day" degree absurdly fast.) (p.s. that bass feature in the Metheny that keeps going and going and going - amazing!)
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