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  1. Me too! The 1989-1990, 1993-1994 and 2003-2005 ones where it was just black on white was the "classic" Regiment look for me. Mike
  2. Hopefully MMD's "bundle" option is coming soon. It's not on there as of today. Mike
  3. After perusing the BoD part of Madison's site, it also looks like they've added last month official recognition of the alumni association, and added an alumni association representative as an ex oficio board member. That's a great step for them. Mike
  4. Honestly, it sounds like a pretty resourceful and qualified group. Mike
  5. And it's a 4-cd set like normal. I wonder why iTunes didn't get volume 4? Mike
  6. Please don't talk about JohnD like that - he keeps the lights on here! 😁 Mike
  7. Never saw a part in there where the elite organizations got evaluated... Mike
  8. Just seems weird that it would be done with no announcement of any kind. Of course, I just went and checked out the DCI store, and I don't see *any* 2019 media for pre-order/sale. Ooof. Mike
  9. MMDL has revised previous years audio bundles and eliminated the 13-25. Now it's top 12 only. And iTunes has only top 18? What in the world is going on with DCI this month? First the 55-member rule, now this. Have they decided to purge the lower/smaller corps from the audio as well as from the field? Mike
  10. NRG would be awesome! For those who don't know, NRG and Lucas Oil share the same architects and mostly the same design. It also has an insane amount of parking. I'm willing to bet, though, it's massively more expensive than the Alamodome. 😞 Mike
  11. They already have ladies in the corps. Mike