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  1. MikeN

    Black Gold?

    Yeah, there are a couple of YT vids floating around with their performances. That's about it. Mike
  2. Last year was probably the best SCV ever, though I still think the '99 opener (Philip Glass's "The Canyon") qualifies as legendary. Mike
  3. The only real changes I see in the immediate are to drum feature stagings - if you want credit from the judge for achievement, you're going to have to put it where they can see it. As a drummer, this fills my heart with joy. Even The Powers That Be acknowledge this is going to take some getting used to, and there may be more tweaks coming after the season. But I'd much rather have discussions about sound waves and BOA than one about a kid getting a concussion (or a judge!) because of a collision. One thing I came away very impressed with DCI management, staff and corps minds this weekend was they are starting to get out of "react" mode and to start thinking proactively about all of the *other* things we take for granted in our activity that really are done because "that's how they've always been done," even when they don't make a whole ton of sense. Mike
  4. Unfortunately no. She had a massive knee reconstruction in September (marched the back half of tour last summer with the inside scrambled) and doesn’t want to risk it. I did warn her *I’m* not stopping with her corps, though! Mike
  5. <DCI changes safety rule after an incident> “Boo! Why didn’t they think of this before something happened?!?” <DCI changes safety rule before an incident happens> “Boo! Why are they changing it when nothing has happened?!?” Mike
  6. MikeN

    Show About Time...

    Add a rewind - run the drill/music backwards for a segment. Mike
  7. MikeN

    “Failure to Protect”

    This was wrong the first time and continues to be wrong. Search Engine Optimization companies are all over Google. No cloaked figures or shadowy orgs needed. Mike
  8. MikeN

    “Failure to Protect”

    As previously mentioned, I have firsthand knowledge of several corps that do already have it as a written policy and enforce it. Mike
  9. MikeN

    “Failure to Protect”

    Speaking from first hand knowledge, there are indeed corps that already have this exact policy in place - you are right, it protects the student, and protects the adults. Mike
  10. MikeN

    “Failure to Protect”

    Been thinking about the mechanics of how that would work, especially in a day and age of labor law when many employers can only give dates of employment and nothing else. Just one potential headache - how would someone challenge the information DCI has if they feel it's incorrect? Who do they appeal to? If Dan A. denies the appeal, can they take DCI to court to get the information thrown out? How do you deal with multiple instances of state privacy law and 50+ employers? My two-seconds-of-reflection proposal - approach it from the other direction (build up rather than tick scoring, if you will). Make all potential staff obtain a DCI educator badge. Can't get hired without one. You have to re-up every 12 months, background check, references, etc., take continuing education on outdoor health and safety as well as music and movement, define clear rules about how you can lose the badge, appeal it, etc... heck, after a few years, I can almost guarantee school districts will be including on band director/tech applications "DCI certification preferred." Plus, DCI could charge for it - that'd pay for the back-end work, right there... Mike
  11. MikeN

    Let The Pendulum Swing Back

    I have to admit, I don't miss the traditional uniforms at all. The new stuff is way cooler. (Literally and figuratively.) And the mm's love them. Mike
  12. MikeN

    Callback camps

    Vanguard Cadets. Mike
  13. MikeN

    Callback camps

    All I keep thinking is "my goodness, some corps charge an arm and a leg for camps." Mike
  14. I'm all for this, and wish my corps' budget could afford us such a role too. Our brass staff are already running around trying to manage 72 of their own caption kids - DM's deserve professional development as well. Mike