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  1. (not for you) For those who don't know, the reason for the tarp was Mile High's almost paranoid insistence on protecting their turf so close to football season. Quarters and Semis were held facing the back side of the field to even out the pit wear and tear, and they had that tarp put down so there would be no divots on the grass. Mike
  2. As a former admin/BoD member now, all I can say is 😮 😑 ☹️ 😡. I know that many many members had a similar experience back then, but that's ... wow. Good on you guys for powering through, but man you shouldn't have had to. Mike
  3. Um... that's not really how this works. See, me saying "I *think* Cavaliers should have won" means, to me, the judges got it wrong. Margin in that case doesn't matter. I've got no issue if you think BD was the best - clearly the judges did too, and it's a hell of a show. As I said before, I think the opener belongs on the Mount Rushmore of DCI openers. However, I still think it was the wrong call to have them in first. I think Cavaliers had a better overall program and executed at a top level as well. I'm not quite sure why this particular argument has become a thing? I'm happy
  4. 2004 was a transformational year in DCI for allowing voice and amplification for the first time. I had no problem with amps - voices took a while longer. Cavaliers decided to pair their mind-blowing visual programs with some catchy music. As a result, they won. 007 is a great show and well worth having on your "must watch" list. Welcome to Cuba is by far the highlight of the show, and very out-of-character for the corps during this time. Blue Devils' show felt very avant-garde in its approach. I don't know if I'd call it jazz - more "jazzy." Still awesomely performed, thoug
  5. <shrug> I liked Cavies more than BD (post-opener) - *and* I think Cavaliers should have won. Those don't have to be mutually exclusive. Mike
  6. I've heard similar, and that there are multiple options in the mix depending on circumstances at the time. Corps are definitely going to have to be nimble in operations this year leading up to the season, as circumstances become clearer. Mike
  7. Gotta be honest - as a drummer I don't even miss them. Mike
  8. 2003, to me, was a good DCI year, if not really a great one. Orlando for Finals was a terrible idea in retrospect, as attendance suffered. Also for us fans, the audio/video quality wasn't great - lighting in the Citrus Bowl is just baaaad. Blue Devils had 1/3 of a great show. The opener belongs in the DCI Hall of Fame as it's own member. It's virtuosic, precise and absolutely channels the spirit of Brubeck while creating something new. It's a shame the rest of the show couldn't match. Concerto de Aranjuez just fell flat, and West Side Story was done to death even at that point. Ho
  9. As someone in the process of starting a SoundSport group, I'm... not sure where we stand now. To be fair, I haven't had the conversation with them yet either. Had a conversation with those that know more about it than me. I'm reassured that a) they're still looking out for DCI/Summer SoundSport and b) the Varsity/SS fall circuit is going to be an interesting alternative to traditional marching competitions, especially for those literally thousands of HS's that don't attend BOA/USSBA/State/etc. Mike
  10. Answering my own question - he's in the DCI Hall of Fame. https://www.dci.org/static/larry_mcCormick
  11. It was started by Larry McCormick, of https://www.mccormicksnet.com/ - but I always got the impression it was much more about the musical mission with him. He was also a longtime sponsor (and staff, IIRC) for DCI. Mike
  12. (gonna keep trying to get this in, come hell or high water) Spirit stormed back into Finals with from Holsinger's Easter Symphony. Which... you could kind of obliquely tie back to a Southern inspiration if you stretched, but that's ok. The new dark and sophisticated Spirit worked good for me. This was one of those corps that wasn't going to light imaginations on fire, but it was very well designed for what they could achieve, and the corps just had no real weaknesses all around. Brass, drums, guard, drill all were solid and well done. You would definitely have to call this a home run
  13. Been getting these for a while now in the 2002 season review thread too. Same as above - you get it 4-5 times, then lose access to the site. I wondered if it was because I was posting my 10-million word essay on the season - is there a character limit for posts? Mike
  14. Been trying for ages to post the rest of my review... continued from before. Bluecoats went with a very wind-band repertoire, but also introduced us to Dancer in the Dark way before Cadets did. In hindsight, this show felt *very* much like their 2011 Brave New World production musically, with heavy emphasis on metal and dark musical effects. I love Paradise Utopia (the opener) in particular, and they did a tremendously faithful job in the arrangement. Glassmen, to me, missed on their '02 repertoire, with one giant-sized, Euphonium-shaped exception. "Javelin" was the flavor of the