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  1. MikeN

    Troopers 2019 >"<

    Good for them! There's a definite appeal to the MM's of knowing that they're pushing the edges a bit. Mike
  2. Her husband was my HS band director. Small world. :) Mike
  3. Best we could do last year was have them dance while playing a Mahler / Kendrick Lamar mashup. (No joke - it's amazing how well some things go together.) Mike
  4. My corps does not have someone that can do backflips. Ergo, we will likely not do backflips this year. So no, I don't really see it as that big of a deal. Mike
  5. MikeN

    2019 Phantom Regiment

    Listening to the song on YouTube now - this is a very cool choice! (Please don't water it down and make it typical DCI stuff.) Mike
  6. Service was yesterday. It was lovely to see how many of his Cavaliers and Guardians friends made the trip to celebrate his life. Music City also posted a very nice musical tribute. It's always surprising to see how the ripples of one person's life can spread, and gratifying to see how the drum corps family cares for each other. Mike
  7. Based solely on personal observation, DCI members could probably now affect Adidas's stock price solely through their purchases of half-stripe track pants. Mike
  8. He also marched with Guardians in '16 and '17 - our folks are heartbroken as well. Mike
  9. MikeN

    2019 Phantom Regiment

    40 years ago... Mike
  10. MikeN

    2019 Phantom Regiment

    Musically, I'm surprisingly ok with what they've got so far. I still feel they should go "New School DCI" in their approach and incorporate brass band and other technical pieces to fill in between the classic stuff a la Crown and Vanguard, but if they're not going to do that, then might as well go guns a-blazing with music like this. Mike
  11. MikeN

    Blue Devils 2008

    Thank you! Mike
  12. MikeN

    Black Gold?

    Yeah, there are a couple of YT vids floating around with their performances. That's about it. Mike
  13. Last year was probably the best SCV ever, though I still think the '99 opener (Philip Glass's "The Canyon") qualifies as legendary. Mike
  14. The only real changes I see in the immediate are to drum feature stagings - if you want credit from the judge for achievement, you're going to have to put it where they can see it. As a drummer, this fills my heart with joy. Even The Powers That Be acknowledge this is going to take some getting used to, and there may be more tweaks coming after the season. But I'd much rather have discussions about sound waves and BOA than one about a kid getting a concussion (or a judge!) because of a collision. One thing I came away very impressed with DCI management, staff and corps minds this weekend was they are starting to get out of "react" mode and to start thinking proactively about all of the *other* things we take for granted in our activity that really are done because "that's how they've always been done," even when they don't make a whole ton of sense. Mike
  15. Unfortunately no. She had a massive knee reconstruction in September (marched the back half of tour last summer with the inside scrambled) and doesn’t want to risk it. I did warn her *I’m* not stopping with her corps, though! Mike