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  1. Oh hell yeah - let's talk 90's drum corps! '91 was a good show, but '92 was a *great* one. Tempos were a little higher, charts were tighter and that brass line sounded like lasers out there. Their finals performance was absolutely on fire! '91, however, was much more faithful to the original, and had that really cool split tenor feature in the pit (on the broadcast sadly, all you see is the tenors on stands almost taking a tumble...). Mike
  2. I've heard a new one's coming to SoundSport. Mike
  3. Close... https://www.drumcorpsplanet.com/forums/index.php?/topic/136537-who-will-win/&do=findComment&comment=2805054 (You can search this from your profile page; I promise I'm not stalking you!) Mike
  4. They keep posting on Reddit that they still have brass openings... 😐 Mike
  5. Me too. 1989 was my first viewing of the Cavaliers, and still one of my absolute favorites. Mike
  6. Different arranger this year, so I'd assume it's going to be fine. Mike
  7. Houston has a flippin' *awesome* stadium. That will be a good show. Mike
  8. I am very familiar with Seguin's band - they're in my kids' UIL district. Fantastic group that always places their kids waaaay high in competitions. (Great marching band as well - they definitely have a DCI approach to programming rather than a UIL one; I'm always pleased to report their one of the few d*mn bands that will bring their battery forward of the back hash...) Mike
  9. Literally moments ago got the next newsletter, still talking about Varsity Brands. Two possibly relevant-to-drum-corps points: Mike
  10. Pfft. The cymbals were fine. Viva la Phantom. #PhantomGate Mike
  11. Funny enough - we're discussing this on another thread as well: If you'd like a copy of the newsletter, PM me your email and I'll send it along. Mike
  12. Yeah, I don't think DCI will be moving The Cadets anytime soon, regardless of what happens. Mike
  13. Yes - OC schedules aren't generally a one-sided affair, such as "you shalt do this show" or "we are doing 28 shows, find us some." In my experience, DCI been very accommodating in creating the lineups. In 2018 they asked us to add a swing through the south so that they could run a set of early season OC tours. It worked for us, though it added an extra week to our tour. In 2019 we asked to not do those again due to the structure of the tour we were planning, and DCI was ok with that too. We were going to lobby them for 2020 for a particular set of early shows that would get us with more OC groups and a big early season test; not sure how that worked out since I'm not with them this year, but DCI is open to that sort of give-and-take. Based on previous conversations with our director, it was always a fairly rapid process. Mike