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  1. Purely as a fan, that thing was bada$$ - that whole show was awesome. I'd put that squarely in the category of "good use of props." Mike
  2. Having worked for a Have Not, I have to say DCI's always been pretty accommodating with scheduling. We told them how many shows we wanted to do and which direction we wanted to travel, and they usually were able to make it work, for the most part. Mike
  3. -Sounds like Madison? Check. -Looks like Madison? Check. I'm in. Mike
  4. I've told this story before, but will happily revisit it. 2000 was the only San Antonio show I ever attended from the upper deck. On the bright side, you could see the drill very clearly, but the music wasn't as face-peeling. Anyways, Cadets win, and set up for their encore, which in this case consisted of ... just the drum breaks/closer. As soon as it became clear what they were doing, there was a massive rush from the crowd up top down to the railing so everyone could get a better view of the battery. I've never seen that before or since. And, apologies to Cavaliers, I have no idea
  5. They won't take outside nominations. I know this because I completed a nomination package, with DCP users' help, for Steve Vickers, and had it rejected out of hand. Funny enough, he got nominated by "approved" internal channels and elected within a couple of years after. Mike
  6. Schedule wise, OC gets the best of both worlds. The OC championship venue is *really* nice, and much smaller, so it doesn't feel like peas rattling around in a pod. (2k fans in a 4k home stand has a much bigger feel than 2k in a 25k home venue.) Two shows there, then to Indy anyways for Prelims - that's either a two-show or three-show guarantee that week, depending on if you make OC finals. For the top 3-4 each year, they generally advance to Semis as well, so that's 4 shows that week - honestly, more than the WC corps get. There are lots of complaints that OC groups could raise if
  7. So now BD has used Yamaha, Premier (well, technically - unbranded in '89) Dynasty, Pearl, System Blue and Ludwig drums. What's left on the battery Bingo card? Mike
  8. Funny part is, back when I created the DCP FB page, the thought was that if you had your real name attached to posts, it might require less moderation and might have civil discussions. Boy was I mistaken... o_O I'm sure there's a sociology paper in there somewhere. Mike
  9. I don't mean this as a personal referendum, but I vehemently disagree with literally everything you say in this statement. Mike
  10. I don't mean to put words in JohnD's mouth, but I can pretty much assure you DCP is solely a labor of love for him - I can't imagine he's actually making money off of this. 🙂 Mike
  11. I've come round on this issue over the years. As a super-fan, I was definitely against folks selling such personal historic stuff. Having now been a parent and admin in the system, I've actually flipped sides. It's just stuff from when you were a teenager. Keep the memories, internalize the lessons, do whatever you want with the stuff. Mike
  12. Corps medical staff (or designee) will take up your meds when you get there and pass them out to you on the prescribed schedule. You likely won't be able to get refills on the road, so you'll need to bring enough for the tour with you when you move in. Corps do it all the time, it's not a big deal - just be proactive in communicating with them about what you need. Mike
  13. <shrug> My DCI one didn't. Mike
  14. This suggests that these corps are going to be full then? Mike