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  1. Guardians get started in Memphis on 7/13, just in time to swing back through Texas. We have laaate move ins, so we're still putting pieces together. Much more experienced group, though, than last season, and they're handling it like champs. Mike
  2. Man, y’all have volunteers to wash uniforms? World Class has got everything... Mike
  3. I don't think it is. From experience, our modern MM's are not good at keeping secrets. I'd expect to receive a dozen reports based on someone posting a photo of their vial of EPO on Instagram or something... Mike
  4. Listened to the recording this morning for the first time. It's ... not at all what I expected. For such a "classical" type theme, I expected much more fire and thunder, more like an operatic / Phantom type show. Instead, the music is quirky, modern... and fantastic! Can't even say *why* it's so grab-you-and-don't-let-go, but it is. And what they bring that is unique against the rest of the top 5 is *speed*. Man, a great deal of this show is pushing the tempos. Can't wait to see this one in motion! Mike
  5. Listened to Concert in the Park for the first time this morning. I'm not a brass guy, so I'm listening to this more from a fan and "package" perspective. Initial thoughts are that they give you a teaser for Vox Populi, then a teaser for O Fortuna, then later on a teaser for Fire of Eternal Glory - it's a whole lot of buildup with little resolution for most of the first half of the show. Then there's little resolution on the end. FOEG gets is big finish, but O Fortuna and Vox Populi don't. It's like math. Or Excel. If you're going to (((, then you need to ))). On the other hand, the arrangements are still night and day better than last year. There's a lot more flow to it, and they manage to get some complete thoughts in. There are a lot of nifty little brass licks throughout that remind you that they're *really* good at what they do. Drums were heavy on the recording, but i assumed it was due to the bandshell type setup and someone recording it on their cell phone. I have a gut feeling a lot of the "intrusive" drum stuff is going to be played while either in the wings or backfield, for more of a in-the-distance effect. Overall, I do like this show already! They give you the music they promise you, which is nice. (And I couldn't say that last year.) I'm excited to see them on the field - I think the Jedi under-uniforms look fantastic! Mike
  6. I am so down with Crossmen’s uniforms. Those look great! Mike
  7. I think the light uniforms look fantastic! Mike
  8. They did this (kind of) back in 2011 in early season shows with text voting. The real problem is that the vast majority of fans are not like us on DCP - they just don't care that much. Announce an app and they're just not going to use it. My only real comment is that I'd like to see a much more entertainment / audience focused description of General Effect than what we currently have. As it is, they're trying to put a cloud in a box, with the result that nobody can tell what it is. Mike
  9. Digital unis aren't that big of an expense. (I have firsthand knowledge of this.) Even down at our end of the DCI budget pyramid, it's way down the list of costs. Mike
  10. Reading the article, this does not sound like good news. 😔 Mike
  11. Oooh - that sounds good, actually. Mike
  12. Carol Britton Chambers is our high school's music arranger. She also works in some original stuff as well. I dig it. Mike
  13. I think they look sharp! Way to work the triangle in there. Mike
  14. I'm way more interested in the back half music of this show than the front. Mike
  15. We're kind of getting away from discussion of Madison here, but in response to this - absolutely. All the time. In all walks of art. Mike