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  2. Sign the Petition

    I want to stress - this is not a rampant, wild, out of control problem. Parents should not assume that every student who marches drum corps WILL be assaulted and harassed. I would argue 90% of the performers have no real issues. As for some examples besides the thoroughly discussed example at Cadets. Someone brought this up: http://www.crossmen.org/joel-moody-bio http://articles.orlandosentinel.com/2010-04-02/news/os-moody-sexy-student-text-messages-20100401_1_text-messages-band-director-female-student It looks like there were never charges filed. So there's no issue with passing a criminal background check. Pioneer also had an instructor who was a registered sex offender. His sentence did not bar him from working with young people. So maybe he got caught urinating in public and got put on the list. I'm also aware of situations where a young-ish staffer got caught with older students. So think 19 year old student, 24 year old instructor. Should the instructor be given a life sentence? No. Should they be able to teach a different drum corps the next year? In my opinion, no. So again, most DCI instructors are fantastic people. Send your kid off to march. I still believe it will be a great experience. And sign the petition and then ask the directors at whatever corps you kid is marching how they feel about the petition. Ask them what their policies are for sexual harassment. Ask how complaints are documented. Ask what the social media policy for instructors is. Ask about background checks. If you and every parent of a DCI performer asked these questions, we would see some changes. These individuals that manage to slip through the cracks will find it a lot more difficult.
  3. Sign the Petition

    I'm not sure these arguments are helping the issue anymore. Sharing the petition on social media will be a better use of everyone's time. If someone doesn't like the petition, that's fine. They don't have to sign it.
  4. Sign the Petition

    I also think DCI will respond correctly.
  5. Sign the Petition

    Just tried to pick a pretty neutral picture of a drum & bugle corps. I don't want to use anything too current, or of a specific corps, because that will make people think I'm focused on that single corps. I'll consider suggestions for a different picture if you've got some.
  6. Sign the Petition

    Please don't confuse my next statement to mean that I feel attacked by you. I'm not going to ID myself, because then I won't have any ability to turn off any flames or personal attacks that result from people saying I'm just a trouble maker, I should keep quiet, etc. I'm not going to do it. If the fact that I am anonymous is used as an excuse to not create stronger protections for students, then for me that means people's priorities are misplaced. Personal attacks over this issue are unhelpful. People attacking each other over the internet is a short sighted mistake. Those same cross-ways attacks for me serve as justification for staying anonymous. Heck, the FIRST reply to my post was rude.
  7. Sign the Petition

    Narrowed the list of names since it seems that was more distraction than benefit.
  8. Sign the Petition

    So as a specific example, there was a corps competing in 2017 that hired an instructor who had surrendered their teaching license in a plea agreement after some misconduct. Because of the nature of the plea, the individual isn't a registered sex offender. They were never convicted of any crime. But this individual can't teach in a public school anymore. But there is no such barrier to teaching in DCI. I understand your frustration with my anonymity and my broad petition. I'm anonymous for reasons I think are easy to figure out. My petition is broad because I specifically wanted to avoid naming any names. Yes, there has been a lot of uproar about specific instructors lately. But I don't want to make the petition about one person or one corps. This has to be a team effort. Here's an analogy. There were four major egg producers in the country at one point. Three of them followed all the laws and regulations to a T. Their products were great. One company didn't, and had a huge bacterial outbreak on their eggs. There's no way to tell which farm your eggs came from at the grocery store. So people just stopped buying eggs. One business behaving badly hurt everyone else in the industry.
  9. Sign the Petition

    I totally, completely, 100% understand how the DCI BoD works. DCI's mission is to promote and facilitate the activity. It is an extension of the will of the directors of the member corps. If those directors choose, they can require ALL corps to have a satisfactory policy on sexual harassment or be barred from participation. You're partly right on one thing. I am trying to create a movement for change.
  10. Sign the Petition

    I'm 100% aware of how DCI actually works. Dan Potter and Tim Hinton were tagged to try to draw visibility, since petitions work via lots of public pressure. It's not enough for one corps to get it right and others to get it wrong. It's also not enough for one corps to fire a problem staffer and that person just works at another corps. So no. I'm not taking it to one single organization.
  11. Sign the Petition

    Hi, I basically don't use DCP because it can get really ugly around here and I have better things to do. I'm anonymous so that I don't get a bunch of personal attacks and bitter remarks thrown at me. Case in point... I know plenty about the topic. I know a corps executive director who had sex with an age-out. I know of male staff members who solicited nudes from male performers. Doesn't matter if they were over 18. Sexual harassment is still unacceptable.
  12. Sign the Petition

    Also, triple thank-yous to the mods on this. I don't typically get on the forums because of certain types of behavior that occurred in this thread (and others). I appreciate you guys trying to keep things civilized around here. :)
  13. Sign the Petition

    Dan Potter and Tim Hinton are only listed because they have high visibility, and my goal is to try to bring visibility to the petition. You're correct they have -zero- policy making ability. I knew that from the start. But since petitions are about applying public pressure to enact change, they are tagged to try to increase pressure. There is basically no reason to tag them except kicking the hornet's nest. It's a petition, not a legal complaint. They are not named as defendants. I'll consider taking them off of it though if enough people think it's a distraction.
  14. Sign the Petition

    I didn't start this petition as a passive aggressive jab at any one organization. I've been in and around the activity for a long time. I know plenty of stories from plenty of corps. It's time for this behavior to stop. In the interest of keep the thread and the petition going, and not starting pointless flame wars, please refrain from targeting any one individual. This is bigger than one person. Just sign the petition, and if you really believe in it, share the petition. Share it on Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, whatever. https://www.change.org/p/dan-acheson-have-dci-protect-students-from-sex-offenders-and-sexual-misconduct-by-staff The goal is not to "take DCI down" or bring any particular corps to justice. I don't want any organization hurt at all. The goal is for DCI and the corps which direct DCI to put strong protections in place, to protect an activity we all love. This is the responsible thing to do. Also, I'm well aware that Dan Acheson does not set edicts for the corps to follow. I have named him (and others) for visibility. The people with the authority to make this decision are the corps directors who compromise the DCI board of directors. Likewise for Dan Potter and Tim Hinton. They don't have authority over it, they just have visibility. So that's why they are tagged, because I want people to bring the conversation to them. Because they are so visible.
  15. Online petition thread

    The thread might come down but the petition won't. Also, I have zero connection to The Cadets. This is not some passive aggressive move at one organization. https://www.change.org/p/dan-acheson-have-dci-protect-students-from-sex-offenders-and-sexual-misconduct-by-staff