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  1. Some of us know people involved in the whole mess, and well, your statement of the facts as you see them don’t line up with reality
  2. your words as i said before pretty much set it up that way, especially whats known to people who know people involved.
  3. you would do yourself many favors if facts didn't drip out here and there. Probably him too. I say that because in your earlier post, you pretty much summed up the view surrounding him due to the accusations leveled at him and currently winding their way through the courts. Sometimes....trying too hard to defend can actually make it worse. And to be honest, outside of the occasional new blip, he's not much of a topic on here unless news breaks.'re trying to preach to the hardest choir known to the activity. Well, ok Reddit is probably tied. I hope you can see however where the harder you try to defend, the worse you actually make it. This isn't me trying to silence you's simple fact analyzing your own words. If I am the Lehigh County DA, you're probably someone I'd want to talk to
  4. Jeff Ream

    Most Missed HOF

    I was around back the, but for DCI i didn't have as much exposure to everyone as i did with DCA
  5. Jeff Ream

    Alumni Corps "How To" Questions

    Madison and SCV were alumni
  6. true, but when trying to say he is being framed, then admitting he touched you without permission...well....doesn't help now does it?
  7. He wouldn't lie. He could even tell you in the third person!
  8. I could give a rats ### what you look like. You could be the hottest woman in the world, and i am not touching you, single or not, without permission. There's ways to make a pass that don't involve physical contact. And since you've now declared yourself a super model, your credibility continues to collapse around you. First it was religion, then alumni, then you publicly state he touched you without permission, and then you try to make yourself a victim because you're oh so attractive. For a guy whose reputation you're trying to save, you really keep making it worse every time you go to bat for him.
  9. he even had a post i'd say 6 months or so prior to all hell breaking loose about finding ways to generate revenue and making sure his retirement was in place. I can't remember if he specifically meant from the company or the finances.
  10. i didnt like it for a few years. i didnt post in the main forums as much
  11. yes to all of the above and those to come