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  1. with Crusaders, Empire and Brigs gone, the one thing Rochester bragged about slipped away...the local support. All Fronteir Field complaints/jokes aside, the crowd in 96 was the biggest i perormed before for DCA finals. even the first few years back after Scranton had good crowds. i agree about Annapolis, but the financial deal for Rochester was incredibly favorable for DCA.....until it wasn't.
  2. oh i forgot about 98! my fave is still Bushwackers 89. ( i'm still trying to block 2010 out my memory)
  3. agree. and hopefully staff did discuss things before hand. also WGI retreat is chaotic, and staff isn't always right there like at DCI. DCI you have 12 corps spread out over a football field. in WGI you have 30 groups crammed onto an arena floor. i'm not excusing Infinity members at all, and not totally absolving staff. i know i've seen WGI groups told flat out at warmups no partying before retreat. Sadly, kids will do stupid things. yeah Infinity was excited...first time beating one of the icons of the genre. United had every reason to be ###### losing to MCM ( look at the recap), but they held it together. But no matter what staff did or didn't do, the kids should know better too.
  4. Music City Mystique, one of the top Independent World Percussion groups in WGI since almost the beginning.
  5. i will agree WGi takes it more seriously than DCI does.
  6. Yeah this is a stretch. Almost comes across like a scorched earth personal vendetta
  7. well since you can't even buy the dvd's anymore, most of those old vignettes are gone. some may be on youtube, i haven't looked, but ageouts this year ae probably amazed finals ever happened anywhere other than LOS
  8. well you have a contract it's tough to get out of. but really after Annapolis is when you saw the number of corps slipped under 20, and by 19 the Labor Day issue reared its head in a big way.
  9. true...but that was 1988. DCA and DCI had several interactions together at some shows since then, including some performances at DCI Regionals. DCA even had Rondo come in for the 50th anniversary and DCI gave DCA some love over the summer
  10. i always wanted Bones to do Letter From Home in the early 90's
  11. nope. some of us realized after finals left Annapolis, something was amiss.
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