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  1. I'll drop the little one at school and head right to the polls. i'll have time to kill.
  2. the question is if i really did or didn't send it anywhere. i'll let you ponder that
  3. the leeches are always finding new things to branch out into. thats what leeches do
  4. i apologize if i seem like i am piling on, i have tried very hard to stay out of these discussions all year because in the end, it breaks down to ones political viewpoints or how someone perceives your viewpoints. i am independent, i left the republican party 5 years ago, and have zero desire to join the democratic party. I am the common sense party mentally, because for all those saying masks, you have just as vocal a group saying no masks open everything up, and as of yesterday the highest new number of cases registered in a day since July. So obviously, especially with pandemic fatigue sett
  5. science. no political agenda included. even Lamar Alexander has been speaking out against those bashing Fauci and the like. he's no liberal.
  6. too early yet. many reports of lingering effects, but it's been less than a year, so way too soon to know
  7. ahhhhh science