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  1. yup. the flyover silk is a made for indoor effect, so roll the dice outside
  2. Pressbox must be doing the work to get it. Competition Suite doesn't list it that way
  3. except as the former front ensemble gets moved further out, it gets harder to see them
  4. the money issues were growing long before Hop was ousted. how many people stiffed on money? The constant begging for money, the continued upping of fees for USBands participation?
  5. well Cadets are already coed, so i doubt they will go single gender
  6. didn't hurt the Cavaliers. Hell Boston was a founding member and didn't make finals until 1999.
  7. i gave up firefox because it was way worse and went to Chrome. it was going relatively well til this issue started happening. Flo is the only thing running when i log in. i check internet speeds. i have taken notes after several emails with them on their recomendations to make MY end work better on their product, and keep them handy,...and still issues. it's them.
  8. they announced i believe an $800k deficit last fall and killed C2. unless someone left them a huge chunk of change, thats not all gone, and i am sure legal fees arent gone yet