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  1. most schools in PA were in session....elementary on up
  2. renting large NFL stadiums don't help keep costs down, thats for sure. while USBands generates revenue, the costs have to keep profitability lower than it could be.
  3. only if you refuse to accept the world has changed
  4. Not opposed to the idea, but do you think you'd get more fans now than you have been getting the last 5 years? I ask because as an active DCA market, Pittsburgh has been dead for 25+ years
  5. if DCA is ever willing to move it. But even then, college football is starting earlier
  6. well their indoor has not been doing much. mostly percussion if anything now
  7. Cowboys kinda used it last night, so it was available
  8. oh it's true. if you're talking to people in the corps, you're talking to the wrong people to get that info
  9. younger potential members have never played G bugles before, and really don't want to learn
  10. no snark at all. I know people in the corps. They weren't born for the drum corps of yesteryear, they were raised on the late 90's to the present. They'd love to get more progressive in show design, but those with power are stuck in the past. The Marine Drum and Bugle Corps will exist for far more reasons than 1982 show designs.