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  1. for the betterment of all humanity, sober or not, i just don't sing
  2. the dumbest thing DCI did was make the lot "a show".
  3. and the kid at Crown in 2010 from running his ### off all summer. and so on and so on...and.......well.....
  4. higher louder faster destroyed many knees, backs and legs, yet people cry it's gone.
  5. well i go to a show, i watch everyone. i'm not a lot lizard watching lines play stuff great so they can #### out tap rolls on the move, and i close the cooler in time to go in so i am seated by "oh say can you see"
  6. I love OC corps. however no shows are within 2/3 hours drive on days that are good for me or my family to go to. Usually speaking the closest OC show is 4 hours away in a place where more elk live than humans. of ALL of the championship shows I have attended, D2/3 finals in 02 ranks in the top 5. Camp Randall had more energy on Wednesday than Saturday
  7. DCI was formed abut two things: money and creative control, and as we know in any form of life, don't always work together in logical ways. quick, tell me a rule DCI rolled back in just shy of 50 years? One...vocals on the field back in the 70's. Granted they weren't amplified but still. Monster props are the new phase. remember props got big for a while in the 80's, the fazed out. But now as the designers consider themselves theater majors, they get more elaborate. Honestly....i don't see a change until someone gets seriously hurt.
  8. they had chances long before the regional circuits went buhbye. they chose to do nothing. i'm not saying they should be treated as they are. i have long advocated the mothership should do more for them in myriad ways ( even here on this site). But they are their own worst enemy.