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  1. i got your point also proved mine. thanks for coming, drive home safely. tshirts for sale in the lobby
  2. And you prove my point. If BD hasn’t in any year since 2007, who’s been a close second? 08? 11? 13? 16? 18? yup. BD. Wanna win that’s the corps ya gotta beat.
  3. hype is hype, be it a show announcement, details from attending a camp or stopping by spring training, a sneak peak, a rumor heard from a rumor about a rumor on DCP..... and history shows with BD, like em or not, they walk the walk regardless of the talk.
  4. well, as much as i love to crap on show announcements, let's look at some history here: 18 DCi Championships since 1976......7 since 2007. Finalist since 74. Never lower than 2nd since 2007. Only 8 times outside of the top 3 since 1974. Average placement is 2.2. Oh and the last time they went two years in a row without winning was 2005 and 2006. So yeah while I haven't been a BD honk for several of the last 15 years, I'd say history supports his claim
  5. not rocket science. i gave my credit card number to the corps for the first time in years, and i didn't for all of those years for one reason.
  6. no, but it's DCI, and no Labor Day schedule conflict with school stuff
  7. so whats the word? I know percussion bodies last year wasn't the issue it was brass. has that been rectified?
  8. I am hopeful, regardless of being old Madison, new Madison whatever Madison. Just be good