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  1. would the G's be as in tune with the same quality of sound? Just because you change the key of the horn doesn't mean everything is the same. Now corps at the lower levels of the rankings sound better on Bb than they did G. If the drill was performed as well and everything flowed and made sense, yes.
  2. well....what finally caused them to get serious about member safety?
  3. thats a larger portion of HS programs than you think.
  4. same time...interval time is consistent all year. One was outside, one was inside...yet issues happened that didn't happen on earlier viewings...and in fact Cabies I believe didnt have the issues outside at Allentown the week before, a day after a monsoon hit the region. It reminded me of Crown 17 and the mic issues finals week that weren't there a week before.
  5. odd how most of the issues with tarps I saw last year in DCI and DCA happened only at Championships.
  6. doesn't even have to be weather. overshoot a move or a jump ( thinking Vanguard performer last year), and boom.....not good.
  7. i have had to tell indoor groups to install them or they don't perform in a show in the circuit again without them.
  8. all of these and more are possible. fitness apps could be a thing...I am doing DDPYoga, and if this had been around 25 years ago when i was carrying a bass drum, i know my back would feel a lot better. Things like that.the possibilities are limitless
  9. technically i believe the rules for pretty much every circuit is 5 or 6 feet high require handrails for liability issues
  10. field judges is just a small part of the potential safety concerns out there. the quest for more and bigger and higher props is IMO the bigger issue.
  11. Jeff Ream

    Drum Corps Membership Changes

    Les Ambassadeurs had an all female "triple" line in 77 or 78
  12. Jeff Ream

    The Cavaliers top 12

    I worship the Machine...but I'm meh the rest of it. 99 is underrated tho
  13. I marched with a few, taught by and with a few....partied with too many LOL