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  1. Based on the statement I figured it was really a rental
  2. They had to. Or suits against YEA would have killed it
  3. i am really hoping they get more bodies....that will help a lot. I realize their business model won't have them knocking on the Saturday night door since they get seriously started later than everyone else, but man i'd love to see Friday not be a question mark up to the final day
  4. so.... we heard lots of rumors of bad business prior to April 2018. After that exploded, more and more came out, and eventually YEA dissolved and the only 2 valuable items....the corps and the band circuit....splt off and were bught respectively. The corps had rumors of issues financially but then again, after Hopghazi and splitting off on it's own, that wasn't a surprise. things seemed stable enough. Then Scott got pushed out after literally keeping the corps alive. then covid. then they came back out in 21, and back full force in 2022 with a new director after i forget the person that replaced Scott. Oh and that director and end of the season had drama and rumors of serious financial issues. Like a legend fired and that terminationended up driving that director out. Then they moved 7 hours away from the home base and came out last year. Rumors seemed mostly quiet, even right after the season...and then October hit. Then word of the lawsuit got out in addition to other rumors of financial issues that came up as 23 ended. so really, for 5+ years, the financial issues have always seemed to be lurking under the surface and just needed a trigger incident. the move to Erie didn't produce any kind of funding results and ###### off long time donors. No more band circuit to help keep robbing Peter to pay Paul. Maybe covid sped it up, but in hindsight....this may have been inevitable anyway. i noticed after Hopghazi USbands lost bands. since BD took over, it's gained a lot of bands and rave reviews for how it's run. of everything that happened in this time, in addition to feeling horrible for alumni seeing this all go down, i feel bad for Scott. He brought Crossmen back from dead in the 80's. He retired from a great teaching gi early to help keep his corps alive. And because they didn't bounce back right away and people got sold a bill of goods on others ( especially one who never got the top job anywhere else despite their best efforts)..man. so sad. but really....i'm not sure we wouldn't have ended up here anyway
  5. the good thing about drum corps is the bar is always raised ( and not in good ways) every few weeks
  6. none of your business Mr. Lawrence. actually i think i told him "it's everywhere online. do you guys ever look?"
  7. yup. i think upstairs is where it hurts more. but they are doing good things
  8. well word of this has of course spread to all corners of the universe....and not well received in most corners. Bet Nate is loving his 6th month on the job
  9. if they can get the percussion to improve, look out
  10. i'd say email Chris Lawrence and ask if he knows, but he'd demand to know who you heard it from before he'd answer
  11. yeah their transparency and track record is spotless regardless what Press releases say
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