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  1. cymbals was was when they hit the drum in between hitting the cymbals
  2. what i see of some of their rules and how sponsors get favored in judging, i smell a huge issue
  3. i'm not presuming that...i'm saying announcing sooner could have gotten more bodies
  4. cool. as i said i saw yay and nay. if it happened cool. but you can't deny they alienated alumni before the announcement ( and lets be honest, some alumni were unreasonable ######), they fired staff like they were Steinbrenner in the 70's and 80's, and presided over some wildly chaotic roller coaster of in and out of finals.
  5. hate to tell you, the rules changes you hate a small on a corps budget compared to food, fuel, housing and insurance
  6. process? no. interest to be sure they had numbers.....maybe
  7. yup. battery leading into the first big push in the main Phantom theme
  8. AHA! you've now admitted it! so now when you talk about kids going to lower corps and i bring up they aren't going there for a reason, you can't duck away!
  9. WC should be. i think they've made it too hard for OC
  10. problem for Gold is publicly they waited too long to announce this. if they had done it on the ride home from the over rated world championship facility DcA uses, it could ave helped
  11. but then you have the "it'll help the lower corps" mantra recently trotted out. theres thousands of kids not marching those corps now ( conveniently ignored by those trotting out that mantra by the way) because all of the focus is on the top dogs. sure its a dog eat dog world, but the current set up has those lower placing and OC corps eating milkbone underwear ($ to Norm Peterson)
  12. i've seen varying reports of if this happened or not. i dont care, if it helps fine. i do agree with others administration has made messes and alienated people long before last july