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  1. no bait and switch. i think you know where my feelings on anything Hopkins lies. I've also spelled out for you...slowly at times too...that I have issues with this particular hall of fame. But the simple, undeniable fact is this: if no one nominated Bonfiglio, there's no way in hell he was getting in. So I suggest you go to the website and submit a nomination for him, and while there, make your feelings known about Hopkins ( and Roman who you always seem to leave out) are in. Until then, you can rant and whine and moan on here all you want, it won't do you a #### bit of good. There, no bait or switch, just blunt force trauma reality
  2. easiest marketing approach: Come here and learn. Go to DCI and apply. Then come back here and show he next generation.
  3. band show recruiting and band staff recruiting helped bring Westshore back from literally dead in October 94 to 2nd place in 95, then DCA Champs in 96. Some felt the win was enough for 97, not factoring in many long time members were getting out...and well....the rest is history. DCA as a circuit should work to partner with band circuits to spread the word, regardless of corps. In PA/MD/NJ/DE/WV you have TOB, Cavalcade, USBands, PIMBA and LMBA. partner with them. Look TOB has a banner at major DCI shows, including finals week. Costs nothing. We then promote DCI events in our region. When contacted, we reach out to member schools to host events or house corps. They need real social media presence. Not just some posts during the week..they need stuff happening at shows. Cover Rules Congress. Make a video of show announcements or when it's revealed who is going to what shows. Show reveals. You name it.How is it I know more DCI drum majors names than DCA drum majors names? Easy. Social media.
  4. did you nominate him yet? they have a class of candidates every year. See....until someone nominates him, he doesn't get in. I know that ruins your rant, but facts tend to do that
  5. UD is also doing renovations over a few years period which helps. But honestly most complaints I hear about Indy isn't the city, it's the venue.
  6. OMG how did I miss that??? DNA definitely at work there
  7. he has some in WGI, and some in DCA, and tons of experience in the local circuits here. he knows his ####
  8. just say if i had my way, it'd be Gomez Addam's dream train scenario