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  1. this post full of nothing brought to you by gentleman Jack
  2. ticketmaster just refunded me disney on ice tickets so my hunch is they are working on event date....the ice show ( against my will) was 4/5
  3. famous last words when i try that line out on my wife for something i did around the house
  4. I hereby prescribe copious amounts of Jack Daniels straight no ice.
  5. i'm avoiding all medical conversations and just making fun of people if it helps you feel better
  6. my subscription renewed 2 weeks before WGI cancelled. so i emailed them last night asking what refund options i have, as 98% of why i purchased are null and void. they did try to offer me a pause of 3 months, to which i reminded them that in 3 months why i watch still won't be happening, so it looks like i'll be getting a prorated refund
  7. they need to unwund 2020 before they can start 2021