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  1. per social media Ernie and the organization have "mutually agreed to part ways"
  2. i tend to agree. i want to like it, but it doesnt engage me in a way that makes me want to stand up
  3. The other cymbal tech mentioned failed the kid also
  4. Why did the student not go to DVI’s reporting hotline? I thought that was made known to all to use! that ####er needs fired from everywhere like yesterday
  5. funny i have been saying that about trombones for years and i got blasted for being old schoo..
  6. It covered the full triad but most importantly the pacing of effects and the transitions were seamless
  7. Yeah conceptually as portrayed it’s thin. It’s in need of something
  8. Try being an EST guy on PST for a week and seeing scores come in while watching fireworks at Disneyland
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