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  1. Jeff Ream

    Tarpon Springs - Digital Screens

    kids today will be more vocal about it in places where they can hide their identity, like reddit.
  2. Jeff Ream

    Regiment Ramblings (What If?)

    embrace the past yes. continue to follow the same basic formula year after year after year after
  3. Jeff Ream

    Regiment Ramblings (What If?)

    Phantom got locked into a certain style of show for a long time....and then the game changed. players changed, but if results didnt live up to expectations, new players came in. Phantom needs to unburden themselves of trying to maintain the tradition of Phantom shows past, and design for what is working today. In addition, the competition at the top is much stronger than ever. The days of Phantom being somewhere 2-6 are over...ask Madison who has slid even further down. The emergence of Bluecoats, Crown and now Boston, plus the resurgence of the Cavies has made it super tight at the top, and you know Cadets are itching to break back up into that level with all of the recent developments and personnel changes.
  4. Jeff Ream

    Tarpon Springs - Digital Screens

    better: it helps the kids being part of a truly interactive performance using technology as well as human made sights and sounds
  5. Jeff Ream

    Tarpon Springs - Digital Screens

    very intentionally thanks. and much of the equipment, props and uniforms get re-sold to help cover the costs. I know, my wife helps manage a consignment company that resells flags and uniforms, and corps stuff rolls in and out the door annually.
  6. Jeff Ream

    Tarpon Springs - Digital Screens

    i said it before, i'll say it again....risk/reward. you can take the risk in marching band. it doesnt work, ok you tried. it fails in drum corps, see ya!
  7. Jeff Ream

    Tarpon Springs - Digital Screens

    if you're going to spend 3-5k a season to march a show lasting tops 11:30, you're #### well going to like it or not march. otherwise you're basically phoning it in and not committing fully to the product or corps.
  8. Jeff Ream

    Tarpon Springs - Digital Screens

    Facebook should get double then...we deal with way more stupidity
  9. Jeff Ream

    The Cadets 2019

    yeah I think quiet is a good thing. With the new CEO in charge, I have a feeling the entire organization is focused on getting her up to speed, finishing up band season and the new board members getting in
  10. Jeff Ream

    Tarpon Springs - Digital Screens

    i just watch it on Flo. far cheaper
  11. Jeff Ream

    Tarpon Springs - Digital Screens

    if they called you an ###, hit the report button
  12. Jeff Ream

    Tarpon Springs - Digital Screens

    or a corps could rent this from Tarpon for the summer at a discounted cost. Plus then sell Tarpon equipment they aren't using anymore. There's lot of ways groups find to cut costs. I do agree at times you wonder when it ends, but the bottom line for a corps, the 4 biggest funding concerns are fuel, food, insurance and housing.
  13. Jeff Ream

    Tarpon Springs - Digital Screens

    singing. that was kind of hot with Garfield ( and the one point penalty), then came back later ( Freelancers in the 80's, then of course Boston 99-02). thats about it. and I will rip on stuff regardless of score, and vice versa for liking it. I remember in 2012, watching BD in Allentown with a bunch of kids nearby literally trashing BD worse than anything on here that summer.