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Colt Cadets Announce 2012 Program

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The Colt Cadets are excited to announce their 2012 program, Alive! The Colt Cadets are coming off their second consecutive year as DCI Open Class Finalists. The design team and instructional staff are hard at work getting the members up to speed on the music and finalizing plans for the show. The 2012 program is [...]

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Pit_Girl_77    76


When a group of mad scientists sets out to create the ultimate drum corps beast, the results are fantastically disturbing. Things come unglued as the creatures wreak havoc on the field. But most don't realize that all they really want is to find their place. Acceptance brings peace. And peace brings fulfillment. The Colt Cadets tell this supernatural tale through the music of Reber Clark (Escape From Chronopolis), Alan Silvestri (Themes from Van Helsing), Beethoven (Piano Sonata No. 8, Op. 13, "Pathetique"), Bernard Hermann (Theme from Psycho), and Frank Wildhorn (Facade from the musical, Jekyll & Hyde). Evolution finds strange new meaning when the Colt Cadets present their 2012 program, ALIVE!

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