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  1. Phantom 2008 Finals---i would love to feel the energy in the stadium! We were crying watching in the movie theatre during quarter finals! Tied with: The Madison Alumni Project---I spent a chunck of my high school summers following the Scouts around the uppermidwest with my band buddies. ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•
  2. I put a few more photos on Twitter from the show tonight. Everything was great, got to sit next to the parents of a Blue Stars soloist, a River City alumni from their winterline, and other great folks that made the show fun. Opening of Bluecoats, right before my battery died on the phone Random highlights and thoughts--- 3 MN corps to open the show!!! Love it!!! Ticketing/people finding the right seats/etc. was a bit of a mess, like usual, but the staff was super nice (Like usual! Love Minnesota!) My father predicts that this stadium is going to get a major overhaul pretty quick, as it is just about the only athletic facility on the MN State Mankato campus that has not been renovated in the past 10 years. I love this place, but it does need handrails for the very steep steps, wider marked seats, and more access for handicapped folks. And way more women's bathrooms. Lots more. (What stadium doesn't?) Also, they really should block off a section in the stands for drum majors to stand, as all the big corps have to find a spot to squeeze in. But with all of that, it is still the coolest stadium to see a show in! Traffic getting out of the stadium was well managed, lots of people directing, great job on that! Maybe one year we can do this without major construction within 500 feet of the stadium... Everyone did great in the shows. I really enjoyed Blue Stars much more with additions made since I saw the theater show opening night. Bluecoats was very intense live, and you can get whiplash trying to watch everything going on. Troopers ballad was wonderful, and about had me in tears thinking about the Phantom Regiment bus incident last night (Us old folks all remember Phantom 1991 doing the opera show, right?). Speaking of Troopers...thank you for an amazing encore! We got another listen to the ballad, and then some patriotic music (I cannot remember which song, but thank goodness it was not the Stars and Stripes...maybe Battle Hymn?) to end the show. My crew left the stands very happy :)
  3. Putting some photos on Twitter of the show, someone feel free to add them here! #drumcorps #thunderofdrums
  4. I love the Mankato stadium----my home show! Scouts 1995 is my very favorite drum corps memory in that stadium, so close to the action the drum majors are in the stands for the big corps :). Waiting for any Colts updates....scores have been announced in California...bored...
  5. On Facebook live Madison had video of them setting up on the field, but it turned off before the show started of course...so Madison is just starting now.
  6. Saw the show in a Sioux Falls theatre that was about 1/3 full, and this was about the 4th different theatre I needed to go find someone to turn the volume up. Also, why is there on worker hanging around to hit the lights at the end of the show? Oh well, customer service was good up front, so that was cool.... Anyway, I enjoyed all the shows but did not have a clear favorite or goosebump moment. Overall I smiled the most during the Cavies show, hoping for a larger "Mars" section in the final ending. I liked the cheesy goofiness of it, and look forward to seeing this one again to look for things I missed the first time. I loved the first half of Crowns show, thinking that it is a show my dad would love with classic, recognizable music played very very well. I know lots of folks are knocking the vocal soloist doing "For Good", but I almost cried....love you my Colt Cadets from 2010 that did this!!! Great memories of great kids and I will love every time I see this over the summer....but...After the ballad I was confused, hoping for some rewrites here. Just...huh? Blue Stars look elegant, nice first 2 acts. I love Moulan Rouge, but it just did not seem to fit here? I get the theme, but the sound clips were jarring and out of place when compared to the rest of the show, and I am thinking the ending has more in the works. I will get to see them live in a couple weeks, so we will see how that 2nd veiwing is. Bluecoats seem to have the swagger I always associated with the blue devils. Taking the field they just look like a crew that know they are on top-confident, at ease with performing, arrogant maybe...I liked the show, but it does not have the same "wow" as last year...yet..time will tell. 2% power on tablet and way past bedtime, maybe more tomorrow!
  7. Cavies was my favorite show tonight in the theatre. I can see how it is not as hard or polished or whatever as some others, but I liked the music, smiled a bunch, and even lol at one point. One request---more Mars????? PLEASE???? With no weird sound effects, just a good minute of blow my face off brass and drums? Then end with anything you want, I trust ya after last year...
  8. Of course crown was amazing, Roxanne has gained lots of cool details since the opening movie event. No weakness to my untrained eye, loved it all and can't wait to see what they add before finals. Blue star setting up for encore, gonna try to periscope it on my tablet since the phone is about dead...
  9. Blue stars-wow (did I say that already? I need a thesaurus) First, who ever put the sparkles on the uniforms did a fantastic job, the hornline looks amazing. I watched on trumpet run for about 30 counts I think,the whole group is in great shape. Lots of cool equipment tossed between the guards members, the high school Kids next to me were very impressed. I am not sure about the lampshades??? Need to do some research I guess, but the show was lots of fun to watch. Here comes Crown...
  10. Colts-so beautiful, huge sound, did great 💕💕💕 nothing bad I can say, just clean some visual kiddos, the folks around me loved you! (and so do I of course...just a bit bias...) Blue stars setting up, and I have 14% battery. Gonna be right.
  11. Pioneer- 💕💕💕 don't miss this show looking for a hotdog. Great vocalist (maybe put a skirt on her? Can't decide, I am amazed that she goes on and out of the hornline too...) and the death is awesome. Crowd loved it :)
  12. INT right now.. River City has a huge drumline...I am not an expert by any means, but I thought they were great, playing with lots of confidence. Lots of good aggression in the guard too, just a bit of cleaning needed (like everyone in early july). Not as much theme/props/story as many other groups, so that may hurt them scorewise (As a "dino" I can't believe I just wrote that), but still an enjoyable show to watch.
  13. Colt cadets-wow!!! So proud of you guys. "Smile" is my favorite moment so far, trumept soloists (are they 12?) did great. Rifle and saber work was very nice up front, and big colorful flags during the whole show. Something was off with something electronic at the start, but no woeries, everything rocked.
  14. #dci #thunderofdrums MN Brass-great show! Full concept from start to finish, nice use of voiceover that was fun and moved the story along. A bit of a prop issue at one point with some tripping, but good recovery. Full horn sound, great guards work, lots of notes in the drumline... Oh yeah, the govies I think have a harder horn book them in the past, but I could be wrong...anyway... Great job to both MN DCA corps! Colt Cadets in the field...