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  1. Hmmmm.... so, I don't age a bit till then??? COOL!! Love ya, Fran!!!
  2. I've been away.... WAY too long but, such is life. I have a ton on my plate lately and the load just keeps growing... so, when I get a moment or two... I'll post. Yes, I know I went back too far but, I simply got sick of looking for where I left off. I'm working my way back. Sorry folks. It is what it is. And Mom is my main concern right now. Hugs to All!
  3. Boot the Fallon...... isn't that an arcade game?
  4. That's just wrong on so many levels! LMAO All Broccoli aside
  5. Wish I could find video back up.... that was Classic!! Would love to share the experience! Too funny!!
  6. Frank, are you in touch with Dom's son, Frankie? If he doesn't have a copy I bet he'd love one. If you need contact info let me know. HUGS!
  7. that's just not fair. Why are you allowed to hoard all these wonders? Do you need my address? lol
  8. Please Read Before You Post If you *know* who it is.... please wait a while (not everyone is on here all day or even daily for that matter) If there have been no Guesses..........Then give a *challenging* hint. When giving hints on these try to be creative and just dangle the tiniest tidbit. Make people really think / work on it. Then wait it out a while before tossing another tiny vague tidbit... C'mon we've got to make these last a little longer. PLEASE?? Also, any comments made MUST be made in good taste... this is a fun loving thread... not a revenge match. Please spew your venom elsewhere. Please submit any questions and / or pics in their full size (preferably JPG format), with full description - names, Corps, Stadium, Year... etc. to: The *Guess Who* Mailbox Thanx in advance! All that said and out of the way.. Guess Who Left to Right, one at a time, please # 532 ? (Click on pic to enlarge / enhance) 1, Far left..... is indeed William "Duke" Ducharme 2.?????
  9. Andy, you can be such a poop at times. Stop making things so easy!!
  10. Fran, Those guys don't look a bit familiar to you?? The dame in the photo isn't really the focus here... she was playing hostess. I doubt she'll be named. LOL