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  1. Most of the SCV is kinda old, but they have a pretty nice newer bus too...
  2. http://scvanguard.org/vanguard_cadets/2007/show.cfm
  3. Heh, well, actually, I am really excited to see the other corps shows. I really wanna see the Colt Cadets' show, but I dont think we do any shows together :( I dont really know anything about any of hte other shows, so I can't wait to see them all!
  4. I'd be willing to bet a somewhat significant number of people wouldnt be allowed to march from their parents not being able to be in contact with them.
  5. All of our horns are X, so I'm X16 technically, I guess.
  6. Hah, you can barely see me in that pic! I'm the last trumpet >.>
  7. NOT DRUM CORPS. I am SO not going to their souvie booth!
  8. A friend of a friend got into the Cavvies this year. He's a sophmore in High School.
  9. Isnt there a minimum age? I think its 14. There was a 14 year old bari in Crown last year.
  10. Ah! Maybe that was you that I saw with the Renegades jacket! :P