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  1. You took the word "win" too literally. I was using it as a replacement for competitive. And by competitive I mean being in a position to perform on Saturday night. It also means that you aren't "competing" against Open Class corps on Thursday night. You compared BD with you think any of the girls from either of those corps will be auditioning for a spot in Madison, or do they like "winning"?
  2. Which leaves the less talented boys and girls earning a spot in Madison instead of not marching. It's hard to program and clean a show with poor talent.
  3. The lower talent pool most likely. The girls who are more talented have already been going to the higher tier co-ed corps. Madison is not a great corps that will be a destination for people who weren't aware of drum corps the last time Madison placed well. It is a competitive activity and most people want to part of a winner.
  4. Saya tahu apa yang kamu maksud. Seragam itu tidak bagus!
  5. Absolutely is what I was thinking about local (UW has a lot of talented musicians) who may as well travel anywhere if there is no local corps. I hope someone convinces the leadership to hold a weekend audition/clinic in Madison.
  6. He wasn't specific to auditions, and I think camps make sense to be where access is easy. But for auditions, why should Madison area kids have to travel away from Madison to audition? Local band directors would send a lot of kids to auditions when they were held at East which is a great way to generate interest in the corps. If they have to travel they can go to any corps that they want while Madison would be the path of least resistance. If I were a parent and my kid wanted to march I would not pay for him to travel to audition IF my local corps held auditions in town. Of course if I had a "her", I would travel with her to Devils! Madison should try to reestablish a presence in Madison again and holding and audition/clinic in Madison.
  7. I wish there was a sarcasm button. These people are loons, BUT there is a thread about Madison where the topic of gender was covered. I apologize fo not being clear...LOONS I tell you!!!
  8. Please don't use gendered language like you did. Apparently, there are members who do not identify as "men" and you are insulting them by using gendered language. This is a good way to approach the words we speak.
  9. The Madison Scouts as we know them will disappear at 5:00 PM ET on August 9, 2019. The next iteration of Madison will not resemble anything we are used to seeing, but it will not be the Madison Scouts. RIP Madison Scouts. You were my first love in drum corps.
  10. You would go to DCP rather than DCI to find scores? I find that hard to fathom. Since you haven't been following, two Open Class corps decided to not tour to Indy or the Scouts would be in 18th place after last night. But I suspect you actually did know that.
  11. It appears that their improvement was no less or greater than anyone else. Did you expect them to stop rehearsing?
  12. Gender Dysphoria DSM-5 302.85. You can look it up in your copy of the DSM-V. Trans Life Survivors, Heyer, W. 2018
  13. I hope you're joking. The two terms are interchangeable in medicine.
  14. You're right, the DSM no longer lists homosexuality and there is a similar move to remove pedophilia from the next edition ( but I stated a fact that cannot be disputed. There are still many psychiatrists who believe that Gender Dysphoria is a mental illness and that many young people are being taught things that are dangerous to their own mental well-being. The debate on whether is should be removed from the next edition is ongoing because there hasn't been longitudinal studies of enough patients to get firm data. There have many reports of transgender regret from doctors around the world, which is one of the reason the APA is reluctant to remove GD as a disease. This is why I stated that many older people are concerned about mental illness. The current generation of kids have been diagnosed and treated for more mental illnesses than any generation before them. Coping mechanisms have been replaced with drugs and therapy. I'm as concerned about misdiagnoses of depression as I am GD. My point to the OP was that you can't "view" something that is scientifically based differently just because you want to. You may think Facebook is correct in stating that there are 58 genders, but the science doesn't support that notion, nor does DNA, or the medical society.