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  1. With the absence of Spirit, the Scouts will improve one spot from 2019. How is that a strong move back in the right direction? I think a strong case can be made for Boston making a strong move in the right direction, but it seems Madison is treading water. Is the show design really more well-rounded than 2019?
  2. When was the last time the Madison Scouts scored in the 90s?
  3. Will all the seasons be 4 weeks long? How does DCI generate income if there are no shows relative to past years? Will kids want to pay the usual fees for less than 2 months of activity? I feel like this was a treading water year and that things need to return to normal or the activity will die.
  4. So, you're saying they chose not to judge this season, not that they couldn't because of a worldwide pandemic? The CDC says that to be exposed you have to be within 6 feet of an infected person for 15 minutes of longer. How could a judge meet that criteria? So, is it the added cost, or COVID? Lastly, are you saying that fans wouldn't filled the stands if the shows were judged? You chose to be offended by a simple question followed by explanations because the no judging doesn't seem logical on its face. Why so defensive? I don't care if they're judged or not I was seeking clarification because my life doesn't revolve are drum corps 12 months a year.
  5. That doesn't explain the INABILITY to judge. They simply chose not to judge, which means the pandemic didn't prohibit judging...DCI did.
  6. What does the pandemic have to do with not judging a competition. I just saw that Biles won a Bronze. Did the judges not know there was a worldwide pandemic since 2020. That's quite a non-sequitur.
  7. Not living and breathing drum corps. I came on here the weekend that touring started.
  8. Thank you. I popped in today because I knew the season started yesterday. I hadn't heard about the non judging.
  9. I see that there were no scores posted from last night's competitions. When will judging start? With such a short season it seems like corps would want judges' feedback immediately, especially the contenders.
  10. You took the word "win" too literally. I was using it as a replacement for competitive. And by competitive I mean being in a position to perform on Saturday night. It also means that you aren't "competing" against Open Class corps on Thursday night. You compared BD with BC...do you think any of the girls from either of those corps will be auditioning for a spot in Madison, or do they like "winning"?
  11. Which leaves the less talented boys and girls earning a spot in Madison instead of not marching. It's hard to program and clean a show with poor talent.
  12. The lower talent pool most likely. The girls who are more talented have already been going to the higher tier co-ed corps. Madison is not a great corps that will be a destination for people who weren't aware of drum corps the last time Madison placed well. It is a competitive activity and most people want to part of a winner.
  13. Saya tahu apa yang kamu maksud. Seragam itu tidak bagus!
  14. Absolutely is what I was thinking about local (UW has a lot of talented musicians) who may as well travel anywhere if there is no local corps. I hope someone convinces the leadership to hold a weekend audition/clinic in Madison.
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