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  1. I was stationed at Fort Hood with the 1st Cavalry Division Band and in between Iraq tours we toured the state and would often have drum corps veterans come and talk to me, and ask questions. It's obvious they still loved music and want to be apart of something so I always wondered what happened in this region since DCI is able to recruit so strongly. Factor in the larger universities with big bands or music programs I figured it'd be an easy sell.

    Love some Shenandoah Sound! They just perform for the love it, try new things and develop every year. At DCA South Championships, they broke into a full dance of the Cupid Shuffle as they trooped the stands and the crowd went wild. I was standing on the field and looked at one of my corpmates and said "that's my favorite corps. They keep it real and just don't care."

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  2. First thru third will be within 1.5 points. 97.5 - 99 range

    Fourth thru eighth will be within 3 points. 92 - 95 range

    Ninth & Tenth will be close as well, but well below the other two blocks. 85 - 87


    1. Buccaneers

    2. Caballeros

    3. Minnesota Brass

    4. Hurricanes

    5. Cadets2

    6. Kidsgrove Scouts

    7. Renegades

    8. Empire Statesmen

    9. Atlanta CV

    10. Fusion Core


    CLASS A Finals

    1. Govenaires

    2. Carolina Gold

    3. Windsor Regiment

    4. Cincinnati Tradition

    I agree with CLASS A Finals! That fourth place spot is going to be a battle! I'm ready are you? :)

  3. Glad to see the return of inner-city Drum Corps! I've been watching information for these corps and I like the idea behind what their doing. Their website... the biggest case I've seen on why FLASH is evil. Regardless, bringining Drum Corps back to the inner city means you can have more neighborhood focused groups that can recruit from a consistent membership pool. Also, it potentially brings DCI from being an expensive option for musical and personal development to something affordable and accesible by all. I think it's a fan and member base that has in the current state of affairs is ignored possibly due to lack of funds.

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  4. Overall it was very entertaining and obviously it's early season it's good to see corps hittng their closers really hard. I missed Legends but caught all the other shows. I agree with Cavies98 on his Cavies comments and echo some.

    Colts - Their closer is strong and has some nice build up but the ballad seems a little long with not a lot of contrast. Sloopy marching, and weird guard costumes along with disjointed music make it hard to grasp at times.

    Cavaliers - Visually, their show is excting though hard to follow at times. Guard uniforms are epic and really work to showcase someone who is in the middle of their "15 minutes". LOVED the playback of "Fame" by Bowie and how they weaved it into the show but the electronics and amplification are too much to the point you question if the speaker is blown or are they going to start playing some DUBSTEP in the middle of the show. Hopefully they balance it out before finals but otherwise nice show. 6 BASS DRUMS!!

    The Cadets - A very entertaining show with some elements from 93,97, and 97. Mainly the FUN side of the corps with music and visuals that are accesible and easy listening. Amazing backfield full corp work that creates amazing contrasts. There were some phasing issues and some feet issues in the closer but again.. it's early season and they'll be melting our faces and moving lighting fast as before. As always George Hopkins had perfect hair and might be the most buff director in DCI.

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