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  1. So where is VK? Nobody from the organization is saying anything. No announcements or responses to questions. They used to post on here and everywhere else all the time regarding auditions, camps, fundraisers....
  2. No response. And on their Facebook page there's still no information except a post from an upset member or parent regarding not getting refunded $500 for last season when they cut the season short and that VK is "bankrupt". Does anyone know if this accurate? facebook/velvet-knights
  3. Then I guess we'll know soon enough! Thanks!
  4. I've enjoyed the Velvet Knights the past few years and have enjoyed watching them improve. It's nice seeing something "different" on the field. I was wondering if anyone has any information regarding their 2013 season. I know of a few kids who'd like to audition but we cant seem to find anything as to dates/times/location for anything. Their website says you can register but like I said, no other information. With their show schedule not up on DCI's website, it makes me kinda worried. Can anyone help?