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  1. 2 hours ago, nsxanax said:

    What a difference a week makes. 

    Hope has returned and Crown’s resurgence of late has raised expectations exponentially. Even the staunchest critics are likely to concede that CC’s in play, with the DCI world now focused on Indy.

    As we wait impatiently for Thursday, thoughts tend to wander, if for no other reason than to ward off the obsession that can overtake hard core fans on finals week. In a bit of whimsy, I thought back to some of the epic finishes. There are many I’m sure, but [with a nod to showing my age], SCV ‘89 and Star ‘91 are, even after 3 decades, held in high regard.

    So the question, for all you arm chair, show designers and GE gurus: if you could call an Aaron Rogers(esque) audible, for a Hail Mary maneuver/GE tweek/you name it, for Crown to implement on Saturday night, what would it be?


    Brighter flags in the opener! There’s great flag work going on during the crazy drill move where the center guy doesn’t move, but you can’t see it. 

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  2. 2 minutes ago, chris ncsu said:

    lol.  But not champion-ship level GE or visual performance. You could argue that they were still underscored in those, maybe enough to help them medal, but not win.

    Incidentally, 2015 was one of the rare times (in the last 20 years) that Cadets won a regional.  San An.

    I loved that show - one of my top 10 favorites. However, the guard staging left so much more to be desired. There are several places where you could almost 'feel' where guard should be located on the field to compliment a particular musical moment, but they weren't there. I think this hurt their GE score more than switching to black hurt their visual score...

  3. 9 hours ago, cixelsyd said:

    Watering down brass charts is what lets me down.  Marveling at some impossible phrase all season, only to get to championships and discover my favorite highlight is gone.

    For whatever reason, 2018 stands out as the year hornlines kept the best parts of their shows.  Change is good!

    THIS!!!!!!!!! Crown '14. In the closer right after the crazy runs, they make a full corps form (a big "X" I think) that drifts right at half time and they start playing the big power chords. Early season the lower trumpets had an awesome descending 8th note line under the chords. Some time towards the end of July they cut it out and just gave them the power chords with the rest of the corps. It's soooo boring compared to the original.


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