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  1. Brighter flags in the opener! There’s great flag work going on during the crazy drill move where the center guy doesn’t move, but you can’t see it.
  2. I loved that show - one of my top 10 favorites. However, the guard staging left so much more to be desired. There are several places where you could almost 'feel' where guard should be located on the field to compliment a particular musical moment, but they weren't there. I think this hurt their GE score more than switching to black hurt their visual score...
  3. Sooooo close to being a nice, constructive, positive comment.
  4. When a guard moment becomes a musical moment, you're doing it right.
  5. Does anyone else love the moment in the closer where the whole corps stops and goes silent, then the voices in unison say "MOVE!" - right before the bari feature? Almost seems like a nod to the fact that they're about to go nuts with that drill in the ending.
  6. That’s how 2015 started too, isn't it? There were some rewrites mid season to add more meat.
  7. We were there live last night, row 7 on the 50. The clarity and intonation in the first statement is something I've never heard anything remotely close to in 15 years of following the activity.
  8. THIS!!!!!!!!! Crown '14. In the closer right after the crazy runs, they make a full corps form (a big "X" I think) that drifts right at half time and they start playing the big power chords. Early season the lower trumpets had an awesome descending 8th note line under the chords. Some time towards the end of July they cut it out and just gave them the power chords with the rest of the corps. It's soooo boring compared to the original.
  9. The London Bridge part is from the 4th movement of Ives' "Old Home Days".
  10. Not working on the app still Edit: good now
  11. Did my feed just get quiet or did they add a LOT of dynamic contrast to the last push of the opener?
  12. Too late to jump on the "can I have the link?" stagecoach?
  13. Well, I was refreshing his Facebook since 8 and never saw it - now it's not available :-/
  14. Am I the only one not seeing the link on his Facebook yet?
  15. Are we looking at the same 2012 visual program? O_o
  16. I was just thinking the other day when a corps is going to do Rouse music - Marian Catholic HS has done a lot of his music and it translates*very* well to the field.
  17. Nothing against The Academy, but any chance GE1 judge accidentally flipped his scores between them and Phantom? Everything would seem to make a lot more sense if those two scores were flipped in that caption.
  18. I just got this response when I asked about it: "The 2014 subscriptions will be available within the next 24 hours. We apologize for the gap in service. Thank you for supporting the DCI Fan Network."