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    Revolution (DCI) 2012, Arkansas Thunder (DCA)
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    Troopers, Santa Clara Vanguard, Cadets, Blue Knights, and Phantom Regiment.
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    I really enjoy the 1974 Troopers finals performance, Old School Drum Corps at it's finest!
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    2012 (My first DCI season marching)
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    Arkadelphia, Arkansas
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    Marching my Age out year in DCI with the Troopers 2013 Snareline!!

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    Broadhurst, Tyler

    Tyler Broadhurst Troopers, Snare Drum My name is Tyler Broadhurst, and this will be my 3rd and AGEOUT year in Drum Corps! I marched with Revolution D&BC (DCI) in 2012 and with Arkansas Thunder (DCA) in 2011 and have been blessed with the opportunity to march with the Troopers for this upcoming 2013 season. I started marching my 9th grade year with the Legacy of Bryant High School Marching Band (BOA) from Bryant, Arkansas. After having instructors and and a very close friend in drum corps (She marched Troop in '08 and '10 and caused me to fall in love with the corps through her stories and enthusiasm towards Troop), I decided to audition my freshman year in college (while at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. GO HOGS) for the local all age corps that had sprouted up in Hot Springs, Arkansas that very year. Though small, the DCA corps taught me an excellent work ethic, that I used to audition and march for my first DCI corps, Revolution D&BC (from San Antonio, TX), in 2012. I am a Junior Music Education Major at Henderson State University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. I have a passion for marching percussion, and plan to use all the experience and knowledge I gain through drum corps to teach at the High School level in Arkansas and Texas. This is an amazing educational opportunity, but it cost a great deal of money (which is not available to a Full-time college student who takes 18 hours a semester to maintain his scholarship). Tuition for the Troopers this year is $2550, but because I live in Arkansas, airfare can cost between 200-350 dollars for each camp (not including $90 camp fees each camp during the winter). Please help me make my dream of being able to wear the Cross Sabres a reality in my AGEOUT year! If you feel moved to donate to me, here is the link for the Troopers Website Please remember to put my name, Tyler Broadhurst. :) Or if you wish to help me with my other drum corps expenses, I have set up a PayPal account (through the email Thank you for helping me to make my AGEOUT in Drum Corps possible! -Tyler Broadhurst Henderson State Percussion