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  1. I agree. Too bad my best instructor is currently on tour with the cavaliers. I cannot wait for him to get back!
  2. Yep. I signed up for information, but definitely still a high ranking guard.
  3. I'm entering my senior year of high school and by the end of this marching season I will have had 4 years on flag and 2 on rifle and saber. I have never been in a winter guard, but am searching for one for this winter. I know I have a lot of practicing to do to make a world class corps. My long term goal is to be in Phantom Regiment, but obviously my chances of making that this year are slim to none. What is a good corps to audition for my first year? I will probably audition for Phantom anyway for the experience. I live in Wisconsin, but I can't bring myself to do Pioneer. Also, given that move ins are in May and school doesn't end till June here, how did you guys handle that? I'm taking all AP classes senior year, so I should be in the clear since I will have already taken exams, correct? Lastly, any overall tips? (: