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  1. Just curious why it stopped coming to the falls, it helped a lot of the local bands see how a drum corps rehearsed before band camp would start
  2. I wanted to audition for blue devils because I plan on being a band director and would love to get in with a corps that is known for finishing high, and because I enjoy their style a great bit
  3. I'm debating on what corps to audition for in 2016, and am curious about what level I would need to be at to be a blue devils trumpet for the 2016 season
  4. Hi all! I was just curious what the different mouthpieces and mouthpiece sizes the corps use, as I want to be used to playing on one for a Carolina Crown audition next year! thanks a ton!
  5. Currently in the market for a new trumpet I can play through the rest of high school and college and was wondering how good are the SB12's and would it be good for concert season and orchestral settings as well as marching season? I'm coming from a Yamaha YTR 2335 which is a student model horn.
  6. I'm 15 and about to audition for my first corps the Oregon Crusaders on trumpet, and was wondering, what should I expect at the audition and how hard is it to make the corps?