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    Hello! My name is Fernando, and this will be my first year with the Oregon Crusaders! I fell in love with the marching activity from the first year I marched with my High School's marching band. The summer after my first year marching, my section leader talked to me about DCI, and got me to go watch a local show with some other band members. I still remember the thrill I felt when we first listened to the corps warm up in the lot. My mind was blown when I watched the fast drill and difficult music being executed with such high precision. From that day, my desire to experience performing a show like the ones i watched was born. Two years later, I now have the opportunity to partake in this activity and hopefully to have the same effect on other people. Tuition for the Oregon Crusaders this year is $3500. I am currently working to pay my dues, but could use any and all help. Below is my GoFundMe link and also a link to the Oregon Crusader website if you would like to donate directly. Thank you for the support! -Fernando Barragan Pay through GoFundMe: http://www.gofundme.com/fernandoOC Pay through OC website: http://oregoncrusaders.org/members/payments/