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  1. Week 31 Update: Holy cow it's been a while. Figured I should give one more update just before the new year! I'll go ahead and scrap all the progress stuff and just talk about what I've been up to. Since my last post, I marched a full season with my college marching band on the baritone. I held up pretty well as a matter of fact. My goal was to not be the weakest link and in my opinion, I was probably one of the stronger ones! Learned a lot of music during the season, learned a lot about marching thanks to my section leader having just come back from a season
  2. Week 9 Update: Yikes! It's been three weeks! I've been so busy that I forgot to post to the log but have no fear, I have been practicing. Buzzing - I've been letting this one go, but it's still going well. Free Buzzing - Okay :( Will do more work Long Tones - Excellent. I can actually feel and hear myself warm up. Pedal Tones - So much better. Playing with more of the wet part of the lip helps Note Entrance and Release - Solid as ever Tonguing - Dang this is going good. I guess it's nearly a direct transfer from sax. No issues in the slightest. Double tonguing isn't so bad ei
  3. Thank you so much for your kind words! I'll be taking your tips into account. See you at BLOO
  4. Week 6 Update: Baritone is quickly becoming a favorite hobby of mine. Learning a new instrument with a solid foundation in music already is so fun. Today I learned that I've had my tuning slide in backwards for about 2 weeks. Flipper her around and things are sounding a lot better. Buzzing - Excellent. Finally grasping the concept of buzzing "in" the mouthpiece Free Buzzing - Really good! I was impressed by myself in this today. Long Tones - Much better now that I fixed my tuning slide. Low notes don' get very loud. Pedal Tones - Gotten much better. Took pressure off, buzzed "in" t
  5. Week 5 Update: A lot of work done. My college tunes are going great. Using simple siren exercises to increase range. I can hit an F on a good day. Buzzing - Great Free Buzzing - Great Long Tones - Able to push more air between registers, more resonant sound Pedal Tones - These have gotten worse? I'm not sure the issue here. Note Entrance and Release - Great Tonguing - Going very well Lip Slurs on the horn - I've got it!!! I think I've finally conquered the muscles in control here. Dexterity - Ring finger could be better. Double Tonguing - Not bad. I'm taking it quite slow to build
  6. Week 4 Update: Lots of work done. I halfway sorted out my pedal tone issue. It seems to just depend on what day I'm playing. Also, I just learned that I have THREE spit valves. Who knew? Still working on that warm-up packet. Things are going good, but there are a lot of technique exercises that I just can't handle yet. Also my range is no good (1st Ledger Line C is the highest consistent note). PLEASE send some really good range exercises my way. Two days ago, my college marching band director sent us the pregame music. Things like the fight song, school song, star spangled b
  7. Week 3 Update: I'm very pleased and very displeased. I have made a lot of progress but I have also taken steps back in a few areas. The routine has changed completely. On Monday I had a lesson with my former high school band director who plays euphonium. He gave me a warm-up packet by Micah Everett of University of Louisiana (Warmp-Up and Maintenance Routine for Euphonium Bass Clef, Level 2). This is what I've been playing out of. I've pretty much ditched the Troopers etude for now because I'm not ready. Buzzing - Good! Matching pitches very well and slurring okay. Long Tones - Okay. Resona
  8. Week 2 Update: Oops! I'm a couple of days late. Again, I've practiced 3 or 4 times and things are still going well. Lip slurs are getting better (going up is hard!). The Troopers etude sounds a lot better. I had a buddy who's fairly amazing at euphonium come and give me some tips concerning the piece and I think he really helped out. I'll try to get a video up here soon! Horn carriage HURTS. But, it is going well. 2 minutes is killer. Aiming for a minimum for 2:30 next week, maximum 3:00. I have to remind myself to not tense up, that seems to make it easier. I found a warmup regimen from o
  9. Week 1 Update: I've practiced 3 or 4 times in the past week, and things are going well. In my warm-up, I practice long tones and changing partials and I'm really getting the hang of it. I have a piece I'm working on, it's the 2012 Troopers Lyrical Audition Etude ( That is going... Okay at best. I can hit all the notes, just not necessarily on the first try. Once I think the piece is ready, I'll post a video of me playing it. Lastly, I've been working on horn carriage. I was in marching band for four years in high school, tw
  10. Learning Baritone to march DCI! Hello everyone! This post will serve as my personal log in my adventure to learn baritone in an effort to one day march drum corps. If this disrespects any guidelines of the forums, feel free to let me know and I'll remove accordingly. A little about me: First musical instrument I learned was the saxophone I have been playing the saxophone for 7 years (3 years alto, 4 years tenor, with some soprano and bari thrown in) I'm 18 years old and about to graduate high school (today actually!) First learned of DCI my freshman year and I've been hooked since Began le