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  1. 3 hours ago, kkpjm16 said:

    The Cadets are using Pepwear for all merch sales (much like they have been for USBands for quite some time) and have nothing to do with the sales tents or whatever is set up at the shows. Pepwear also sells merch for those corps you mentioned as well. I don't know of any "partnership". I think the corps do it to alleviate the hassles of designing, producing and moving all that merch and associated tents, scanners, wifi sales stuff all around. Plus it frees up staff. A side benefit is that Pepwear is big...and has the horsepower to ramp up production if needed and will probably not get into backorders and sorting thru boxes in Allentown like YEA! used to do.  

    The partnership set up is that all 4 corps will sell each other merchs as well!

  2. 11 hours ago, Tommeee said:

    Does anyone know if they’re planning to have some sort of “community day” while they are training in Oxford?  I know they’re planning to have one in Ada, and they had them at Johnstown in the past.  Either way, I’m planning to go to Oxford sometime next week to check things out!



    Check this page out -


    uesday, June 18, 2019 Ada, OH Community Preview Day Ohio Northern University

  3. 52 minutes ago, xandandl said:

    I know, its the Western Band Association which operates out of BD's offices. Should USSBA and Jeff Ream's round-up be worried?

    I would be - his connection as USBands Director in the past and being a teacher in the area could very much convince them to jump ships... 


    But bigger question is will he jump ships if the fall doesnt work out to USBands... hmm... 

  4. 57 minutes ago, Tim K said:

    I could see where bringing people from 1975 or 1988 could seem like moving backwards, but it could also be moving forward. No question, what works well on the field has changed since 1975 and 1988. If you look at Madison in 1975 and Blue Devils in 1976, what worked one year changed the next. Yet if you look at what works off the field to make a champion: team work, hard work, dedication, drive, determination, pursuit of excellence, that never changes, at least in essence. Madison could have the greatest show ever planned for 2019, one that could eclipse not only Madison’s glory, but Cadets in 83-85, PR in 2008, BD in 2014, Crown in 2013, Bloo in 2016, and Star in 1991, but if there is not team building and developing a sense of a common purpose, it won’t work.


    This could not be more true in the long lasting Blue Devils team. They can finish each other sentences and hand motions... Common purpose and working together fora long time 

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  5. 2 minutes ago, cixelsyd said:
    7 hours ago, Jeff Ream said:

    Hop used to advertise for board members in Drum Corps World. 


    lotsa questions. I want to give them time to see what they roll out, and in much better fashion than that press release


    2 minutes ago, cixelsyd said:

    Agreed.  Since they are sitting out 2019 DCI anyway, it would make sense to get a BOD in place first, so that they can decide who to hire as corps director.

    Of course, the search for a director can begin now.  The longer we wait for announcement of an executive director search, the more we have to wonder...

    T  H  A  N  K 

    Y  O  U 


    That is all I was trying to say... 

  6. 3 minutes ago, Cadevilina Crown said:

    I'm sorry, but at this point I'm ####### sick and tired of seeing Roman have any part in Pioneer's administration, even if it's been reduced to this role of writing news blurbs. The corps has been suspended, they won't be competing in 2019, and Roman has agreed to resign. The bed has been made, and for the good of the activity he should lie in it sooner rather than later.

    Speaking of administration, that part of the website has now been removed except for the words "To be announced."

    This is what im saying.... thank you.... 

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  7. 1 minute ago, Tim K said:

    Pioneer said an interim board is in place, not a new board. They are also beginning to review what DCI has to say about their suspension. Where they are looking for volunteers that have expertise in non-profit boards, I would say this is just the beginning.

    I think we also need to stop comparing every negative situation with Cadets/YEA. While  Cadets/YEA handled their situation with great skill, Cadets problems came to light in April with the season about ready to begin. Cadets not only needed to clean house, but convince marching members and their parents that there would be a corps competing in the summer. If they did not have the situation under control as soon as possible, Cadets could have collapsed. They had to move and act fast.

    It is only September. Pioneer is suspended and does not have a corps ready top field or parents wanting answers. They have to start without a great deal of resources available. Let's give them time. 

    I guess its all how we see things into perspective - if my child had marched this summer, you best believe I would want answers asap... 


    To each its own model of how to pursue excellence .