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  1. Check this page out - uesday, June 18, 2019 Ada, OH Community Preview Day Ohio Northern University
  2. The admin leadership is also driven by young guns. Hoping them to last long!!
  3. Does anyone know why the executive director and director of operations(which seems the two top guys) of music city have resigned back to back?
  4. Trying to figure out how crowns staff is great with people like John Howell, Dereck, Jacquelin, Kate, and what not. An organization that SHOULD be competitive for a title does hires like these .... just comfusend
  5. Michael Tran is out as ED for Cascades and Tommy Williams is in!
  6. Looks like a new leader at the YEA! House!
  7. Pay is probably better and he is now THE executive director instead of director of programs
  8. I would be - his connection as USBands Director in the past and being a teacher in the area could very much convince them to jump ships... But bigger question is will he jump ships if the fall doesnt work out to USBands... hmm...
  10. No he will still be with BDPA just in a different role & on the east side of the country!
  11. Well Heimbecker has officially announced his memo....
  12. This could not be more true in the long lasting Blue Devils team. They can finish each other sentences and hand motions... Common purpose and working together fora long time