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  1. Sooooo quick question, when the cadets separate does their debt follow?!? Because the 67K they owe dci should be accounted for plus the amount of other stuff they owe.... they need to be held accountable for all of this!
  2. So. Decided to check camp out today at Lakewood ranch... not sure if putting your camp in Florida then having less than 50 brass show up.... now, I don’t know if that’s 50 new brass players or not but... I don’t know if that’s a successful camp from a “top 12 organization” Ron, the assistant director(?) who’s below the director of ops(?) unfortunately had to do double duty of band director and try and run camp? Kind of(?) i wish some of yall were there to observe, that is all. Excited for this call and to see how they will have money to go on the road this year and at least remain on the same level of quality of the top 12!
  3. Didn’t USBands cover all the debt that the cadets have? Wondering where the extra funds outside of development will come from
  4. Honestly. Have y’all gotten the email letting you know you got a call back? Have yall seen the books.... Or that one time they still haven’t paid 2018,2019 bus companies. Or spring training. Or the remainder of the staff.... I mean I wouldn’t know or anything just being involved since 2017.... still missing my paychecks....
  5. I want every corps to succeed. But I don’t want the members to suffer during the process. It’s not fair to those who have already paid for their 2020 season in full for all of a sudden the corps to go in a different direction. I think DCI, YEA and all of those involve with the cadets need to take a strong look to see if it’s even an option to be on the road. Also just because the front of the house seems to look good. Doesn’t mean the back of the house is running smoothly! Ps. Theres certain corps who folded after members have paid and no one ever got their money back!
  6. Let’s see by June 1. I heard that’s the indicator to the payment plan!
  7. I would highly recommend the decision of withholding money until at least the weekend camp is done!
  8. But I thought I was always wrong .... hmm ....
  9. The news will come soon enough. A decision has been made!
  10. I don’t understand why dci would let a touring group go on the road knowing it owes money to university, bus companies, housing sites and staff from previous years, and were talking about more than 2019 debt!!
  11. Should be very interesting .... let’s see what the news will be later today.... be on the lookout
  12. Also what organization doesn’t have a ceo.... or a person running the business side of things.... 4 leaders in an organization FULL TIME PAID STAFF, and were still in this mess.... ... Also heads up, how does someone go on the road with so much debt to dci alone....
  13. The brass caption head did misspoke. Like I said. If you were there in December you would of saw the entire organization including staff unload brand new horns, but once again we want to talk without knowing the right information here. The cadets have gotten new horns 17,18&19 and you’re right they just got new horns at this December camp as well!
  14. If you were there December 2018, you would know. I was at camp and I don’t remember meeting you, Mr. Dixon ... Also, the cadets continued to get horns as the office sold them they bought new ones .... but you must know so much !!!
  15. The cadets did get brand new equipment the last 2 summers.... but i also heard that they might not make it this summer....