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  2. Hearing from a reliable source cadets have some news to come soon.... April 1 deadlines. Wonder if they’re making it....
  3. Heard some rumors about how the cadets are legally becoming a 501c3 and they’re just going under another umbrella of another non profit that just folded a drum corps.... I am hoping this is not true and I hope that they do get their ducks lined up....
  4. This is literally perfect and lets not forget the COO/CFO has no, nada, nothing on business/finance or honestly running a drum corps. He joined YEA! in 2016 as the IT guy when George Hired him... Took over director of ops after sean king was in and out.... and now landed this gig... When you promote within and hire the board to do what you say and not to help you run an organization... BIG YIKES!
  5. 100% they have no NEW fundraisers or streamline of money coming in for 2020
  6. Not enough information about what is actually happening with the organization. None of that information gave me confidence that they are going to be okay. When the management team did not do enough research about a 501c3 and that they do need it to be able to fundraise. The fact that they did not answer how are they allowed to be in world class with a brand new 501c3 after the DCI rule changes... So many questions that were asked to a simple "We dont see any questions..." and ends the call before Denise can even say bye.... Wow... Not sure if thats the face you want to put for your first meeting as the new cadets!
  7. COO & CFO having NO FINANCE BACKGROUND or Running an organization background... That should be scary!!
  8. I love how someone replied to the chat saying they don't need to be a 501c3 to fundraise... but.... Fundraising requires fulfilling several legal requirements. The first requirement has to do with becoming a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity. This designation allows a charity to tell its donors that their contributions may be tax-deductible.
  9. They have very high hopes in the fundraising that none of them start now - just May and beyond
  10. Denise, Justin and Ron, talked about their experience in drum corps and how they got to the cadets... Rons role "Membership Experience" and that he decided to leave boston for new experience, and excited to show the world where the cadets are going!
  11. Denise Bonfiglio, CEO/Corps Director Justin Moore, COO&CFO Ron Lambert, Assistant Director Brad Martin, Development Michelle Teevan, Operations Manager Dan Hurd, Transportation Manager
  12. Sooooo quick question, when the cadets separate does their debt follow?!? Because the 67K they owe dci should be accounted for plus the amount of other stuff they owe.... they need to be held accountable for all of this!
  13. So. Decided to check camp out today at Lakewood ranch... not sure if putting your camp in Florida then having less than 50 brass show up.... now, I don’t know if that’s 50 new brass players or not but... I don’t know if that’s a successful camp from a “top 12 organization” Ron, the assistant director(?) who’s below the director of ops(?) unfortunately had to do double duty of band director and try and run camp? Kind of(?) i wish some of yall were there to observe, that is all. Excited for this call and to see how they will have money to go on the road this year and at least remain on the same level of quality of the top 12!
  14. Didn’t USBands cover all the debt that the cadets have? Wondering where the extra funds outside of development will come from