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  2. This has nothing to do so much with the previous organization or money but more with the new management not being able to manage, be transparent and communicate to the staff about their plans for the future. The staff did not/does not trust the new management hence resignations left and right....
  3. From what I understand it looks like it’s the current management and board!
  4. ^^ agreed.... just overall management things I heard....
  5. They raised over 100K actually. But I heard the same rumors they are asking every member for $1600 for the 2020 season.....
  6. If you go on their website you will see that the entire design team has resigned except Ed Devlin. Today the last one Andrew M. (music writer) announced his resignation. You will also notice the entire Colorguard educational team has left. Some of the visual guys as well. Management page went from 7 employees to two. Board of directors went from 10 to whatever is even left.... interesting things happening....
  7. Are we going to talk about how most of the design team and the entirety of the Colorguard caption educators have resigned from Crossmen? A couple of board members and full time staff as well.....
  9. Hearing from a reliable source cadets have some news to come soon.... April 1 deadlines. Wonder if they’re making it....
  10. Heard some rumors about how the cadets are legally becoming a 501c3 and they’re just going under another umbrella of another non profit that just folded a drum corps.... I am hoping this is not true and I hope that they do get their ducks lined up....
  11. This is literally perfect and lets not forget the COO/CFO has no, nada, nothing on business/finance or honestly running a drum corps. He joined YEA! in 2016 as the IT guy when George Hired him... Took over director of ops after sean king was in and out.... and now landed this gig... When you promote within and hire the board to do what you say and not to help you run an organization... BIG YIKES!
  12. 100% they have no NEW fundraisers or streamline of money coming in for 2020
  13. Not enough information about what is actually happening with the organization. None of that information gave me confidence that they are going to be okay. When the management team did not do enough research about a 501c3 and that they do need it to be able to fundraise. The fact that they did not answer how are they allowed to be in world class with a brand new 501c3 after the DCI rule changes... So many questions that were asked to a simple "We dont see any questions..." and ends the call before Denise can even say bye.... Wow... Not sure if thats the face you want to put for you
  14. COO & CFO having NO FINANCE BACKGROUND or Running an organization background... That should be scary!!