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  1. I'm on the lookout for a trashed one. If anything turns up, i'll let you know.... Regards!
  2. Hi, i'm looking for a complete tuning slide/rotor to repair an Olds Ultratone baritone. Is this the right place to post?
  3. Need to buy replacement tuning slide/rotary valve from Olds Ultratone baritone, or even whole horn for spares.
  4. Hi all. I'm new to this. I have just acquired 3 Ultratone horns from ebay. Mellophone, French Horn and Baritone. As a 3-valve player these i find fascinating, and now find myself trying not to use the 3rd valve when i play trumpet. Can anyone suggest the correct mouthpiece for the French Horn? A normal F.Horn piece seems too small. thanks David