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  1. dont whore too loudly, management aparently doesnt like it.
  2. sometimes, and arrangers hate to admit this, but what they wrote just isnt acheivable. so you hose, water or change alltogether
  3. yeah it was cool when Pepe spiked his in a bucket of sand at Franklin Field :P
  4. Kevin you're a natural whore! oops that didnt come out right! dont forget to vote, especially for Jeff!
  5. Jimmy's cape ranks up there w/George Parks and his mace, Butch ripping his shirt off during NYNY and David with "thats my favorite part" oh and Chris Garretts voice cracking like a 12 year old
  6. 95 Shore was Jinx Rocks( a tribute to Westenr PA legend Matt Jinks) 96 was BRUT, a tribute to our still favorite cologne. 89 and 90 was Senators, our favorite minor league baseball team