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Pecussion Caption Head Wanted - Pembroke Imperials

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Percussion Caption Head Wanted, For the Pembroke Imperials Drum & Bugle Corps, South Shore of Massachusetts. http://www.pemrokeimperials.org

This is a paid position.

The Imperials are moving forward in their quest to become a DCA field performing corps and are again seeking a self starting highly qualified and dedicated Percussion Caption Head for the upcoming 2009 season. We are looking for a program builder and not someone expecting to walk into a ready made situation. For this type of person it may present a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor of something exciting.

Duties will include, being present at all rehearsals (2 times a week maximum in Summer, generally once a week in Winter/Spring), Teaching percussion technique using current Drum Corps Methods, Keeping equipment tuned, Administering all instruction and decisions regarding players and their abilities, Developing inexperienced players to integrate them into the line with experienced players, Developing a front pitted percussion ensemble.

Candidate must have a background in Music, a Music Degree or commensurate Drum Corps training with a concentration on percussion and must understand the Drum Corps idiom.

Candidate must have a passion for drum corps and a caring demeanor.

Candidate must live in the Metro Boston Area

Interested Candidates may contact John Stark, Corps Director, or email Resume to pathway500@yahoo.com

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