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Do you miss marching drum corps?

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ALLIANCE Drum & Bugle Corps in Atlanta, GA has just released our 2014 production entitled: "DOOMSDAY"

We are a DCA all-age corps and pride ourselves on being a greatly satisfying alternative to DCI for the following individuals:

  • those who cannot commit the time and/or money to a full DCI summer tour
  • those who aspire to march with a DCI corps, but may need a stepping stone before they make the leap
  • those who have recently aged out of DCI and are looking to reconnect with a DCI-like environment and show design

We also welcome those who have never marched drum corps at all, but have an interest in the activity and would like to begin a new chapter in their marching career!

Over the past 4 seasons, more than 25 ALLIANCE alumni have gone on to march with over 10 DCI World Class drum corps, including Crown, BD, Bluecoats, The Cavaliers, The Cadets, Phantom, Spirit of Atlanta, and others. In 2012 and 2013, each of the DCI World Champion corps had an ALLIANCE alumnus as a member!

If ALLIANCE sounds like a good fit for you or someone you know, we'd love to see you at our Open House Camp on December 15, 2013 at River Ridge High School in Woodstock, GA!

Please view our exciting 2014 promo video below and visit our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/alliancedrumcorps for more info.

Thanks for your time,

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