Brass Impact Review - Olathe, KS

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Weather was a concern for this show as severe storms (tornados) were reported across the Kansas state line in Missouri. We did see lighting later on in the show and wind was an issue for most corps. i was hoping for a larger turnout for this show. I was hoping there would be a packed house.

Genesis - This is a good size corps. There was a delay with starting their program due to a speaker/sound system issue. The opening is effective and the corps has a good balance sound. The guard had issues (drops) with the wind. Guard scores will increase as they clean and learn the ending. The corps has a nice tone quality and make great use of crescendos. Body movement in the show is visually effective. The piano in "Music of the Night" is nicely done. The baritone soloist has a nice sound, but was a little out of tune. During the ballad some of the guard had flowers (roses); however, they are difficult to see from the stands. Perhaps using larger flowers or something else would have greater impact. Overall, this is a great show and is going to turn some heads by August.

Colt Cadets - The corps is much smaller than Genesis. The wind began to pick up again during the show. There weren't a lot of "bib" visual moves in the show. The guard needs to clean. The corps has an improved sound compared to previous years. I feel balance and tuning have improved a lot with Colt Cadets. The uniform changes had a huge visual impact. I really liked the color of blue used in the uniform. Sopranos appeared to lose steam towards the end of the show. The were some articulation issues and over-blowing in "Russian Christmas Music." I think Colt Cadets have made great strides in musicianship.

Legends - This is a nice size corps (20 guard, 8 tubas, full size percussion). Good opening statement with excellent flag work. This corps has a "big" sound. There were drops in the guard. I am thinking the wind is impacting the guard's execution. The percussion section is HOT! The percussion section is featured throughout the show and they are good. The corps had some nice visuals during the ballad. Cymbals were tossed in the air. This was a WOW factor! Flag work was not clean for the closer; however, this will certainly change later on in the season. Something needs to be added to the closer solid white flag, such as a touch of silver. I was impressed with their marching execution. This is another corps that is turning heads and going to do well, not only at Open Class Finals, but in the World Class realm.

Spirit of Atlanta - They came on after intermission and storms (lightning) were in the area. I liked the organ pre-show. The miked soloist during Tara's Theme was effective. I feel the guard could contribute more to the beginning of the show. The opening hit was big and powerful. The unison flag work was not together. Perhaps this was due to the wind. I think something should be added to the solid white flag. Trumpet feature was very good. This is one of the strong points of the corps. The mellow solo during the ballad was nice. Perhaps using equipment during the hit in the ballad would be more effective than just dance. Spirit plays with a nice full sound. Guard work during the closer was not clean. I feel integration of the guard is hurting them. For instance, there was some nice saber work that took place in the back far right sidelines.

Blue Stars - The wind began to pick up again at the Blue Stars entered the field. In fact, their curtains were blown open. This is a fun and entertaining show. The guard has some great tosses and the various visuals add a lot to the show. Some of the marching visuals are neat to see. I didn't care for the 2nd set of flags. They seemed dull from the stands (just my viewpoint). There is a terrific rifle exchange in the show. The muted soloist added a nice effect. The duet (Siamese twins) flag work came across better in person than in the theatre. The drum break features some good visuals. The wind had to be playing a major role with this show as there were more drops than usual. Blue Stars has a nice sound and lots of great visual effects. I liked the closer flag and ending of the show.

Santa Clara Vanguard - The 14 pillars add visually to the show. The silver on the tops reflect light. The pilars are put put on 2 sides and the corps is in the center at the beginning of the show. The corps members do some great visuals in the beginning. The opening hit is in your face! The 8 trumpets featured with speakers provide a nice effect. The guard seemed to be clean even with the wind. Snares were tossed in the air during one part of the show. This corps seems to be constantly moving. They do march at small intervals, but this adds to the effectiveness of the show. "Pure Imagination" featured a baritone solo. I really liked the closer flags and drill. This is a great show and will be a contender for one of the top spots.

Colts - There is lightning in the area. Colts seem to be missing a tenor and a couple of horns. The introduction was nice. I really like the members lying on the ground forming a mobster. The hit which included body movement was effective. Colts have a big full sound. Voices are great at first and add to the show. They help with the story line. However, I feel the voices became a distraction later on and began to take away from the show. I think this is the best sound from the Colts in some time. There is a nice rifle (duet) exchange. The wind did cause a problem tonight. The were articulation issues with the melophones during the closer. This show is definitely going to move up as they clean and tweak this show. It is an entertaining show.

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