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  1. I haven't been keeping up with DCA, but was surprised that Minnesota Brass wasn't at championships. Did the organization fold? Minnesota Brass was a large corps at one time.
  2. I was hoping the Cadets would break 90 tonight, but the show design just didn't allow them the opportunity.
  3. I know of several top corps "many" years ago who stayed in hotels during finals week. However, I have never heard of trying to raise money during the last week of tour to feed the corps, especially if they are staying in a hotel. Something just doesn't seem right.
  4. Something has been communicated accurately to the public.
  5. The Scouts currently have a fundraiser going on. to help with this issue. It is listed on their Facebook page.
  6. It will be extremely difficult to retain members if they are going to bed hungry. I don't want to seem harsh, but the administration should have had this planned out in advance.
  7. Perhaps the Madison Scouts have a larger cash flow problem than I realized.
  8. Don't most or all world class corps these days have their own food truck? Something just doesn't sound right. The administration needs to be careful of how this is handled as it could have a negative impact on the future of the corps.
  9. I do think BD has a great show this year; however, Bluecoats have one of the most entertaining shows of all time. This show live reaches the people. It's nice to see a show that can get people excited and appreciate.
  10. I would really love to see Madison wear their old uniforms in Indianapolis.
  11. I also have a birthday in November. I sent a student to march in Guardsmen during my 1st years of teaching.
  12. It appears that the people at the game really enjoyed the Bluecoats.