Brass, drumline, Colorguard and fife Instructors Wanted: Crimson Kings Drum Corps NYC

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Brass, drumline, Colorguard and fife Instructors Wanted: Crimson Kings Drum Corps NYC
Crimson Kings is now actively hiring drum, fife, brass and colorguard instructors! We are going through our usual channels of hiring, but if you know someone who may qualify please let us know. Below is the job description.
Crimson Kings Drum Corps is searching for drum, fife, brass and colorguard/winterguard instructors and caption heads as we are expanding our lines in the heart of New York City’s Chinatown.
You must have a clean record and experience teaching youth groups ages 10 to 22. You should be a patient team player with initiative interested in assisting further development of winterguard, field and standstill programs. You are enthusiastic, work well with youths, and love everything there is to love about drum corps activities. You will be responsible for teaching a range of experience levels but mostly beginners, creating routines, and working towards expanding and continue to develop our program. Experience with drum corps, DCA, DCI, Soundsport, winter units and/or marching band is ideal though we are open to similar experiences. Please list any relevant experience in music and marching music arranging/writing. Being multilingual is a plus in either Chinese and/or Spanish, but not a requirement.
This is a part-time position with a year-round schedule. Times, requirements, and compensation to be discussed upon contact. Please send cover letter, resume and contact information to 


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