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sound reinforcement - who balances it best?


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This discussion has been quiet for a while, but continues to be critical. You be the judge.

Whose show has the best "audio transparency", and why?

Please note whether you are judging from a "live" or "streaming"  experience perspective.

My front-runner, based on seeing them live, outdoors in Sacramento (and understanding that things may have changed)...Cavaliers.

Why? They played extremely dynamically (ppp to fff, with fine shaping), scoring for synths and other reinforced instruments was tasteful (including periods of tacet!), and the marriage of acoustic and electronic sounds was very well balanced.

In short, there was clarity.

I recalled standing with Ralph Hardimon the year before amps were introduced, listening to this very corps. "Do you have any problem hearing the keyboards?". he asked. "None at all", I said. "Yeah", he replied. "It's called dynamics."

They're still doing it.


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