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Reconsidering Amps, EFX and Electronics


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Chances are, when the Drum Corps activity first resumes competition, some things will be different. For the sake of discussion (not argument), I am going to assume:

1. Corps will be smaller and less experienced (having lost both recruiting and training opportunities)

2. Shows will be shorter (there will be less time to teach material, and at least at first, this will not be done in person)

Ergo, the role for a keyboard-driven front group will expand. Brass could learn and perform 30% of their current content, visuals could be taught efficiently, and even the smallest corps could present entertaining shows. In other words, show design would be primarily built around the pit. Brass and battery would serve essentially as reinforcement, flipping the current script.

This scenario might be transitional, or produce a new framework for an additional category. Individual shows might still be presented "prerecorded" if necessary for a time, but could be edited together into a contest format, adjudicated, and watched by anyone interested, supported by a modest subscription.

Question: Would this promote a more positive attitude towards the use of electronics, overall?

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