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NEW YORK SKYLINERS STAFF SPOTLIGHT: Brittany Eldridge, Crafting Colorful Stories, Guiding Artistic Journeys 🌈🎌


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Meet Brittany Eldridge, the visionary Color Guard Designer and Caption Head for the New York Skyliners Drum and Bugle Corps in 2024! 🚩✨

From the age of 11, Brittany has painted her story across the canvas of various renowned groups, including Vestal, Reflections, Owego-Apalachian, Spectrum, and, of course, the New York Skyliners. Her journey in the marching arts began as a performer, evolving into a passionate educator dedicated to nurturing future talent.

Brittany's impact transcends the field; she is the founder of a non-profit performing arts group, a testament to her commitment to empowering individuals through artistic expression and mentorship since 2009. Her influence extends beyond performances, creating a legacy of inspiration and growth. Armed with a business degree and a keen eye for marketing design, Brittany seamlessly merges her artistic expertise with a strategic mindset. Her multifaceted skill set allows her to orchestrate captivating performances while enhancing the visibility and impact of artistic endeavors.

Away from the vibrant world of performance, Brittany finds solace in nature, embarking on hiking adventures and cherishing moments with her beloved animals. A devoted mother, she embraces quality time with her children. As a connoisseur of good food, Brittany savors the culinary delights that life has to offer, enriching her experiences beyond the stage. Her journey encapsulates a profound commitment to the arts, a testament to her unwavering dedication to cultivating talent, and a vibrant spirit that extends far beyond the colorful performances she creates. 🌈🎢


The entire New York Skyliners organization is sending all the well wishes and luck to our entire Guard team as they prepare and compete for the indoor season!

Want to part of the DCI Inaugural All-Age season with the New York Skyliners?Β  Fill out an interest form today! https://skylinersdbc.org/interest/

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