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🏴🎺New York Skyliners Continue Long History of Honor Guard Excellence

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🏴🎺In the intricate tapestry of drum and bugle corps, the Honor Guard emerges as a vital thread, weaving together tradition, discipline, and visual artistry. Its role goes beyond mere ornamentation—it is a living testament to the corps' ethos and a bridge that connects the past, present, and future. It symbolizes the love of our country, state, community and service organizations that support our endeavors. As we applaud the impeccable performances of drum corps, let us not forget the silent yet impactful presence of the Honor Guard, adding depth and meaning to each musical journey.

The New York Skyliners has a long history of Honor Guard Excellence with multiple championships over its history.

The New York Skyliners are recruiting members to join our Honor Guard for the inaugural DCI All-Age in season in 2024. Fill out an interest form today at: https://skylinersdbc.org/interest/ or contact Harry Eldridge at harry@skylinersdbc.org.

1963 New York Skyliners - World Open

1995 New York Skyliners World Champion Honor Guard led by Ray Peters, Honor Guard Captain. Prelims in Scranton, PA

1995 New York Skyliners World Champion Honor Guard led by Ray Peters, Honor Guard Captain. Finals in Scranton, PA

2006 New York Skyliners Honor Guard


2007 DCA Championships at Retreat. New York Skyliners American Section marching with Renegades at Prelims and Finals

New York Skyliners Honor Guard on Parade

New York Skyliners Honor Guard led by Ray Peters, Honor Guard Captain

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