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  1. DutDut808Dut

    2018 DCI Finals

    Looking forward to checking out the Speedway, if we can fit it in. Thanks! Appreciate the heads-up re: Military Park as well!
  2. DutDut808Dut

    2018 DCI Finals

    Barbecue -- not many authentic BBQ joints here in Hawaii -- looking forward to trying some. Thanks!
  3. DutDut808Dut

    2018 DCI Finals

    Awesome -- thanks! Nothing wrong with late-night, takeout pizza ;)
  4. DutDut808Dut

    2018 DCI Finals

    Thanks! [starting a list of local beers to try]
  5. DutDut808Dut

    2018 DCI Finals

    HI all -- total DCI newbie here -- but looking forward to the Prelims / Semis / Finals in a few weeks! Any recommendations on places to go, things to eat, and beer to drink 'round Downtown Indy? We won't have a car so we'll be walking and ridesharing during our stay. Thanks!