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  1. Anyone here got some strange voodoo magic that will make Crown beat SCV? If so please speak up now
  2. I definitely feel like visual has been leaning towards SCV, idk what kind of work the visual tech at Crown did, but hopefully is was enough to close that gap, as well as GE
  4. Break a leg Crown! (just don't let it affect your marching)
  5. I'll stick to music, where I am a little more competent 😂 (only a little though)
  6. So what scores do we think SCV and Crown are going to get at prelims? Who will win in percussion tonight? Taking all bets now. Winner gets a sugar free cookie! See you all at 10:30, after Crown's performance, and at 11:30, when the scores are gonna be released!
  7. I really hope so. I’m confident that as we speak, they are running set by set until it is PERFECT, and working with the guard to make them the best they can be. And if all else fails, at least Crown will win music, and in our hearts 💟
  8. I’m not haha, I’m still in college, only really started getting big into DCI during 2017 (rising sophomore as well)
  9. Honestly, I'd be happy just with winning best brass, but it sure would feel nice to medal again!
  10. Absolutely true. in the few days leading up to Allentown and Buffalo, they accomplished a TON. Now with 2 full days more before their next show...
  11. Everyone at the show, and everyone on this forum
  12. Everyone at the show, and everyone on this forum