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  1. 45 minutes ago, leed17 said:

    FLO doesn’t produce the audio…it’s still Tom Blair and crew doing the high end video and audio for finals week.  FLO just uses that audio and video feed for their stream. Tom is retired now, so we’ll see how things go this year…

    I nominate rcawth for the job!

  2. 13 hours ago, Terri Schehr said:

    We need to get back to Phantom before my buddy @Sutasaurus gets mad at me.  😂 

    One more thing, though.  I found out my Dad served in Korea when they installed his gravestone. It said Korea on it. What a way to find out.  My family didn’t communicate well. 

    I could never be mad at you my dear. I❤️ Ms. Terri…..don’t let Jim get jealous!😉

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  3. 22 hours ago, sutarex said:

    I checked out the horn line camp yesterday.  They sound terrific!  And LOUD.  And, without giving anything away as far as what they are playing - lets just say - they are putting down some SERIOUS NOTES.  

    Thanks, cousin.🦖

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  4. 9 hours ago, OldSnareDrummer said:

    @Sutasaurus makes history. The first DCPer featured on a corps t-shirt. 

    On another note, got a real nice hand-written card from PR CEO in the mail yesterday thanking me for my support in 2023. Class organization and I'll be supporting again in the years ahead. 

    I resemble that remark! And I thank you whole heartedly. What a ride this organization has had over the decades. Many highs and lows, but in the end, they think of their audience and what moves them. Not a bad track record.

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  5. 1 hour ago, PRomoter said:

    Lots of drops. Not very synchronized. Finished 9th, while percussion was 1st. It just wasn’t their best showing. It has to do with 2024 because there were discussions about a new color guard instructor this year in some earlier posts. I do think their routine was great conceptually, it just wasn’t up to par with the rest of the corps. Wasn’t cleaned enough. 

    By the way, how ya doing? Been a while since August. My wife makes me take a break from DCI until about the time shows are announced. Good to hear from you. 

    I see what you’re saying but despite the drops in 2010, the show brought many wet eyes… in a good way. As for 2024’s guard, it has to do with the techs that clean the work and it looks like the techs from last year are back.

    Good to see you back! Doin’ good here. Anxious to see what 2024 brings. What are you looking forward to?

  6. 2 hours ago, PRomoter said:

    Whew! 2010 was a real stinker for the guard. Several excellent shows before it though. I cringe at the guard performance from 2010. 

    Why? They conveyed the theme quite well in my eyes.

    Just asking for a friend. BTW, what does this have to do Regiment 2024?

  7. 8 hours ago, Boss Anova said:

     7 weeks after this was posted on DCP, Tom Brady went down to a knee injury in the opening game of the season for New England, had surgery and was out for the rest of the season. Patriots were coming off a 19-1 season in 2007 . Some noted  NFL TV football analysts  opined at the time that Brady's injury was serious enough to likely end his career .  (But Brady came back in 2009, played 14 more seasons, won 4 more Super Bowls, and was the NFL's MVP 3 more times )

     2008 was also the season that Phantom Regiment came on strong a few weeks after this DCP post, and caught the Blue Devils on Finals Night to win themselves a DCI Title .


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  8. 49 minutes ago, dcifanforlife said:
    49 minutes ago, dcifanforlife said:

    What should the new CEO and board be doing that they are not doing?  Offering solutions to the problems is the best way to go in the future.  SCV has addressed every concern that you and the entire DCI Community has raised.  They are well positioned for a successful 2014 season.

    Not so sure. A clean accounting of their bingo operation would work wonders. The major gaps in financial accounting for their bingo operation will haunt them until they “get a better handle” on the suspicious activity/lack of accountability/transparency that has been at the forefront of this entire discussion.

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  9. 9 hours ago, Jeff Ream said:

    honestly....because of the last minute rush since #### sat for years, and the people doing it actually making sure whats submitted is accurate so they don't get their ### in a sling

    Unfortunately, it’s the same folks who got their ###es in a sling to begin with.

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