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  1. I certainly hope they have the wear with all to return in 2023 as a changed organization.
  2. Wouldn’t be the first time Regiment tackled Berlioz but I would love to hear what JD could do with the piece.
  3. Okay, one more. I think Regiment/ Crown/SCV could make this work. Beautiful ensemble work. https://youtu.be/SjlmnqDJvio
  4. This would be a good piece for another dark Crown show. Your taste in music is excellent! Thank you for sharing this.
  5. There was no drum corps? Why? Honestly, why did you tune it out? Just asking, not attacking. This is why DCP is here I think. To exchange viewpoints, not berate them. How does that speak to who I am as a person?
  6. Thanks. Gotta hear and respect all sides of a discussion.
  7. Great! Thanks for sharing. Please expound. A one sentence response doesn’t give me a enough feedback. If you read my post in context of the whole discussion it may make more sense to you. thank you.
  8. Agreed. Read my edited response. Thank you for reading my post.
  9. I agree whole heartedly and I admire the thought you put into your posts. The point I’m trying to make here is that each unfortunate case has it’s own set of circumstances and a blanket “burn down the activity” mindset will only end an activity we all cherish deeply. Regarding the SoA case, decisions were made that many here feel did not do enough to punish the organization. The level of punishment is between the organization and DCI, not DCP. Do I think this young lady was treated fairly? Of course not. But it is between her and SoA to come to a mutual settlement….again, not DCP. Do I think said punishment went far enough? It will depend on how true to their word DCI is. How will DCI enforce this probation? Destroying SoA financially will prove nothing and deny prospective members any opportunity. As for DCI, the only way to get them to pay attention is to present a unified front of DCP posters and others saying this behavior must stop or risk a significant boycott. Demand a WGI style anti harassment/abuse program be established or else. If that doesn’t move the needle, then those of us who believe drum corps should survive need to create an alternative to DCI and present that alternative to the participating organizations. Not an easy task. Better to improve the wheel with direct input to DCI than start from ground level. The infrastructure is in place. What can we as drum corps people do to make it better?
  10. Reread the last twenty pages of this hot mess. I’m not the only poster guilty of telling others what should/should have been done. Have a great summer whichever way you choose to spend it. Respectfully, Dave
  11. That person leaves tour and reports said incident to the authorities. Mms are sent home from tour all the time for various reasons. Have a nice summer everyone. It’s been an interesting discussion but one I’m afraid won’t move the needle as far as DCI is concerned.
  12. Then you don’t care about all the good this activity does? Asking for a change in the status quo is disgusting? Just asking. If you believe in the activity and want to see it continue then you have to take ownership and create a replacement to DCI. If that’s beyond your ability then maybe it’s time to go to DCI directly and ask for answers….otherwise “burn it down” then where are we without a back up plan?
  13. Am I? To clarify…I was referring to the posters here who are calling for the demise of DCI. As for marching members, these are young college age men and women. They are old enough to know and walk away from inappropriate/ inexcusable behavior from staff (stranger danger). If they feel they aren’t being treated properly…leave the situation immediately and seek assistance, legal, if need warrants. But to ride out the season and then months afterward go public…..that’s where I question the accuser. To repeat, I don’t condone the alleged behavior but I do question the reaction here without knowing all the facts…from all sides of the story.
  14. And which one of us is ready/willing to recreate DCI?
  15. If there’s enough activity on the hotline….whomever is in charge. It will be noticed and dealt with.
  16. I respect where you’re coming from Poppycock and I agree that we’re better than this which is why we need to demand more transparency from DCI and it’s member organizations going forward. The spotlight has laser focus on SoA now and will be dealt with if new allegations arise? Isn’t that enough?
  17. Thanks! If you are not happy with the way government is handling/mishandling current issues…Call your representatives! Don’t expect them to troll obscure websites. If DCI’s “switchboards” were to light up with calls from the concerned, it might hasten change. Ya gotta try.
  18. I’m not apologizing for anything. Don’t misconstrue or misrepresent my opinion. I’ve afforded you the same courtesy. Not shouting down anyone but asking people to take a breath, step back and listen to both sides. Do I deserve the wrath of DCP for this? I hope not.
  19. And you’re going to change it???? Really? Harping about it here isn’t doing anything go to DCI directly and demand answers.
  20. Didn’t mean to imply that posters shut up, including yourself, but some posters are taking this to the extreme and calling for DCI to burn down ….heads need to roll etc. So if that happens…are these the same people who will rebuild the activity from a grass roots level? I think, probably not. We as posters can only go so far in bending DCI to DCP’s will. If the situation is that bad, contact DCI directly and publish their response. That will provide transparency.
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