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  1. I remember marching in the all wool Cadet style uniforms 72-74. Ewwweee. Those suckers caused major rashes! The double knit pants that replaced the wool weren’t that much better.
  2. Corps live and die by the sword in regards to what is on the sheets. It would be pretty lame for corps X have a meltdown about their scoring if they were part of deciding on what is being scored, no? All I’m saying is after what the 2021 season gave us, when “creativity” was allowed to reign supreme, that the corps would perhaps take some of that feedback and rethink the sheets. While the marching members of 2021 did amazing things the paying fans did too to keep the activity we love so much alive.
  3. Great news from Rockford/Loves Park https://regiment.org/news/
  4. You didn’t offend anyone. No need to sign out. I’m going out on a limb here but I think Continental, whom I respect immensely, was trying to get folks to realize that what has been discussed in this thread is far from “ the worst most negative thread” on DCP. I’m still at a loss as to why expressing your honest, heartfelt opinion is met with vitriol by folks who don’t share the same opinion. You think it’s a product of what’s going on outside the drum corps society? Not disrespecting anyone’s opinion here, just asking. Donning my flame retardant suit now. I love this activity with all my heart, really and truly. I just don’t understand why we , a very small community, are so at odds.
  5. Why must we get used to it? I think 2021 showed DCI and the competing corps staffs maybe it’s time to rethink the sheets.
  6. Let’s just refer to it as “economy of scale”. Agreed?
  7. I do remember that production. It wasn’t that radical but it wasn’t on the larger radar of the judging community at that time. They need to be recognized for their efforts.
  8. If Carolina Crown was used as an example then CC is partially responsible for this trend, no?
  9. Same here but it goes back further. Their first iteration of Young Persons Guide To Drum Corps made me fall in love with drum corps. That is why I love the fugues the Regiment and a few other corps have played over the years. There is a lot of joy and release in that music. Reminds me of how much I love MUSIC.
  10. The guard in the Turandot show just before Nessus Dorma.
  11. Smoke, mirrors, and velcro. Don’t forget the tunnel in their 1985 show.
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