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  1. I get the air mattress comment! You two are NEVER orphans. You have us.
  2. I volunteer for a school district and a community food bank and had to go through two separate background checks…it’s pretty standard these days. As for younger folks to step up, it’s a major time commitment to go on tour and fewer people can make that commitment. I think volunteer hours should be included in any fund raising event a corps puts on and parents of marching members or recent age outs is a good place to start. After aging out elevendy million years ago, I came on board as a touring volunteer. Spent years of vacation time from my job “giving back”. Wouldn’t trade that experience for anything!
  3. The preview was pretty cool. It’s posted on the BAC2022 thread.
  4. Good stuff. We ❤️Tony and the entire design staff.
  5. Should be a really different show. Good for SCV! The video explanation will turn off a lot of people but it’s all in the presentation. Right?
  6. They just revealed the uniforms. Very interesting.
  7. Moderators, could you please close this thread. My original intent was to drum up interest in the 2022 season not to beat a dead horse as some posters seem intent on. thanks in advance.
  8. I’m in, are you? https://phanathon.com/?mc_cid=d7ecbf9019&mc_eid=72095a330d
  9. I booked tickets for the FootHills Mall in Oro Valley. Never have been to that theater so I don’t know what to expect.
  10. R.I.P. Joe. Condolences to his family.🌹
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