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  1. Speaking of Guardsmen, how about Tiger of San Pedro.
  2. Hi Terri, Dave was a “motivational” instructor wasn’t he? Not just Dave, but his entire family was involved in drum corps and we were fortunate to share in that!
  3. I remember Dave St.Angel yelling it at us on the starting line in the early 70’s
  4. No apologies intended okay? Just responding to your previous input in the matter.
  5. Too late for you????? Sounding a bit jaded k.
  6. And the latest from PR2020. I’m excited about the level of commitment from the board!
  7. I would think Stan could get a contractor’s discount come prop time @ Home Depot! His business experience combined with his love of music will serve the corps well.
  8. Maybe Regiment could have field rehearsals in Tucson during the snowy season?
  9. First, apologies for hijacking the thread. The summers are TOASTY, but the rest of the year is OUTDOOR drum corps weather!
  10. You’re always welcome in Pima County AZ!