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  1. Stop vaping. Please! The chemicals in that contraption are probably worse than cigarettes. Have you thought of Chantix? Not an ad here...but it worked for me. Never looked back!
  2. Sending as much positive energy as I can, your way Mr. & Mrs Super Don-O
  3. Seems like only 5 minutes...................................................................underwater! all kidding aside, congrats!
  4. Couldn’t have more deserving inductees. I had the honor of marching with “Ricky” Vicky Parks-Auditore, such a beautiful person and great bus partner! Greg, you always bring enthusiasm, love, and class in everything you do. Dwight, I never had the pleasure of working with you, but what you’ve contributed to the Regiment over the years made a major influence in the corps’ success. And then there’s Linda. You are simply one of the most dedicated supporters in Regiment’s history. Your tireless patience, hard work, and sense of humor were an example to many who volunteered along with you. Thank you for the laughs, tears, and incredible memories we shared on the road! Give my best to Bill! best regards, Dave
  5. There was no looking back for Regiment after Allentown. I must say finals was surreal. I was working souvies and when the scores were announced, the souvie staff from Blue Devils were the first to congratulate us. With champagne. They were gracious co-winners. I swear we sold out of everything on that trailer!
  6. Are you familiar with Gjeilo’s Northern Lights? Beautiful writing
  7. Guess I’m short a few beers. I didn’t need to go to Liverpool for inspiration.
  8. This is not only meant for the marching members and alumni of Madison Sbouts but to all of us In need of inspiration.
  9. What great memories. Dr. Baggs was a good soul.
  10. I remember hearing Dr. Bernard Baggs say how much he loved that show musically. The drill was insanely good. The two together were really tough to pull off. Lots of blind moves. My favorite was what I called the rotating Micky Mouse head. The sopranos were playing some amazing stuff at running tempo at the far back of the formation. Not good staging. You couldn’t hear half of the musicality of the show due to staging/form construction.