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  1. No war here. It’s all about peace and 2020 Phantom Regiment. SUTA
  2. Of course.he is don’t know me personally, do you? I could very well have a degree in youth counseling. I’m sure Cappybara appreciates your validation but he can speak for himself. Nothing irks me more than being pigeonholed because of my age......and posters who feel their opinions are more valid or they have a closer connection because they are younger. Really? A bit of respect for one another goes a long way on forums like these. Don’t you agree? Folks are missing the point I’m trying to make in all this misinterpreted back and forth gobbledygook. Cut each other a bit of slack! Have respect for other posters and not be so quick to attack one another because they don’t agree with you. For heaven’s sake we all love drum corps. I enjoy about 85 % of the discussions on this board, so I won’t give up on sharing my viewpoints. This poster is not done yet.
  3. Thanks Stephanie! Looking forward to 2020. Thank you for providing the marching members the opportunity to grow.
  4. Having not marched gives you a better insight into how young marchers think? That’s interesting. Vicariously living through your friends’ experiences is not the same thing. It puts us at very different perspectives. What I have, that you don’t have is the experience of marching. It was the drum corps experience that taught me how to appreciate other viewpoints and respect fellow marchers who were younger, older, or different than myself. We all worked together as a unit to strive for improvement and eventually success...despite our differences. The drift I get from many of your posts is that you missed out on that part of life experience. Looking at life in general through a wider lens. As for the supposed uproar that you find myself and Mello Dude in? We’re expressing a viewpoint that is different than yours or Kdaddy’s. If you think we’re attacking you for your opinion maybe you’re the one who should be doing the Charmin check. It’s a big world out here. Come join us.
  5. Yes an involved member, someone with skin in the game, albeit leathery and not an armchair spectator.
  6. Ah, to be forever seventeen. You are certainly well past marching age. You’ve dodged the question before. But did you ever march? Please take the time and go back to when I’ve criticized the “younger generation”and show me an example. I have expressed a dislike for what currently passes as show design but I’ve never criticized any marching members for their efforts. In the meantime I request you refrain from taking such broad strokes with your psychoanalyst’s paintbrush.
  7. Dude, we’re beating a dead horse. I’ll move on if you will. This is senseless and it gets us where? Let’s just be thankful for the new media connection and call it a century. Too much Unnecessary agida.
  8. I politely disagree. I’m not a potential marcher but the young people who get involved in drum corps already know what they are looking for. If they know enough to look up Phantom Regiment’s or any corps’ website they are ahead of “talking points” on a web page. It is, after all a rather niche activity so I would venture a guess that those who are looking to march already know about a corps’ history through friends and band mates. I’m not saying the Regiment’s website is the industry standard, what I am saying is that social media is the go to resource for potential marchers, the corps’ website should answer questions they might have after an interest has been created. Help out an old man here. When did it become a common thing among Regiment fans to think that all kids know this corps and all kids want to march there? That, kind sir, is a stretch.
  9. Perhaps it needs pictures of Charmin on it? The future members already know what they are looking for and probably don’t need bright and shiny objects to draw them in. Current information on fees, touring, requirements to audition is more important in attracting marchers.
  10. I really enjoyed their vlogs last season. I hope they continue them for next year. You could see how the members matured over the season,
  11. Your way or the highway eh? Not gonna work.
  12. Speaking of talent...... more staff info. And it’s pretty darned great!