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  1. That place looks beautiful and jealous...I practiced on a parking lot bitd..oh how times have changed...
  2. This Spotify Playlist excludes: Afterburners - Chuck Naffier/Mark Taylor Young Person's Guide to the [Jazz] Orchestra - Duncan Lamont Dance No. 1 from the Estancia Orchestral Suite by Alberto Ginastera Do Better by Tom Aungst, Omar Carmenates, and Brandon Carrita Rhythm Song by Imogen Heap Ghostlight by Dave Glyde Original Music by Bradley Kerr Green, Jonathan Zuniga, and Ezekiel Lanser Meta by Bradley Kerr Green, Jonathan Zuniga, and Ezekiel Lanser
  3. Progress for whom or what? This seems like a oversimplification to me....AND I'm not picking sides here either.
  4. What I think he was saying is the brass line is top notch on a high level...or at least that's how I read it anyway...
  5. It seems that EXTRA content at TOC shows has gone to the way-side these days...
  6. I thought it was the corps with the highest score wins or some <bleep> like that...haha
  7. I'm not has been much more quiet than least this season compared to the last two prior seasons to that as I do the updating on this...I have a feeling announcements are going to all come out last minute...the funny thing about matter the time of the never affects the scores of the corps or makes the musical material any staler IMO with an early I really don't get the logic behind it....but anytime someone complains about it...people come out and say that the corps can announce how they see fit...and that those asking for announcements should stop complaining about it...LOL
  8. As far as teaching/designing... Colin McNutt ...and many others in admin capacity...but that wasn't the OP's I'll leave those out
  9. Top 6 favorites for me... 1975 - Loved the soprano solo's from this show and the slaughter on tenth company front. So powerful! 1995 - My favorite show at the time for sure! Absolutely ELECTRIC! 1988 - The closer! 2011 - Empire State of Mind. 1999 - Reprise of JCSS 1997 - RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! 🙂
  10. Cutting back is a sound business decision when necessary....BUT not commenting WHY beyond a contract expiration....just leaves for countless speculation...especially after being a "partner" for so long...just sayin'
  11. Nothing wrong with cost cutting. Being downtown for the week of Indy for convenience is probably not worth the extra cost of the lease.
  12. Judging by the reactions I've read here I think I'll pass on this one...
  13. I'm not sure what planet you are living on. It is NOT going to matter what is decided in the court of law. GH is done in this activity for good. There is no coming back from this one. So I can honestly give a rats (bleep) whether he is denying these accusations or not. I also could care less how many championships he brought home to The Cadets. I am really perplexed as to how you can conflate these two separate issues. There were over a dozen women with sexual complaints of a various nature...not just a "couple" of women...Reading comprehension maybe is not your forte.
  14. Well I think Jurrassic Park conceptually is a good guess...if only for this uncanny similiarity...
  15. How about Jack and the beanstalk...thinking out loud Considering "Giant" is corps song...I tend to think it may be a literal representation of that...
  16. A modern show finally made for all the Dino's of drumcorps...haha