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  1. Liahona

    The Cadets 2019

    Exactly! I'm just happy they have an anniversary to celebrate!
  2. So why doesn't DCI say..sorry to our UK customers...due to blah blah blah we can't ship to the UK blah blah least then everyone would not be guessing...
  3. Liahona

    who leads who?

    I had no idea they weighed that much...
  4. Liahona

    who leads who?

    Do marching members REALLY enjoy props? Honestly, I absolutely HATED the prop I had to carry on and (mostly) off the field before/after the show long before props were a thing BITD 1990...It was a very heavy base filled with sand which had a very tall gold flag which was inserted into the base to form a byzantine dome on the field...I put myself all out on that field every night I was a real ##### carrying that thing off the field after giving everything I had both physically and emotionally to the nights performance and back then A-town twice in one day...Well at least these days ya push most stuff around on
  5. You are lucky! I got blamed in the 2017 season for someone getting banned and they hunted me down and somehow found me on Facebook and threatened that they were going to get me. The most comical thing about it is I made no complaints about them, so in reality I had nothing to do with their banning in the first place...I'm still alive, but if I disappear maybe it was that nefarious guy from
  6. Drum Corps International...yeah right..I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell them advertising that designation...
  7. Report Final 103118_1541415733979_16873160_ver1.0.pdf?fbclid=IwAR34DgdGb-0dxMQIQkP8JDaMwFIyuM3j7uFLIjvQymwk0W6ivI5Nt7qEf6E
  8. I just read this... "There were multiple instances of sexually inappropriate emails being sent through the YEA! email server, including from Hopkins." Who ELSE was sending sexually inappropriate emails?
  9. I will attest and agree with your point that this was a extremely difficult thing for the Cadets themselves to get housing this past season. I spoke directly to the interim CEO at the Cadets. As a matter of fact they had secured housing and even lost it in the middle of the season. The last I recall is they skipped a local show because they were too far away from the show site.
  10. I seem to recall both the reporters praising YEA and the professionalism they exhibited after the GH scandal et al. Perhaps DCI corporate should hire the same PR might do them a bit a good at this juncture...
  11. Liahona


    I was just trying to be helpful :-)
  12. Liahona


    Please see original post. "Following the introduction of the Interim Board, Timothy Osterbeck discussed the independent efforts to establish a Pioneer Alumni Association (PAA)."
  13. Liahona

    Boston Crusaders 2019

    What a great interview with Michael Townsend at marching round table....this gave me a new found appreciation for color guard...and how to get students to achieve at such a high level...Well worth the listen IMO...
  14. Liahona

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    Guess you don't have to worry then about being