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  1. I forgot how much I enjoyed just watching an ensemble rehearsal...interesting music selections...looks like a fun show...different stylistically for Boston IMO...looking forward to the show on FLO...
  2. You point out some things I didn't think about..
  3. I get ragged on all the time from my posts...albeit I haven't posted much recently due to cancelled season last year etc. I do agree with your opinion on this, but it's best just to understand that "super" fans etc. are very passionate about the activity and that can come across as very opinionated and outright {fill in the blank}.
  4. I do like all of the shows selected...but I think I'm going to pass on this one...I agree with other posters about fans not getting a chance to vote...Why didn't they just have a LIVE theater performance at the first scheduled show? There is always something extra special about seeing it live IMO...
  5. Thanks for adding this info here. I usually dig for little "nuggets" like this about the upcoming season...So although I'm a little late to the party, I look forward to this years production of zoom. Doesn't seem to me that they are holding anything back either...
  6. Announcements for Phantom and Troopers have been added. Partial announcements added for Blue Knights, Colts, and Genesis. Crown rep has been added although they will not be participating in the 2021 DCI Celebration Tour. Thanks for the PM's.
  7. It looks like DCI's server is overloaded today...LOL
  8. I had no idea. I haven't really been paying attention. Thanks.
  9. I am going to need a little help with announcements so far for the 2021 season. I have not paid much attention as to any announcements by the corps sans BAC. Please let me know of any announcements, so that I can post them here and update them here. Hopefully, this post will be pinned soon by the forum monitors and the other one taken down.
  10. Some of my random thoughts on your post...(bored atm) "1. Fold DCI and DCA, form one new national organization that represents everybody, senior and junior corps." I don't look at this as an "age" issue, but more of a full-time versus part-time drum corps experience respectively. "2. The mission statement is to facilitate the formation of as many new corps as possible." This is a noble idea, but isn't Sound Sport supposed to aid with this as a stepping stone to this end. The mission statement says "SoundSport® seeks to create a world class stage to enable a less ti
  11. I agree...but flo must really be struggling considering that not too many sports are happening either I'd imagine...That said, I canceled my subscription which was to renew in May.
  12. My apologies if this thread has already been created...I took only a quick peek... In the meantime...ALL of the corps REALLY need your support right now. I just ordered my shirt in support...among others as well... Show your support of the Boston Crusaders
  13. Schedule of 2021 events leading into Indianapolis ( The 2021 Drum Corps International Celebration Tour (As of March 31, 2021. Exact locations will be announced with ticketing information when they become available. Scheduled corps for all events remain tentative.) Saturday, July 24 -- Southern California Pacific Crest Gold Impulse Watchmen Sunday, July 25 -- Southern California Pacific Crest Gold Impulse Watchmen Friday, July 30 -- La Crosse, WI The Cavaliers Blue Stars Phantom Regiment Colts Colt Cadets Madison Scouts River City Rh