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  1. Atlanta weather is known here by the locals as "bipolar". That said, rain that time of year usually acts much like the florida thunder storms. It shows up and goes just as fast.
  2. I can help but think how the Bluecoats show TILT would have LQQKED at this stadium...LOL
  3. If it wasn't for BAC sending me their schedule email, I would have missed the tour announcement. It's not like I look at DCI.org everyday in the off-season...
  4. Sorry but being orginally from New York area, I am laughing a bit on your talking up THE food here in Atlanta...it is a joke IMO. There is just no comparison and I live here now.
  5. Don't forget murfreesboro just before ATL as well...of course that college is in the middle of nowhere in my opinion...I drove from Atl to there in 2019.
  6. Suggested level? Which one is near pressbox or where judges will likely be sitting/standing. Thanks. I moved here at the end of 2019. I only heard that area around (parc) has been on the rise, since the college took over the stadium.
  7. They both changed their uniform and not their costume, but I understand your point. Everything old is new again.
  8. I agree with you. I will argue that Carolina Crown in 2013 and subsequent years forward of them changing costumes on a yearly basis has started this "costume" trend in which other corps have since followed...the idea of traditional uniforms for the most part with the advent of costumes is becoming a thing of the past albeit with a few exceptions... To Crown fans I am NOT blaming Crown...just observing the trend and what happened IMO...
  9. The only thing I see which could perhaps be different is corps may be able to use this off-season experiment as a better model to follow. That is, rather than get together for winter monthly camps, use the virtual model instead. I think it would also keep things pretty fresh for the members as well. Besides, the guard doesn't really get together until April anyway sans auditions. Other than that I would keep the old system in place.
  10. Yes moved down here at the end of 2018. I LOVE it.
  11. My apologies if this thread has already been created...Anyway Congratulations to the 2021 Class of BAC! You were ALL amazing! Welcome to the 2022 Class of BAC, friends, parents, family, volunteers, and the rest of the DCP creatures that like to lurk in here! I thought I would also make a dedication in my first thread post to the 2020 Class that didn't get to perform for us in the traditional sense...I love this version with the beautiful angelic voice with featured alumna vocalist Aubrie Dentino...
  12. I thought about it...wanted to let 2021 SAVOUR for a bit....LOL
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