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  1. I'm gonna go ahead and show a little intellectual honesty here by admitting that no, opening up auditions to every Tom Dick and Harriet will most assuredly NOT expand DCI's base. That was a stupid, ill-thought argument, and I am ashamed at having written it. That said, in the era of the "pre-show," perhaps it might be a good idea to talk about doing a pre-recorded intro, thereby killing multiple birds with one stone... 1. The clumsy, more-often-than-not intro that walks on the corps' opener, 2. FAAAAANNNNMMRRREGGGIMENNN 3. Allows the respective corps to tailor their shows more thoroughly
  2. I'm not sure Dan Potter is the default answer. Again, that's an entirely different subject, but wouldn't opening it to more than just the few people who happen to occupy the DCI's current orbit might be a better idea?
  3. That's fair enough, Lincoln, but I think it's a different discussion altogether. Look, aside from the that I'm an unopprobrious Phantom Regiment Phan Homer (the corps with which Brandt is most associated with), and a DCI alum who heard that man's voice ofer the loudpseakers for so many years it makes my heart ache, I can't be the only guy who's noticed this, can I?
  4. Ok, understanding that this may be drum corps' version of questioning the Voice of [ahem], could we maybe start talking about how DCI may want to think about replacing Brandt Crocker? There, I said it. Feel free to lock this thread now. Can't say as I would blame you. That said, I once again sat through '13 Nats, and just could not help but think that were it not for Mr. Crocker's God-given talent for introducing and welcoming a corps to the field "IN COMPETITION" (sorry, I'm old school), his knack for completley butchering the last half of his job would've had us talking about this years ag
  5. You're right, Quavers. In my haste to be snubbed, I didn't see that earlier. :-P
  6. SoCal drum corps fans boned again. Sigh. Yeah, I know 2007 at the Rose Bowl was a cost-prohibitive anomaly, but it doesn't make me wanna embrace Teh Suck any more than I have to. Guess we'll be driving up to Stanford once more to see some dirty shows that won't look or sound anything like the epic awesomeness everyone else with more disposable income will get to see 6-8 weeks later. C'est la vie, said the old folks...
  7. I'm with Boo... 'Coats gotta do Nickelback (or Hinder). And BD has GOTTA do Tool. Maybe BAC does Bad Religion? "Overture/Sinister Rouge" is epic. :-D
  8. Hey skywhopper...just out of curiosity, what software are you running to capture the FN vids? ;-)

  9. Hey, my bad, Boo. Can someone move this over to that thread, please? Danke
  10. See, but I'm one of those Philistines who apparently haven't heard of the Bluecoats until this past July. Hence, my apologies. :-)
  11. One Nashville-area drum corps. Donations tax-deductible. :-(
  12. Yeah, only just now realized the Bluecoats used Simon & Garfunkel's song in their show. Instantly makes me love them, whereas before I was an ignorant chooch. They're one hell of a lot cooler than I EVER gave them credit for before. Mea culpa, guys. Crown's little mello flourish this year at the end of the Abyss - Whereas I'd been sitting there with my piehole wide open the first time I saw this show live, when they tossed that little melodic M-80 in my lap, I could swear I had just heard the Giggle of God. Imagine, therefore, my immense joy when I not only re-listened to LAST year's show
  13. I suppose this is a lousy time to bring this up, but am I the only one who sees the gaping plot hole in Crown's love story narratation? :-D