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  1. Aww, nope, I'm 23 already, but junior corps was very good times. Going to audition for the Coast Guard band if they have any openings though.
  2. Hi there everyone! I am wondering if there are any corps close to the ND area? I also drill with my CG Aux unit around MN Lake of the Woods area which is our main duty station. If you have any information, please visit my website or email me. Thanks! Hope to see you all on the field soon! I play bugle and percussion.
  3. Hi there. Now selling all three pairs for $40 + $5 for USPS priority shipping. If interested please email Thanks!
  4. Hi there! Yep, the soft ones are the corps masters and the two others are vic verth. Thanks!
  5. Hi there! I have three pairs of timpani mallets for sale. Each pair is $40 including shipping. They are Vic Verth hard, medium, and a soft pair not sure of brand. They are in great condition. I accept paypal. If interested, please email me at
  6. See, the reason I'm wondering is because my corps has issued me a holton Collegit (not spelled right I know), and my corps director says it was made in the seventies. I was just trying to find out some history behind it.
  7. I am just wondering what the difference is in student and upper level trumpets. My corps has issued a holten collegiate. Is this a good horn? Should I move to professional? Thanks! Do you guys still use student horns?
  8. I think those are for high school kids and for those that have no drum corps experience. I have the experience, I just don't have lots of time, so I wanted to still learn drum corps technique without touring.
  9. Hi there everyone! Do any of you know of any brass camps/workshops for university aged players that I could attend? I have aged out of junior corps, and am looking for a place to learn. Are there any corps that let musicians come for a weekend just to learn technique and not join? Are there any corps that let you tour for a week and help out as well as learn with the corps? Thanks!
  10. Bugle corps is for sure not drum and bugle corps anymore. It used to be sponsored by the American Legions and VFWs, and corps used to perform for veterans' events. It's all a sport now. That's why I am in my current corps. We are all buglers and we play for veterans. We play to serve, not to win.
  11. I am extremely interested in becoming a member of your drum and bugle corps. I am twenty one years old. I am interested in the front ensemble and marching in parades. I hope to travel to an upcoming rehearsal and audition to be considered for a marching position. I am willing to travel anywhere. I will be extremely dedicated and commited. I have toured five years with various drum and bugle corps. Court of Honor from Atlanta, GA as timpanist Blue Saints from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada timpanist/hornline Parriah Percussion Theatre Jasper, GA timpanist Edmonton Struttes 2005 Timpanist/Hornline for parades Pipe band Experience: Student Atlanta Pipe Band snare drum student Edmonton and District snare drum student Vancouver pipe band bagpipes full performing member, the Heather and Thistle Pipes and Drums tenor drum/bagpipes I am a proud member of Bugles Across America. Reference: Thomas Day I practice more than two hours a day. I am willing to work hard and go above and beyond expectations. I strive for perfection everyday and accept nothing less of myself each time I commit a tune to memory. Even though I am visually impaired, I believe not having sight allows me to completely focuss on the task set before me. What ever I have to do to be in your corps, whether it be in Canada or US, I will be on the next greyhound or plane as soon as I am allowed to audition. After passing the audition, I will make arrangements to stay with a local host family or other housing. If you have any further questions, please feel free to email me at ahighlandpiper@ I hope to hear from any interested drum corps staff soon. Thanks!
  12. Hi you guys! I was wondering if maybe you could relate to this. I was in pipe band rehearsal Tuesday, and when I came home, I found that it hurt if I moved my foot to the left right on the front of my ankle, but when I walk on it, it only hurts if I straighten my foot. Is this a mild sprain? Have you guys ever had this before? And the worst thing is, I have a parade Sunday, eeeeeeeeeeek!
  13. I just finished listening to the World Championships on ESPN2. I couldn't see it, but the sound was spectacular. My host parents did a good job of explaining it to me. Great job you guys. I hope you all had a great season! I miss drum corps, but I know in my heart I'll be back. It's my age out year for junior corps, but there's always senior corps. Remember that aging out members of DCI. It's time for DCA!
  14. Current Bid on Ebay: $200. Shipping charge $10.00. View listing at: