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  1. I am having daughter make me a 'thong' mask. Barely covers mouth & tip of nose. Like a thong bikini, but a mask. If this keeps up I may need to go into production mode. Could make different colors to support the Corps of your choice.
  2. Agree - I think they will need to be more competitive than consistently placing in the mid-teens to get the full financial support of the alumni. But for now, if they can put on a series of performances, whilst not breaking the bank in the process, the season is a success.
  3. I guess what I am wondering, as people don't seem as of yet to have actual seat assignments (vs seating areas / sections) in LOS, will the actual seat assignments only be made at last minute? The fact that admission is strictly via e-ticket (may not be correct term) on iPhone suggests to me that DCI/LOS is waiting until the very last moment to assign specific fans to specific seats. That way if some new distancing guidance comes out (& who can prognosticate 2-3 weeks into the future at this point) DCI can adjust accordingly. Down side is that some people may be moved to seats less good
  4. DCI has posted the following (it is relatively short, so I will paste the entire text; link is ) : An important 2021 safety reminder from Drum Corps International by Drum Corps International Those familiar with the drum corps activity know that a relentless focus on the most granular details is one of the hallmarks of the world’s most elite marching music ensembles. Those new to the party quickly learn that “the drum corps way” is paved with intensive attention to even t
  5. I read it the same way - if BDPA posted this on 22 July, then at the very least they didn't proofread it well.
  6. Anyone up for Crunchy Frog v2.0? We could use flutes to hit a drum.
  7. Lurking or not, if they are not in Indy, then they are not in Indy.
  8. I agree that from a fan perspective BLL in theatre would be great. What I don't know (as I have said elsewhere) is how the economics of BLL work. It costs money to pay camera operators, sound techs, producers, get bandwidth for broadcast, etc. Plus, there is the question of how does this mesh with the Flo webcast. And there is the theatre side of the equation. How much does DCI pay? How much of the admission fee gets back to DCI? Can someone who understands how this works please educate me?
  9. This is why I want answer from someone who knows how these things work. Does DCI pay the theaters? How is the admission collected split between theater & DCI? Are there middlemen involved? Just curious.