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  1. IDK timing but could some of this be due to at one point Crown & Boston (albeit briefly) being part of YEA?
  2. As some sung their first year - A Disney show: M-I-C, K-E-Y, M--O-N-E-Y
  3. DCM worked that way for years. We liked to see where we stood in relation to the powerhouses.
  4. I am envisioning the back of a Corps food truck with a 55 gal drum of peanut butter (& maybe one of jelly) with some sort of tap on it. Members could line up to make their own PB&J sandwiches. Do Corps still serve PB&J? Was a staple in my era
  5. Bald spot is due to the intense heat created by the cerebral cortex...
  6. Not a current picture of bell tower - methinks they have it completely wrapped on scaffolding for the next year or so. Actually, with the scaffold it kind of looks like a DCI prop
  7. I do find it interesting that both proposal to go from 128 maximum members to 150 members; & 150-154 had to go to a rules congress, be debated, and voted on. But the minimum numbers (both OC &WC) are put forth arbitrarily from the DCI Deep State apparently without being voted on. #NotMyDCI
  8. I recall a time or two when a member couldn't make it because he was in jail...
  9. Assumption is the Mother of All Foul-Ups. Or something like that.
  10. So the "DCI Deep State" is responsible for this arbitrary & capricious decision?
  11. Shouldn't a rule change as important as this go through a rules congress, where the pros & cons can be openly debated?