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  1. One of our former lab managers is completely hearing impaired; he graduated HS in early 1960s. He can read lips; says that back then they weren’t allowed to use sign language. But it has to be a one-on-one conversation. Hard to follow a group conversation.
  2. Idk re LOS price, but if construction delays mean it isn’t ready, then it isn’t ready. DCI might get a refund I suppose. IDK Detroit cost, nor what condition St Louis dome is in. But if DCI is committed to dome, those are closest. And looking at St Louis dome website, they have a concert (band called Pink (who I have never heard of)) on schedule for 10 Aug.
  3. Cool, you can call an audible (Ok Dr Philosophy - is it an audible if you can’t hear it? This is a variation of the tree falling in forest question). LSU, on the other hand, developed air conditioned helmets (not making this up)
  4. Yes. This partnership seems to fill at least part of the gap between Corps medical staff, who primarily deal with orthopedic injuries, and obvious ‘go to hospital now’ situations. Also, idk how hard it is for Corps medical staff to write a prescription for antibiotics to treat sinus infection when Corps is on the road. Can someone licensed in California write a prescription in Allentown?
  5. For what it’s worth, ethics & standards is squarely in his IRL wheelhouse.
  6. I recall seeing once the Gallaudet football team having bass drum on sideline & when hit it, vibrations tell center to hike hall. Is this still the case?
  7. Purdue in West Lafayette is a lot easier to get to as it is off I-65. But I am a Purdue grad so perhaps I am biased. If LOS isn’t ready, unless DCI can quickly swing a deal with Detroit or St Louis, it would mean that DCI championships will be outside. As God intended.
  8. Don’t forget the field replacement at LOS after Olympic swim trials. Because construction projects are always completed on time.
  9. How about you go talk to the athletic department & have Gallaudet host it?
  10. Looks nice but on DelMarVa peninsula; if W&M is too out of the way this is worse
  11. First Houston, now Annapolis. I hope this isn’t a developing trend
  12. The distance between W-S & Allentown is constant. The question is where & how far off the direct route you veer for a show, Annapolis or otherwise is the question. In 1999 DCI show was at Garfield HS in Prince William Co VA - less than mile off I-95. SCV & Madison were there.
  13. Ok re stands; point of order that if you are driving I-85 from W-S, in Richmond turn east on I-64 & Williamsburg is about an hour. Closer than Annapolis. And if you go another 45 min there is Old Dominion & Christopher Newport. And in Richmond there is U of Richmond. Plus some big HS stadiums. It wouldn’t bother me to have a show within an hour or two vs 4-5 hrs to Annapolis
  14. If you expand the circle there is College of William & Mary in Williamsburg VA. Gorgeous place
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