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  1. Thread on Reddit (so it may or may not be true) reports Covid cases (or positive tests) in SCV & Crown. Has DCI promulgated any activity-wide rules on Covid for this season? I know there were all kinds of rules in summer 21 - do those automatically apply in 2022? Or is it left up to each Corps? Poking around the DCI web site I don't see anything.
  2. Well, that would make semi-finals: 1. Less competitive at the 10-12 place, & 2. Not last as long.
  3. The question is where is the tipping point? What is the minimum number of Corps needed for DCI to survive?
  4. Concerning costs for this season, charter bus contracts generally have a clause (in the fine print) that passes an increase in fuel costs on to the chartering organization. Fuel costs are at record highs. In 2019, diesel cost $3.10/ gal; today it is $5.16/gal - roughly a 40% increase. So there may be an unanticipated bill coming from the bus companies. I hope the Corps have budgeted for this.
  5. Actually, one of our drum instructors marched with you. And yes, colorful characters. Size of some sections would fluctuate depending on who was or was not in jail that week.
  6. And these programs are also aimed at upper-middle class youths. Just like current Drum Corps. And there are ways that some with less resources can participate, just like Drum Corps. But the era of a youngster walking in from the street obtaining an affordable life-changing, character-building experience is long past. And I think the activity is worse off for it.
  7. Off topic but, to educate, monkeypox virus is completely unrelated to Covid-19 virus. Discovered in 1970, but around for far longer (millennia). In same category of viruses as smallpox, but disease is far milder. There may be some cross-immunity between monkeypox & smallpox - people who got MP (which presents as a very mild case of smallpox) you don't get smallpox.
  8. We can sell shirts that say "Facebook is the MonkeyPox of social media" at the same booth as the "Pageantry Leech" shirts.
  9. Did you catch the part about a 'third-party investigator'? That is something many of us have advocated for.
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