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  1. For a while they marched North drums, inc snares. Got rid of them quick - weighed too much and made ticks much easier to hear.
  2. FWIW, those are not mutually exclusive...
  3. FWIW, our drum instructor marched 1982 BD; he referred to them as 'gock' drums. Maybe gock evolved to spock or vice versa?
  4. What is a free floating snare drum? Do they levitate?
  5. It didn't help that the rest of the Corps was waiting for him to hit a specific note as the cue to move...
  6. We'll see how long the pandemic will go on before I need to break out the sheep lungs & stomachs....
  7. Because they have a whole 'nother 12 months to tweak the show concept - one tweak at a time.
  8. OK, I'll play. How about DCI crowning a champ that violated the age rules for most of the season? 😈 (this should take our minds off the virus for a bit)
  9. As you would expect because cases are increasing, & number of deaths always lags behind number of cases.
  10. I fear an issue may be 'What do we do about age-out members who were contracted for 2020, but the Corps they were contracted to doesn't survive until 2021'.
  11. The way Salvation Army, Red Cross & many other relief groups run kitchens is to just show up & start feeding people. I personally witnessed this after 9-11 at Pentagon - they just showed up & started feeding responders, construction workers (who also 'just showed up'). Same thing in Louisiana after Katrina - they drove south until they couldn't get any further & that is where they first set up shop. Dealing with some local gov't to 'rent' our food truck is likely way down the priority list for governments. If a Corps has a lot of food on hand that will go bad before the 2021 season they could load up the truck & go to the nearest Covid-19 hotspot. But they shouldn't expect reimbursement.
  12. Dare I predict that Drum Corps camps for the 2021 season will be well under way before we see GH go in trial? Unless he makes a plea deal.