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  1. I can already tell you the schedule because it is in a rut: It will start late June. Several Corps will be at midwest premier; a day or so later west coast premier will happen. A Corps or two from east or midwest will head to CA as part of the tour. The west coast tour will move leave CA by the first week of July (no more DC for you CA!) toward San Antonio (with a stop for some in Denver & / or Casper), as will the midwest tour. Corps will gradually be added until they all reach San Antonio. After that, one - three groups of Corps will follow the usual rut (oops, I mean route) to Atlanta, then north to Allentown, followed by the usual convergence in Indy.
  2. I grew up in midwest but actually live in coastal Virginia
  3. And that is the crux of the problem. Because finals are always in the same location, the tour is in a rut. Drum Corps season in CA, AZ, OR, & WA is over by the end of the first week of July (at latest). And over in the south (INC Texas) by the end of the third week in July. But, no matter where finals are located, the parents & many fans will still come. So Indy it is.
  4. Hmm - are these 'electronic judging systems' hackable? BITD you know that someone would be all over that possibility!
  5. It depends on what is being interfered with. 'Possessed' garage doors are one thing; a compromised Automated Landing System (ALS) at an airport is quite another.
  6. Concerning frequency changes, when I was in USAF, in early 2000's, we installed some new communications equipment at Eglin AFB in the Florida panhandle. Once we started using it, garage doors all over the area started opening and closing, much to their owner's chagrin. Seems that the garage door opener company had chosen a frequency range that was reserved for USAF use. So, if the entertainment industry (in general) or Drum Corps (specifically) doesn't pay attention to frequency requirements, it can be unpredictable what may come out of the loudspeakers.
  7. Interesting that this DQ has not sparked the recriminations & drama of Bayonne or 'chachos. Any idea why?
  8. What if you prefer Peter Pan? Tastes great on waffles.
  9. IIRC that is where & when the DQ happened.
  10. Corollary to this is 'no matter how bad it is, it could be worse'.
  11. Heck lets add the fire baton while we are at it!
  12. It wouldn't be the first time that happens to me on DCP...