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  1. Off topic a bit but Drum Corps related - remember BITD when smoking was allowed, perhaps just not in uniform.
  2. What does ancient Greek Mythology (Homer) have to do with any of this?
  3. Yes, nephew has Colts tickets. And 12,500 is spread across entire stadium, not just concert side.
  4. A long time ago, in a land far, far away, a Drum Corps season took place....
  5. In 2020 DCI decided against allowing woodwinds. Perhaps a single point of light in a vast darkness.
  6. The need to "preserve domestic tranquility" is in the US Constitution after all
  7. So, if a Corps were to do a show based on 2020, what would it look like? I have one idea 'Dumpster Fire! - A Drum Corps 2020 Retrospective' For music all I have (somewhat inappropriately (but not)) is Queen - Another One Bites the Dust. There are also musical parodies out there of 'Lola' re-lyriced as 'Rona'
  8. Been googling around with no luck Can someone help me find this? The internet is so big and my search ability is [apparently] so small
  9. Another thing I have thought of re 2021 is - What kind of covid liability insurance will DCI &/or individual Corps require? And what would it cost? We live in an increasingly litigious society, & if, heaven-forbid, a member or fan comes down with covid at a Corps or DCI event, there better be insurance in place. Is this addressed in the covid guidelines DCI put out a short while back (I can't seem to find a copy; I know others here have one).
  10. Any word on member cost for a 'less than 2019 but more than 2020' season?
  11. I remember a parade where the temperature on a bank sign said it was only 87 degrees. Which was pretty cold...
  12. I believe one thing that will impact 2021 that has not been discussed much (if at all) is 'How much $ will 2021 members be willing to pay for a 'something less than 2019' DCI experience? Are members going to pony up $4,000 for a few local/regional events & a short trip to Indy? And with Corps memberships now national vs local, how many are willing to travel form all over (w/ associated costs) for a shortened tour & season with limited performance opportunities? I know there are potential 2021 members on here - how do you see this working out?