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  1. With specific equipment & techniques it can be done. But isn’t cheap.
  2. The way contests are held today, at least on the DCI side, minimizes the interactions between members of different Corps. Once done performing, today’s Corps load the trucks, grab a snack, and off to the next stop on tour. Not much time to engage in mischief with members of other Corps while waiting for retreat.
  3. To be fair - some of us were of legal age in the state where this occurred.
  4. I recall hanging out with a certain Sr Corps at DCM shows & they would share their beer with us.
  5. Paying folks to do the manual labor of prop movement could cause issues in venues where there are Union theater-types. Unless the Corps hires Union prop-movers.
  6. Do prop-movers on the field count towards the 165-member limit? And I wonder what the tuition is for a prop-mover? After all, the prop caption head, assistant prop caption head, and prop movement techs need to get paid as well.
  7. Maybe like when West Germany bailed out (or bought) East Germany at the end of the Cold War. Although I think West Germany probably had more money in the bank than DCI has.
  8. I saw this title line & brain reverted to USAF mode - a ‘merge’ is when aircraft come together & aerial combat ensues. The military is very good at taking words and assigning them unique definitions.
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