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  1. BD, SCV, & Mandarins (1/4 of DCI finalists) do a national tour to the east coast annually. So does Pacific Crest & Oregon Crusaders (in years past). Open class Corps like Gold, Shadow, (and in past SCVC & BDB) make it as far as Indy. They figure it out. The season for fans in CA is over by early July. But at least the get a season (see other rant).
  2. Pattern is the polite way to say 'Rut'. Ever since finals started in Indy, with the regionals in San Antonio, Atlanta & Philly/Allentown, always in the same order, there hasn't been a show within around a 6-hr one way drive from here.
  3. I remember that the high school I attended there was an outdoor (between 2 buildings) smoking area for students. The idea was to keep smoking out of the restrooms. I bet I could count on one hand the number of US high schools that have student smoking area these days.
  4. Was broadcast yesterday
  5. Seems that some part(s) of the code of conduct were violated. Same w/r/t sexual harassment policy. One thing to note - nowhere has there been any assertion that the unwanted sexual contact did not occur. Thus, there is an apparent violation of YEA's sexual harassment policy. And the alleged perp was allowed to perform several more times & attend the Corps banquet. So does YEA follow its policies or not?
  6. Thinking about this I have come to some 'Big Picture' observations / conclusions: 1. There was an incident & Police/CPS got involved. 2. The mother of the victim says that Cadets leadership promised to keep the alleged perp away from the victim, but apparently this did not happen. 3. It is common sense to require the alleged member to keep away from the victim. If this was a high school, & a student was harassing another student, the Principal would tell the alleged harasser to keep away from the other kid. And if the harasser persisted, well there would be consequences (detention, expulsion, etc). Cadets apparently failed at this step. 4. 99+% of the public who sees the news stories on this will shake their heads & say 'What is going one within this 'summer marching drum corps band thing? Didn't this happen last year too? WTF?' 5. Public perception is Drum Corps' reality. Holes in the story don't matter. Financial motivation doesn't matter. Perception matters.
  7. 15 pages. Wow. Lots to consider but on surface seems pretty damning.
  8. I wonder how much more press like this (deserved or not) the Cadets (specifically) or the activity (as a whole) can take?
  9. Why didn't YEA (or DCI) put out a statement last summer as soon as they found out the alleged assault occurred? It makes it look like a coverup. And now YEA / DCI are in catch-up mode. Perception is reality.
  10. Here we go again. Apparently happened last summer. According to the video in the link there are lawyers as well as Indiana Child Protective Services involved.
  11. An All-Female Corps Class was a division of DCI until the early 80s.