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  1. I would hope that the prosecutor already has all the depositions - these are part of discovery & a good way to have a case thrown out is to screw up discovery.
  2. Go to Taco Cabana at least once. There are several in San Antonio (one by Alamo) & Dallas / Foat Wuth; not sure of other places. Best fast Tex / Mex there is
  3. What if a whole bunch of us composed letters...?
  4. My understanding is that over 90% of criminal cases are settled with a plea deal - sometimes just before trial (I have personally seen this happen (not to me!)). So I will be a bit surprised if it actually makes it to court. But I have been surprised before. That said, GH has a right to a trial in front of a jury of his peers & my casual observation of his personality is that he has far too big an ego to plea out.
  5. Iirc GH supposedly had a court appearance w/r/t the criminal allegations late last month. I have not seen any updates - does anyone know what (if anything) happened? Or am I having a senior moment?
  6. Yes, they kicked one Corps out (honestly, one that had been an anomaly within the DCI brand for some time). But when a director of a top-12 Corps that knowingly hired a sexual predator and possibly tried to cover it up, well DCI did nothing. The guy was allowed to slowly retire over the course of the 2019 season. Talk is cheap, so are electrons on a web page.
  7. From a practical standpoint, to do this one would need the names of every instructor / volunteer / etc that has taught every Corps since 1972. IIRC Jodeen Popp's book (published early 1979) had a list or prominent instructors, but that is 40 years old. I suppose I could dig out my copy & start running names through available on-line databases. But IDK if there is any kind of a list if individuals w/ Corps affiliation from 1979 on, without going to each Corps website (if available) & searching for names (if listed). For most Corps I think only the caption head is available (if that) not necessarily the names of the various techs.
  8. A year ago I said DCP needs a 'duh' button. And we still do - that has not changed!
  9. Some Corps will score & / or place higher than they did last season. Some Corps will score & / or place lower than they did last season. Some Corps will score & / or place about the same as last season.