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  1. And once again no shows within a seven-hr (minimum w/o traffic) radius. It’’s almost like the tour is in a rut, with the same regionals, in the same order, and the tour ending in the same place year after year.😕
  2. It was an unmoderated Drum Corps message board on a platform that hosted many message boards. It existed before Google, but at some I think RAMD stands for Rec.Arts.Marching.Drumcorps, which is where it lived on the platform. At some point it (& all discussion boards hosted on that platform) migrated to (or were acquired by) Google.
  3. I didn't even notice on Museum of Drum and Bugle Corps page; thanks for warning me
  4. Wearing a kilt w/ a bad rash could have both advantages & disadvantages
  5. I initially read that as 'I wouldn’t have found out about a local exhibitionist'. 😎
  6. Possibly something like 'when you are surrounded by trees you can't see the forest'
  7. Back on RAMD another loose cannon, She Who Must Never Be Named, also used to post accusations. And I recall some of the more patient posters would tell her that she should take this to the police. But a problem, statute of limitations aside, is that what jurisdiction did the assault occur? Jurisdiction is important as that is where any crime will be investigated & potentially prosecuted. I couldn't tell you what school we were at 30+ years ago, and that could be a problem w/r/t criminal prosecution. I suggest that DCI hire someone to figure out which jurisdiction has the strongest reporting laws, and then adopt these as the DCI standard. If something happens in a less-strict jurisdiction (not sure if that is the correct term), it gets reported anyway. Then it becomes something the local justice system to resolve. Obviously, any incident should also go through reporting to DCI, & get fixed by the Corps. But by doing this, from a legal standpoint, the Corps should be in the clear - It happened, we reported it. We fixed the problem internally, anything criminal-justice will happen separately in the appropriate jurisdiction.
  8. Can't disagree with any of you, but I think that most corps will use this to add additional drum majors. 14 or so seems like the correct number. 😎
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