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  1. There will be a vaccine by Jan 21. The question is 'How effective will it be?' Perhaps we should all contact our Congressional representatives & have them pass a law that all Drum Corps members, staff, & fans are to be in the first group to be vaccinated so we can have a 2021 season. & while they're at it, add an amendment that states 'Any school that receives federal funds must allow Drum Corps to use their facilities in the summer months.'
  2. I have been just about everywhere in the USofA (cue Johnny Cash); my experience tells me that there are kind, open-minded, polite people everywhere. And there are idiots & jerks everywhere as well.
  3. When I lived in Baton Rouge, we used to say the South was North. Because Mississippi was north. Or I suppose it was also to the south if you took the scenic route.
  4. I found these 3. There may be more, depending on where and under what name the Corps fall under. YEA - $150K-350K BD performing Arts -$350K-$1M Vanguard Music &Performing Arts - $350 -$1M I realize YEA & Cadets divorced -this was during the PPP program so not sure how timing lines up. I suppose that for now the PPP$ are a good thing to keep that Corps heads above the water, but these are loans & at some point will need to be paid back, although I also understand that they may morph into grants; not sure how that will work.
  5. Every time I see 'BLM' I think of the Bureau of Land Management (government agency that manages federal lands, mostly in western US). In another life I had extensive interaction with these chaps.
  6. Yes. And how would VK's 'Sex Cymbals' be interpreted today? Or the Surfer Girl? In hindsight these were somewhat questionable design choices, but there is also a danger in applying current standards retroactively.
  7. 'America the Beautiful' merits consideration
  8. Let them eat cake - attributed to Marie Antoinette (the 'cake' she was referring to was the term for the bench flour & bits that is left-over from bread making)
  9. Yes - but the way I read it the judge said 'no' to playing the full video, as well as 'no' to dropping one of the charges.
  10. Yes, I understand that the Cosby issue is related as to who can and cannot testify to a pattern of behavior in alleged assaults outside the statute of limitations. What no one outside the Lehigh County prosecutors office is sure of is how the prosecution plans to use similar-type accusations w/r/t GH. Also not sure if there are legal details in the Cosby case that make the prior accusations different than the prior accusations in GH case.