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  1. IllianaLancerContra

    TEP's as Safety Officers. An idea...

    Seems like a reasonable place to begin a discussion
  2. IllianaLancerContra

    What rule would you propose for the 2019 DCI tour?

    The number of trombones in a show cannot exceed the number of cymbals marched by the battery.
  3. IllianaLancerContra

    Best Reprise Closer?

    1975 'chachos - they had at least one other soprano than Jeff Kievet who could hit the high notes.
  4. IllianaLancerContra

    Pioneer News From the Top – September 8th

    It would be interesting to see for every Corps what percent of (a member dues) and (b) overall income goes to food, transport, instruction, instruments, props, costuniforms, insurance, legal defense fund, etc
  5. IllianaLancerContra

    17 years later, 9/11/2018

    Me too. I was stationed at Pentagon (USAF). Was across street abt to head to meeting that usually met 1000 on 2nd Tues of month. Was watching tv with abt 20 others in the general's office (he had cable - this was before streaming internet). Felt a thump & someone said 'they just hit the Pentagon'. Looked out window & saw fireball still going up - lots of black jet-fuel smoke as well . There was a fire station on Eads street; I looked down (we were on 10th floor) & 2 fire trucks were moving against traffic on Rte 1. So we started doing all the stuff to move heavy construction equipment to DC & NYC. Also started the works for a major military deployment. We didn't know where troops were going to go, but we knew they were going somewhere real soon. In pm finally was able to get wife on phone. The DC metro was running by then, so told her to go to Springfield Mall & wait by Penny's where we got kids Christmas pics taken. Good thing she knew back roads - I-95N was backed up to Fredericksburg. Southbound was 3am-Sunday-Morning empty. The 1000 meeting was never officially canc'd, but for some reason no one showed up (or so I am told). Next day we found out that my 9th grade daughter's best friend's father, who worked in the Army Budget Office, had his face burned off (except mustache - he is very proud of that). He is the second-most wounded to have survived (he doesn't do many interviews so unlikely you will see him) Update to story - #2 daughter went to 5th grade at school that had a bunch of kids that lived in Navy housing off rte 1 in Prince Wm Co in VA. The Principal (his name is pronounced 'Mellon - Check', but not spelled like that) rode the bus there with kids and personally made sure that there was someone at home at every single house. In hindsight - I don't believe there were any students who lost a parent, but this wasn't known at the time.
  6. Did you hear about the skeletons they found in a closet in Park Ridge IL? It was Cavies champion hide & seek team from 1978.
  7. I am not in these loops either but at a theater event some years ago there were a few ageouts of the Corps involved sitting near me discussing it. And I am the last guy to hear about anything (ask my kids or students. They had to explain Netflix to me the other day)
  8. IDK - remember the Phantom accident in 2017 - Feds & State (AZ) were called; as there was a fatality and it was a commercial bus company I am pretty sure there was some sort of investigation; however google doesn't find a word about it other than the reports immediately following the tragedy. Based on what we know - it sounds like a case of driver error (inc no seat belt used), but it WAS a commercial company & one would think that a report would at least include something like 'more training & enforce standards'. Actually, "More Training and Enforce Standards" (esp the latter) would fix a lot of the 'management' problems we are seeing in OC & Pioneer & who knows where else... (9 months to go until June!)
  9. IllianaLancerContra

    DCI survey

    Re the 18+, several thoughts: 1 - I wonder if SCVC & BD2 have made the decision to stay 'local' in anticipation of this possible new requirement. 2 - I suppose this could eliminate child abuse (in its many forms) - now it would be adult - on - adult assault (in its many forms) 3 - This could lead to a resurgence of local circuits (like DCM) for Corps with younger members. 4 - Would Open Class be subject to the non-touring requirement? For example, Louisiana Star going to Michigan City looks like a tour to me.
  10. IDK if they get it either. Bad news ALWAYS ages poorly. There is a limited amount of time available to rectify a situation (YEA/Cadets hold the record currently).
  11. IllianaLancerContra

    First The Cadets, then Pioneer, now Genesis

    Could it maybe be a State of Texas regulation for parental notification?
  12. IllianaLancerContra

    First The Cadets, then Pioneer, now Genesis

    To summarize - Just because you can, doesn't mean you should
  13. IllianaLancerContra

    First The Cadets, then Pioneer, now Genesis

    Maybe he & Roman can switch jobs. Problem solved!
  14. IllianaLancerContra

    First The Cadets, then Pioneer, now Genesis

    "Norms have changed for what you can do to somebody against their will" Bill Clinton 12 June 2018
  15. IllianaLancerContra

    Uh Uh Oh Oh Cadets

    In before the close