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  1. Maybe it is some sort of contagion in the Wisconsin air?
  2. Agree it would be cool, but it would mess up the current travel mode of load & go right after performance.
  3. I heard that he heard it from a friend, who, heard it from a friend ,who, heard it from another she was messing around.
  4. We're going to have to disagree on that (for example, where does Yoko Ono fit in).
  5. Speaking of Skynyrd & 2020 wishes - how about someone do a show called 'The Freebird Suite'?
  6. Re layering of body -well the skin is on the outermost layer, with muscles under that followed by the bone layer. If talking abdomen there is also the 'innards' layer (to use the technical term).
  7. I would rather see a cleanly caught 3 vs a poorly caught 7. But that is just me.
  8. How about the horn line doing the bottle dance while playing. I would pay to see that.
  9. True. But w/ ticks the casual fan could tell if a Corps was having a good run or not. Not so anymore - only Big Expert Judge is qualified to tell the difference.
  10. That is one thing that resulted from subjective scoring.
  11. When I lived in Baton Rouge, the 2 times (in 4.5 years) the weather gurus FORECAST that it might snow, they closed the roads to everything but emergency traffic/vehicles.
  12. If I were auditioning, before I signed a contract (thereby promising $ to the Corps) I would want to know if I am signing up for an Open Class tour or a World Class tour. And if I signed up for World Class & it was changed afterward to Open Class, I would expect (at least) a reduction in amount owed, and hopefully the offer of a full refund so I could go elsewhere to march a World Class tour schedule.