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  1. Congrats to the Bucs & Govies (& Star United, although I didn't get to see them this year). It will be great to see if anyone can top those three performances next year, either by someone new, or any of those great corps again.
  2. Some real surprises here, or maybe a couple of wiseguys?
  3. 8th thru 10th - The battle for that last finals spot!
  4. 13 Open Class corps battling it out for 10 spots in finals! Make your predictions here. Best of luck to all the corps in Rochester!!!
  5. Me thinks it will be a close one for first through fourth, with the fifth place corps out to a bit of a slower start than the rest. Bucs 80.0 Cabs 79.2 Fusion 78.8 Bush 77.2 Hurcs 69.9 Cabs Alumni - Babies Beware
  6. Sell more tickets to Prelims, Alumni & Finals. Keep costs for the venue reasonable (or nearly free, as is the case in Rochester). All of the corps involved need to make this a top priority. DCA (the admin) is a small, mostly volunteer organization. They cannot sell 10,000 tickets themselves. 35 Open Class, Class A and Alumni corps (maybe 3000 people involved?) should be able to do this, along with the marketing efforts of DCA itself. How? Some possible easy examples.... * The member corps that sells the most tickets gets and extra 25% in their take from Finals weekend. Smaller bonuses for 2nd & 3rd, etc. * Marching members get credit for tickets sold to help pay their dues. * Do shared advertising, partially paid for by DCA, for all regular season shows. Every show also advertises DCA Championships. All shows should see better attendance. Win win. * Encourage corps (with $$$) to bring young people to Finals. Younger kids from the family of corps members, bands within a reasonable distance of the Finals site, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, etc. Did someone really say they don't want high school band kids watching Finals? Talk about cutting off any chance for a future! On a separate note, DCA should be (and I believe they are) working to expand its Fan Network coverage. People like to watch things at home, on their own schedule. Going to a live event is not a top priority to many people, young and old, nowadays. "But my live feed froze on me last year!" OK, that was annoying. So fix it. It can be done, and it has more potential to generate new revenue than anything else.
  7. Second year I had to miss the show, but I'm curious to hear from people that were in the audience. How were the Bucs and Sky? Good to hear that Sky is going Open Class this year. How about Bucs Alumni and the other Alumni Corps?