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  1. Nick Toland

    Hilt guards

    So I have a Genuine Hilt 39 inch King Sabre, and for the indoor season I need to get a hilt guard to be able to use my sabre... I would love to be able to spin sabre, so, if you could help me out by telling me who sells but guards that will fit a king that would be great! And I would deeply appreciate it!
  2. Nick Toland

    Middle School Guard

    Thinking about presenting the possibility of starting an intro to color guard program at a local middle school... Any body have any tips for the presentation, or teaching young kids?? The work is going to be very basic stuff, drop spins, double time, basic moves, cones etc. Just so the kids know basic stuff if/when they go into their first High School color guard clinics, so they are not overwhelmed and quit because they don't know whats going on. Thoughts? Thanks guys!
  3. Nick Toland

    Hello DCP :D

    Coming from a bass instrument, I'd say go baritone/euphonium so you don't have to relearn a new staff. But that's just me. Mellos always have crazy fun parts! So I'm sure mello would be a blast! Good luck learning! Most of all have fun!
  4. Nick Toland

    Windy City Legion

    I emailed you a few days ago, let me know if it got to you please.
  5. Nick Toland

    Windy City Legion

    I couldn't private message you, so I used the email link on your page, hopefully it got to you. The website said you couldn't receive any messages, so if you could message me and we can talk there that would be grand!
  6. Nick Toland

    Hey guys, I'm Nick!

    Unfortunately those were last years dates... :( I'm constantly checking that website for updates. But they're a "weekend only" corps. And all dates listed were weekends last year, so I think I'm sol...
  7. Does any one know if theres any spots on Windy City? Or if they're active for 2013...? I haven't heard anything about them in a long while... I'm just trying to find out.
  8. Nick Toland

    Hey guys, I'm Nick!

    I would love to do DCA. I know the Kilties are from Racine Wisconsin, and then theres Windy City Legion. I'm much closer to Windy City, but I'm not sure if they're active... I am on the mailing list, haven't heard anything recently. Any one know? I'd love to audition! Still unsure.
  9. Nick Toland

    Hey guys, I'm Nick!

    Im sorry! I wanted to make sure all of the DCI/WGI people got their stuff first! :)
  10. Nick Toland

    Volunteering With Community Guard

    Its my first time being on the coaching side of the guard. MY guard instructor was lacking in the overall effect of our guard. So I don't really know what to look for besides synchronicity... But Other than that the coach doesn't really need me any more because the old coach came back unexpectedly. =[
  11. Nick Toland

    Newtown school shooting

    Trish: Thank you for making this post! its truly a tragedy, and as a community prayers and thoughts can go a long way from all of us. I am keeping them in my thoughts and prayers in this time which is supposed to be Joyful, but will now be filled with sadness and mourning because of some heartless man. To all of those in, near, and effected by this, I'm truly sorry for you loss(es), and my heart goes out to you. No one needs to feel the pain that you are in right now. Please stay strong and talk to someone if you feel if you can't. Community can be such a powerful thing. And its free if you need it. We love you all.
  12. Color guard fanatic, spinner in heart and soul. Aged out of DCI before I got good enough at music or guard to join... Played Tuba for 4 years in high school. Baritone for 6. Flute for 8. Piano for 3 And more that aren't long enough to matter. Haha. I just wanted to put my salutations out to the crowd, and hopefully get to know some of you DCP people. =] Nick EDIT: Forgot to add 4 years spinning flag, self taught rifle and sabre spinner both 2 years. =]
  13. Hopefully soon I will be attending a community winter guard's practices to help as a visual coordinator, per say. Just as a volunteer and what I quoted to the coach as an "extra set of experienced eyes" for training season. Any tips on being helpful, insightful, and creative? Anything will help really! Thanks!
  14. Nick Toland

    I've been wanting to get some stuff for my guard, and Algy has the only flags I see that I think would go with our show, and I've never ordered from Algy before and I'm unsure of their quality of craftsmanship. I usually order from Bandshoppe, and I love their quality and quickness. I just wanted to make sure, before ordering, what Algy team is like! Thank you!! Nick
  15. Hi, With a help of a friend, I've decided to post a with my new silk flag from BandShoppe. Just please don't mind my free arms. It's been my first experiment with the GoPro.Hopefully will try and post more soon! - Nick