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  1. When I spoke to DCI Headquarters, they said they were still awaiting the rights for Jersey Surf.
  2. We usually are able to pre-order in early November and can expect CDs shortly thereafter. I understand that the video products may take a while, but any idea why we've heard nothing on the audio release date?
  3. Those aren’t MY numbers. Those were the numbers given by the judges. I was just making an observation. I bet that if you told those marching members when they broke 87 on July 24th, that they’d be carrying an 87 into finals week.....they’d be pretty bummed.
  4. Scores and gains from July 24th, 2019: 4.100 - Bluecoats 3.600 - Blue Devils 3.900 - Santa Clara Vanguard 5.350 - Carolina Crown 4.225 - Cavaliers 2.850 - Boston Crusaders 4.000 - Blue Knights 5.350 - Cadets 0.625 - Blue Stars 3.150 - Mandarins 4.050 - Phantom Regiment 6.000 - Spirit of Atlanta 3.250 - Crossmen 5.800 - Colts 4.800 - Academy 7.350 - Pacific Crest 6.500 - Madison Scouts Just an observations, but I really find it hard to believe that the Blue Stars haven't even improved 1 point in two weeks of rehearsals and shows when literally everyone else has improved about 3 points or more over that same span.
  5. Blue Stars appear to be stuck in the 87s. They first broke 87 on July 24th...12 days ago.
  6. Sounds like a woodpecker is perched on a FloMarching microphone stand. LOL
  7. Okay....perhaps you should encourage OC to fix their website then since you know better than them when they officially became World Class. LOL
  8. They weren't officially World Class that year....but they were allowed to perform with World Class. From Oregon Crusaders website: "In 2013 the corps was awarded the ability to perform with the elite DCI World Class before it officially became World Class in 2014."
  9. Oregon Crusader placed similarly.....got 19th in their World Class debut (2014).
  10. I'm actually in the process of listening to every BAC show I have access to right now to confirm. I'll report my findings when I'm finished. Regardless, in a year in which they are actually hyping ••|•|••• in social media and such....you'd think they'd play what is represented.
  11. It drives me crazy that BAC finishes the Conquest hit with an extra downbeat. It seems unnecessary. Why do they do it? UGH!!!
  12. I was wondering if the Mandarin’s hornline was going to march and play at the same time. Finally, they did towards the end. Now I see why they were scoring well....it’s not hard to just stand there and play your part. I’m not thinking this show will hang tough until the end.
  13. I really hope that's not true... When the Blue Devils show ends with "You and I, You and I, like Diamonds in the Sky" going directing into "The Concord Blue Devils" then the last note......that'll be pretty obvious something is missing. LOL Blue Stars will have no opener and no closer.....seems like that will be pretty obvious too.
  14. So question......there are some very significant chunks of shows being cut this year. Will they be removed from the video in their entirety....of will they just have a black screen with audio only during the cut sections (similar to what happened with Madison in 2011)?