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  1. 2012 marks the 15th anniversary of the Atlanta CorpsVets, now known as AtlantaCV. Our 15th year is turning out to be something very special. How special? Check out the videos of our season so far and see for yourself ! 2012 Show Teaser – “God Save The Queen” January Camp Video I January Camp Video II February Camp Video March Camp Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulZMYZ6XJSY&feature=youtu.be It’s been said before, this season is progressing like no other in our 15-year history. Check us out on facebook - www.facebook.com/AtlantaCorpsVets
  2. Here you are...Check it out !!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulZMYZ6XJSY&feature=youtu.be
  3. Atlanta CorpsVets Housing Site: Hampton Inn Rochester - North 500 Center Place Drive Rochester, NY 14615 Rehearsal Site: Gates Town Park* 4310 Lyell Road Rochester, NY 14606 *Our Rochester home away from home - we've had this rehearsal site every year that finlas has been in Rochester All our rehearsals are open, please stop by and visit during finals week-end.
  4. I gotta tell ya, I sure am tired at the end of the show. It's fun and a total work out for the performers and the fans (you should see the "guns" I've developed from conducting this thing ) - opening statement starts at 112 and kicks up to 172 - 2nd movement starts at 170 and backs off to 160 - 3rd movement is 168 - 4th movement (aka ballad) is 80'ish - percussion feature / horn feature is 144 (not on the field yet) - closing statement is the same as the opening statement (360, get it ) And we're on the move alot ! Seriously though, I'm a founding member of the corps and have been on the field with CV for 13 straight years. This is the most demanding show we've ever done. We have been, and continue to work on conditioning. Any fatigue issues present now will be gone in short order. We've stepped up our game in all areas this year. You guys are really going to enjoy the final product. I can't wait until you get to see the total package !!!
  5. Hey Andy, I hear ya...we've got to add our horn feature, drum feature, and finish the closer (we did a temp transition and closer "stand-still" at Fort Mill). Looks like both corps have lots of work to do before our next showing. BTW, love the new car (makes me miss the convertible I had ) See ya at the Dome !
  6. Here’s the best “LIVE” I can do for ya…We’re going to be at FirstBEAT on 6/20 – DCI Show in Fort Mill, SC. Come check us out. You won’t be disappointed !!! ‘Shups Crunches Contra’s – Look at them elbows Outside Chad Jacobs & Alan Armstrong 2008 Phantom (Spartacus) eat your heart out. Look at all the people that bring me into the stadium each day...it's good to be the king – Just gotta watch out for the guy with the spear
  7. Yep, that's what CorpsVets did in 2001 when we won Class A. Here's a pic of the ring we designed. Good times !!
  8. Seriously, how AWESOME is this...I can't wait for this season to get kicked into high gear. CorpsVets 2010 - Be There !!!
  9. Here ya go... http://www.dci.org/news/pdf/2009/20090805_I&E_scores.pdf
  10. Be careful now...as I understand it, the Middle School and Intermediate School are two different places. The Intermediate School is for 4th and 5th graders....not sure what grades are in the Middle School. ALL of Mifflinburg is going to be happening this weekend
  11. The CorpsVets will be in Mifflinburg also...Mifflinburg Intermediate School. Our planned arrival is early afternoon this Friday 7/17/09. Looking forward to it
  12. You work it out...we'll be here for you when you're ready...this season or next. The door is open for ya !!!
  13. 'cause we're getting ready to go to work
  14. I'm not the CV PR guy. I'm not the CV horn guy. What I am however, is a proud Charter Member of the corps (11+ years and counting). To me, this is a BIG DEAL !!! Come be a part of the 2009 edition of the Atlanta CorpsVets. You won't regret it. Need more info? Contact James Wolters at info@corpsvets.org. 2009 is going to be amazing.
  15. Maybe we should call it BUCCANEER FIELD. Haven't the Bucs really "owned" that stadium for the last several years
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